Monday, March 29, 2010

Ann McElhinney Speaks about Avatar

A very excellent speech given at the 2010 Western Women's Summit.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

6,805,733,000 people did not participate in Earth Hour

My post yesterday advising people to ignore Earth Hour was resoundingly followed by the people of Earth.  Through common sense, ignorance, or willful disregard of WWF, the planet spoke with nearly one voice:
We don't give a damn about Natural Climate Change, Global Warming, or your stupid green religion.

Here is a screen capture of the WWF website this evening which shows a tally of all the Earth Hour Supporters.

Notice that they are still receiving supporters after Earth Day.  One wonders when they will cut off the count.  My calculation as to the opponents of Earth Hour are calculated from the US Census Bureau and the above data from WWF.

I do not have a count of the number of people participating in Human Achievement Hour.  My guess would be that there could not have been more than 10,000 people at the very most.   They do stand out though and they will continue to.

That pretty much closes the book on Earth Hour 2010.  If it was a vote, then opponents have pulled a huge upset and now have a mandate to shut down the AGW hoax and its movement.  Even the WWF did not meet its own goal of 1 billion participants and fell far far far short.   That is half of 1 percent of their stated goal.  Rarely do we see failure of this magnitude outside of Climate Activism.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Politically Correct Standards of Ottawa University

This is priceless.  Watch this video of an eminent speaker at Ottawa U imparting sagely knowledge to impressionable students.

Heheha ok you got me.  Its the arch leftist of Canada Dr. "Fruit Fly" Suzuki giving profane marketing tips to eager young green lobbyists.  All with a University of Ottawa podium proudly displayed.  His Kentucky Fried Chicken vest is icing on the cake.  He looks a little like the Colonel too.  Somebody find the man bolo tie!  I've watched it a few times already and it still makes me laugh.

In the context of Ann Coulters unfair treatment by the University and the violent leftards who were incited by it, there is clearly a double standard for free speech in OU.  I hope this video assists Mrs. Coulter in her Human Rights complaint.

Don't fight Earth Hour

Ignore it.

Like many of you I'm annoyed every year by the eco-religion's official holy days hours and months.  I'm not really annoyed that they want to turn out their lights.  All the power to them.  May they feel spiritually uplifted and cleansed of all their daily eco-sins.  What annoys me is that they want me to convert.  They want me to go out of my way for something I don't believe in because they say it will make me good.

I decide what is good and right, not them.  -Especially not them.

Waste is bad.  Waste is bad for me personally.  It won't save or kill the Earth, but it hurts my wallet.  Matter and energy are always conserved, but finite in size.  Of course I will conserve my resources, I'm Conservative.

This brings me to Competitive Enterprise Institute's Human Achievement Hour or HAH.  Instead of turning out your lights at the command of the "Forces of Darkness", they encourage you to go to a party and have the lights on.

Many people don't think this goes far enough and are planning to turn on all their lights and appliances in symbolic defiance.  They want to outshine all the dismal gloominess of the eco-cult by being the exact opposite: needlessly wasting resources.

I can certainly understand, but this is where I separate from the group.  Its wrong to waste energy, even for defiant symbolism.  Your gesture will be wasted on them.  You cannot win this game playing their rules.  Its a stupid game that is best not played.

The eco-cult has characterized Earth Hour as a vote.  Turning out your lights is a vote for the earth they claim.  This is because all electricity is derived from some form exploitation of the Earths resources.

A communist dictatorship like North Korea doesn't allow votes at all.  Yet a satellite image of the oppressed people suggests that they overwhelmingly support Earth Hour.  Not just during Earth Hour, but every hour.  By eco-rationale, North Korea, is the most forward thinking light-switch democracy in the world.

How many of these "voters"  will be turning off their fridges and freezers during that time?  I'll hazard a guess that none of them will, and even if they did, those appliances would have to work harder to cool down again after Earth Hour.  All for nothing.  Its a complete farce.

If you turn on all your lights, you are inadvertently sending the false message that waste preferable to conservation.  I know what you are really trying to say.  It's all very frustrating.  I know.  The problem here is that you are dancing to a tune called by the eco-cult.  Lights on, lights off, its all just one dance or another.

I'm not doing anything different for Earth day or Earth Hour.  I'm going to do whatever I feel like doing.  This is my day and my hour.  I will not turn out my lights unless I feel like a nap.  I'll not turn on all my lights unless I need light in all those places.  I will not spend any money to annoy either group, though I may spend money to please myself or my friends.

