Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wildrose Pledge # 6: Jail time for corruption

I have no authority to make pledges on behalf of Alberta's next government: The Wildrose.  I don't need to because this one is a given.  It is the duty of the Government to uphold the law.  This is a silent pledge made by all parties in the Alberta election save one.  The governing party, the Progressive (PC)party, has changed its own laws in order to break them and has broken laws where they could not change them.

Ralph Klien, Alberta's greatest Premier, paid off the entire debt in his time.  A feat unheard of by a western democracy in any jurisdiction that easily comes to mind.  To safeguard this achievement, his government enacted a law making it illegal to go into deficit. 

Then the rule of the PC party fell to lesser minds.  They reversed their law.  They went into debt.  They looted our savings.    They expanded our government.  They made promise after unfunded promise to desperately keep the reins of power at any cost.

They rule. They changed the rules so that they wouldn't break their previous rules.  But they broke moral rules.  They put their own wants ahead of the needs of the province.  Their arrogance makes them believe they are the province as Kings once imagined they were their kingdoms incarnate.  This arrogance and selfishness begs to be struck down. 

We know they felt this way because they weren't happy to stay within the laws they could change to suit the needs of the day.  They have an election to win and a dynasty to maintain.  Nothing is less important than that.  So the PC party began a corrupt scheme of kickbacks and extortion to fill their election war chest with public money.  There have been 70 cases of illegal donations to the PC party from municipalities.  $15,000 dollars worth of illegal donations was taken by the PC party from the University of Lethbridge.  None of it has been returned.  The PC party admits it was just an oopsie. 

Would the PC government let you get away with tens of thousands of dollars worth of oopsie?  "The Law for thee but not for we" is the the motto of our progressive lords. Taxpayers were screwed into putting up the sparse PC signs you see on public lands around you. 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  You've seen and heard how they bully doctors into silence.  How they bully school boards on new schools with thinly veiled threats.  Thomas Lukaszuk is caught on tape bullying a school board.  I wouldn't be surprised to learn the PCs didn't bully those municipalities into make illegal donations too.  Even during this campaign Lukaszuk called in the police and lied to the world saying he was punched and kicked to the curb by a dying senior citizen.

Do you suppose that we now know every instance of corruption in the 41 year span of the "progressive" PC Party.  The last few years in particular.  I've got a strong intuition that there is graveyard full of corruption and scandal waiting to be uncovered. 

Incompetence has been the adjective of this PC campaign.  Now its being eclipsed by a piercing desperation to hang on to power.  It seems to override everything.  It has consumed their entire legacy.  It consumes their very identity.  There were some good years, but they are a dream now.  While the Progressives reek of 'natural governing party' attitude, it seems to me that this is all or nothing. 

These PC MLAs are well connected.  None of them are going to sleep in the street after the election.  They will all be fine.  They will all be fine unless there is something to hide.  That could be what we are witnessing.  Danielle Smith said on the Rutherford show "We've got a tiger by the tail."  It's an apt analogy.  The PC party is a beast in a trap.  I strongly suspect there is more rotten deeds and skeletons than we know I about.  I can smell them.

When Wildrose takes government they are going to throw open the vaults.  All the skeletons they can find will be on display.  The Wildrose Alberta Accountability Act will protect whistle blowers when they come forward.  We Albertans want to know where the proverbial bodies are buried.  I think amnesty for those implicated by the corrupt party should also be considered.  Come forward and confess and that will be taken into consideration.  MLAs and senior bureaucrat's who have broken the law should face prosecution and even jail time. 

I can hear the shredders already.


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cantuc said...

It appears Gary Mar has been cleared of any wrong-doing in his fund-raising efforts to pay off his expenses from the leadership race for the PCs . It appears this happened before the leaders debate for premier of Alberta. It appears Redflord knew nothing about it at the leaders debate. In the words of Gomer Pyle
" Well !!! Surprise !!1 Surprise !!! Surprise !!!! So after being used to make it look like Redford is honest and ethical , how long after the election will it be whem Gary Mar sues the Ab gov't for a few million smackeroos to pay for his hurt feelings , etc. etc. ?

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