React to the enemy only when it furthers your own objectives.  I encourage CEI and my other friends to ignore Earth days and hours.  A better move would be to perhaps make the following Sunday Human Achievement Day.  Make it the Easter to their Good Friday; something like Thanksgiving.  Don't make it oppose Earth Hour directly but allow people to participate in both events and let them decide which message is the more positive.    

May all your hours be positive and productive on this Happy Saturday.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ann Coulter

Well before today I thought Ann Coulter was nothing but legs and attitude.

She had a great interview with Micheal Coren. Its hard not to like her. She is funny and unashamed of who she is and what she thinks.

Politically incorrect shock therapy through humor is an excellent way desensitize the hyper sensitive Islamic mind.  They take themselves far too seriously and frankly my very existence is an insult to their religion.  I think their prophet Mohamed only got it half right when he said: "there is no God, but God."  Lose the last couple of words and he would be a true prophet. 

But that's my opinion and I'm free to express it.

I think she doesn't like atheists but I'm a libertarian and skeptic. I think its really liberal Atheists she doesn't like.  You know the variety.  In your face and offended by a morning dew.  I don't like them either.  Too preachy.  Too sure.  Atheism is still only a belief at the end of the day.  We will all find out in the end and my conscience is clear.

I don't see eye to eye with Ann Coulter on every issue but she is definitely the enemy of my enemy and my sister in politics. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scrap the 10-percenter Mailouts

So the Liberals are playing conservative again?  Good.  They have no power so they can make fiscal conservative claims while never planning to implement them.  Never forget the GST lie.  Oh Liberals can play to the conservative hearts of Canadians but they will never be any thing more than the weasel arm of the NDP.

This is when playing politics can bite them in the ass.  We need to make cuts and this is prime territory to do just that.  I don't believe it's the taxpayers who should pay for party advertising.  The party should pay.  Parties should not be held back either.  If they want to blow their cash or borrow money to send out pamphlets outside of elections that is entirely their choice and their problem.

To show that I'm serious I'll donate to the Conservative Party.  I encourage everyone who thinks that we should drop the 10percenter mail out to send a message to the CPC that we don't need tax money to pay our way.  Folks impatient  about the size of government and the deficit, I'm looking at you.  This can only work if we are generous to our cause.  We know that leftards and their parties believe the state should do everything and will do nothing for themselves (NDP is probably cheating somehow).  Put your money where your mouth is.

I agree with the Liberals this time, even if they don't really mean it.  Go ahead cut.  If we can get into a contest of who can cut more and where it will be a very good thing.

Which Liberal baby should we cut in response? 

This time in office is precious.  How long before the perfect storm comes along?  How long before the media can find the right issue to amplify properly?  Liberals are trying to beat us at our own game and its an excellent opportunity. 

Lets show them.  Christian Conservative and Hatrock's Cave have some excellent amendment ideas.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A General Model for the Political Spectrum

I posted this a while back, but it never made it to Blogging Tories. Glenn Beck had something very similar on his show recently.  Its always encouraging when others arrive at the same conclusions.  I got there first that I know of, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least to find it expressed elsewhere.

I thought I would put it up again since there has been a lot of back and forth about ideologies lately and this model should help focus our understanding a bit.  Always remember the mistake of climate scientists and do not refuse to perceive aspects of reality which have not been captured in my model.


Everyone knows the Conventional Political Model.  Fascists on the far right, Communists on the far left, and in the middle is everyone else.  When you look at the two extremes, its easy to see how similar Fascists and Communists really are.  They hate each other, and justify their own evil historically by the crimes of the other.

What I have done in the New Political Model is to attach the extreme ends of the left and right wings to make a circle.  Totalitarianism is at the bottom where Communism and Fascism meet, and Freedom is at the opposite end where Libertarians and Anarchists meet.

The Center Line is where Left and Right meet in the Conventional Model.  In the New Model the Center Line represents the maximum level of Freedom and Liberty without really ceding the government to Al Capone or the Taliban.  The Center Line is not static. 

Its interesting to note that while in Canada the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party are relatively close together in the center, they are worlds apart in my model.  This is closer to the reality.  While their level of freedom is similar, their style and approach could not be more different.

Outside the circle or political continuum, are the ideological pressures that drive a party up or down towards freedom or totalitarianism. 

Libertarians believe in smaller government.  They believe that individuals and institutions alike can decide what is best for them.  In short Libertarians believe that more Liberty is the ultimate goal.

Social Conservatives in the west are like libertarians with a moral compass.  I included them here in this model because there exists a route to right wing totalitarianism that is not expressed in the west.  Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Taliban and Dark Age Europe took this route to tyranny.  Religion can never be used to fix social problems through law and the power of the state.  The state must be secular in order to treat all faiths of all peoples equally.  Any believer will tell you that God has granted us with free will that cannot be taken away by the state.  Through history Social Conservatives have learned that their faith is much safer in a free society at peace with other faiths than to dominate by force.  If you are unlucky enough to be of a different belief than the state, or your faith loses control of the state, you will be oppressed.  A conservative path to tyranny is clearly impossible due to current and historical examples of this folly.  Our Social Conservatives are an indispensable moral conscience to Conservatism as a whole.

On the left or red side we have the Anarchists.  These people are largely ignored by everyone.  This is because people with a passion for freedom but who still believe in civilization drift towards libertarianism.  All that is left over are the people who want to hunt and gather in an empty world.  There is no draw towards freedom on the left.

The answer to everything on the left is Socialism.  In some cases Socialism is the goal unto itself.  Socialists believe that its the right of government to intervene in everything.  Every last little part of a citizens life is regulated and controlled the deeper into socialism one goes.  Taxes are a favorite tool of the Socialist.  They use taxes to further whatever goal is in vogue and have little regard for property or wealth.  Once Socialism descends into Communism it has no freedom at all.  The evil brother of fascism, it commands the economy and its people are slaves to the collective.

The large orange arrow represents Government Scope Creep.  Its like gravity in that it pushes all parties and governments towards totalitarianism.  Scope Creep is a systems analysis term to describe the tendency of system planners to take on more and more responsibility and functions in their system.  Lawmakers make laws.  All of them.  Every government, no matter what its philosophy, tends to make more and more rules.  These rules accumulate over time and drag us all down in red tape.
This is where I find Progressives.  They are neither left nor right but will use government or business to further their chosen agenda.  Progressives can be thought of as post-Socialists since they simply outsource social goals to large corporations.  Large corporations are only too happy to become extensions of government.

There are so many pressures towards totalitarianism its a wonder we have any freedom at all.  Only Democracy ensures that governments stay towards the center line.  Conservatives are deeply committed to freedom and free markets.  Some regulation is always necessary along with adequate enforcement.  The key advantage that Conservatives have over Liberals is the Libertarian element.  Conservatives should not only move closer to the center but find innovative ways to move the center line upwards.  In the conventional model this would appear as though new territory was being created on the right.  The people don't change easily, but more people would find themselves amicable to Conservative ideals if we could only move that center line.   

The trick is getting as close to freedom as possible without letting the crooks out there win.  We need to be smart with our taxes, our laws, our policies.  Government should strive towards minimalism.  Only Conservatives have the ability to counter all the pressures incrementally pushing us into totalitarianism.

The more I look at this the more it makes me think.  This is why I have shared this model with you.  You should think.  There is no Utopia here, only compromises between opposing forces that allow us to live together.   Perhaps a new model is just what we need?

Note: I've inverted left and right for aesthetic reasons and labeled them according to the conventional model.  Remember that the model is just a metaphor and that left and right, blue and red, are arbitrary.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Analogies for the Strategically Challenged Ideological Fundamentalist

Stephen Harper's critics are both loud and insulting.  Some say he's too conservative while others say that he isn't conservative enough.  My analogies are for the 'not conservative enough' crowd.

Socialism is like a burning building.  We are in the building and we want to get out.  Now I imagine Andrew Coyne running around with a Fire Warden cap telling everyone to "Jump!"  Obviously safety exists outside the building and sure we want to get there fast, but you don't get there if you jump.

Mr Harper knows the way out.  Lets take the stairs.  What an idea.  One step at a time nice and orderly.  We'll all get out alive.  No large pile of bodies needed to break your fall.  You may even have to take a detour to get to a safe stairwell.  Whatever it takes.

The point is the Prime Minister and the Government are taking logical, sensible and cautious steps to get us clear of this recession and its deficit.  I demand an intelligent response to this and any crisis.  I will not see this government shackled by strict adherence to some defunct economic theory.  Ideology is a guide, not a rule.  When theory comes before pragmatism its usually just a mistake.

We have our conservative compass, but we still have to steer around the rocks.

The folks who say that Stephen Harper isn't a conservative like to say that he just wants power.  Well yeah.  If you don't have power, you don't steer the ship do you?  If our conservative compass leads us into rocks, their answer is let someone else steer.  That someone else, "The Coalition," aren't heading to the same place as us.  The Coalition thinks we will fall off the edge of the world on this course.  The impatient childish and often insulting arch conservatives that think we should just hand the wheel to the enemy need to just grow up.  So we can't follow our compass arrow straight sometimes.  Go ahead and sulk.

If you want an explanation without the analogies then visit IceMan's Blog.  This is all pretty clear to me but I thought that maybe some people need some help to understand it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The not-so-hidden message of Avatar

I like a lot of Cameron's movies and I liked Avatar too.  Something bothered me as the movie progressed though.  There was a distinctly Anti-Human feel to it.  It was also Anti-Western (it wasn't a Chinese invasion force) and Anti-Mining.  The Anti-Mining aspect targets the Oil Sands in particular.

Now some people have said, "its just a coincidence."  I don't see how that is possible.  James Cameron is an environmental type who thinks we need to wage WWII on climate change.  This is not an Algorism (Al-Gore-ism).  He means it and Avatar, written by Cameron, is the climate general's opening volley.

Lets take a closer look.

The Mining Operation

  Here we see the evil mining operation of Pandora.  Notice the ridiculous size of the excavating contraption behind them.  One of those scoops could fill a truck.  There should be a traffic jam of those trucks.  It would only have to run for a day to dig that entire pit.  You might think I'm nitpicking, but the point is that what you see on screen is not there to make perfect sense.  Cameron is no novice.  This shot is designed not only to frighten you, but to associate the image of the monster machine with the familiar trucks.

Below this we see an image of the Oil Sands with its characteristic yellow trucks.  These trucks actually aren't unique to Oil Sands but used in many mining operations around the world.  The reason we associate them with the Oil Sands is because of the extensive marketing campaigns deployed by the green lobby.

Again, there are no accidents in film.  James Cameron has made many excellent movies over many years.  The same care that was taken to animate that scary excavator, was put into Avatars trucks.  They are meant to remind us of the Oil Sands and mining in general.

The Base: Hell's Gateway
 This is where the evil humans live.  Fitting that it should look like a penitentiary.  One look and you know who the bad guys are.  Who else would live in a place like this?

The 9/11 Scene
 This has got to be the worst moment of the entire movie.  Why?  This is what the profit motive does?  It brings out the very worst in people does it?  The lesson I can gather here is that if Calgary were built on top of the Oil Sands, Exxon or Shell would simply destroy Calgary and begin mining.  This is the Eco-nazi lie staring you in the face.  Even RDS, the mining company in Pandora would not have done this.  What kind of universe does Cameron live in?  What kind of universe is Pandora?  It must be so rich in life that sentient beings like the Na'vi must be a dime a dozen.  Pandora would be for tourists, not miners and soldiers.  Look at all the Pandora tourists lining up at the box office.  Nobody went for the dialog or the plot.  Everyone went to see the movie for the experience.  It was like the Wizard of OZ.  A magical new technology on display in a big budget film.

Cameron should remember that this happened for real.  The motive for this was not profit at all but religion and cultural imperialism.  Those buildings stood for profit and the freedom to make it.  Profit is what motivates people to greatness.  Profit is what motivates the best parts of Avatar.  Sadly, James Cameron is beyond profit these days.
Those towers were brought down by hatred, intolerance and fundamentalism.  These are the same feelings that the green movement is attempting to harness right now to achieve its ends.

The Pandora God
 On queue the Giai clichè makes its way on screen.  Here we have the Na'vi worshiping their tree god.  The Na'vi have a heaven in the tree.  Their souls somehow migrate into the tree after death into an afterlife.  They can also swap alien souls into Na'vi clones (as ridiculous as that sounds).  Don't you want to be a Na'vi?  You can run around nude, worship a tree god, and go to a Na'vi heaven.  Its no wonder the Vatican denounced Avatar.

Predictions for Avatar 2 and 3
All around the tree god are hints to its Giai status as world god.  There are pulsing roots and the entire ecology is network compatible.  I'd be willing to bet that this Unobtainium is a product of the tree gods will.  It feeds the big tree cities and probably makes those mountains float.

 After downloading the scientist and uploading her to the clone, its possible that the tree god knows everything about Humans now.  When they come back in Avatar 2: The Miners Strike Back, the tree god will evolve new creatures to fight with.  They might even build living space ships to visit earth and help the poor sick earth goddess.  Panspermia is the usual sci-fi explanation for all the humanoid aliens.  It fits here and its all clichè.

Why did James Cameron make this movie?  He is already 'king of the world'.  He did make a beautiful world in his movie after all.  I'm sure part of it is the same motivation any artist feels.  Many artists carry a message in their medium.  Cameron's message is clear.  Real humans today on Earth are greedy and evil destroyers.  The good thing to do is to renounce capitalism and profit and seek spiritual oneness with the earth mother.

His ode to the Earth cost her dearly if you believe the propaganda.  300 million carbon soaked dollars for 168 minutes of new age scripture.  That's roughly $30,000 a second.  If the words out of Cameron's own mouth and the expensive meticulous visual persuasion of a seasoned professional won't convince you, then nothing will.

So there it is.  This movie was made to slag the Oil Sands and convert you to the green religion.  As if nudged by Cameron himself the usual bunch of whack jobs comes out to bend Avatar to its true meaning.  Ann McElhinney of Not Evil Just Wrong asked James Cameron to "Grow UP!"  By the end of the film you are just cheering as the Americans are slaughtered.  Isn't it the future?  Why isn't China out there gobbling up all the Unobtainium it can get?  NASA has given up on manned spaceflight in our universe.  The little green men over at NASA are more interested in, you guessed it, climate change.  They have changed our past.  They have stolen our future.   They spend millions polluting our culture with lies and spread a false religion.  They must be stopped.

The Prime Ministers New Channel

I just cut off my Satellite service to save a few coins.  Almost exactly in time with that decision I hear that Mr. Harper has his own YouTube channel.  Marvelous!  Although today's broadcast was simply a CPAC feed.  At least it looked like one. 

Everything you can get on Cable can be found online.  You can even find some things that the liberal media cartel has tried to keep from you.  I've already heard some in the media complaining about it.  Too funny.  They are so predictable.

One radio pundit suggested that viewers to this channel would be in the hundreds, while just the introduction video has already had 7000 views in one day.  Off by an order of magnitude and we're just getting started.

You can bet the usual paid pundits will call the Prime Ministers Interview next week  'stupid' or 'pointless'.  I mean why listen to a politician when you can listen to their enemies lie about them?  I'm not even saying you should ignore the media.  Not at all.  Now you can go strait to the source.  Make up your mind for yourself and then check with the pundits to see who's fibbing.  Heck, start up your own blog and become a pundit yourself.  Its easy and free.  If these interviews happen regularly they could fill the void the media loudly complained about when Martin was run off.

This free blog is my ultimate voice.  Something that the media would never let me have unless I spent years sucking up and slaving away for them.  The internet is playground of the Libertarian. Exercise your freedom.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sorry Feminists: Gender Neutrality is not a Canadian Ideal

Well that was quick.  No changes to the anthem.  O Canada stays the same as it has been since 1980.  The Government listens to Canadians, be they feminists making complaints, or scores of citizens showing their deep conservative values.

Of course the media will tell you anything to twist it into an affront to democracy.  People are getting good at ignoring them all together.  The media is like late night commercial TV.

Personally I didn't mind the idea.  I remember when this was the issue in my grade school growing up in Ontario.  I was against it back then, though I couldn't give you a reason why.  It was a Catholic school so the God part was never debated.  I guess over the years I've realized that it doesn't matter.  Nobody else thinks so, and it still doesn't matter either way.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kings pawn to e4: Changing "O Canada"

Its a good opening move.  We control the center.  After singing O Canada with the crowds at the Olympics we know Its cool to be Canadian again.

Should we change it?  Should we not?  It's win/win.  We are listening to the concerns of feminists and having an open discussion with all Canadians.  I think I side with the feminists on this one but I'm happy enough to leave it alone too.  This is how you get people involved in politics.  Everyone has an opinion on it and its neither left nor right.  Its a Canadian question.

Think of all the little school kids who sing the anthem every morning (or should).  My love for the Olympics goes right back to following the medal count in school.  Now we have 14 Golds. 2 of these Gold medals are for Hockey.  We are the undisputed best winter sport country in the world and the kids know it.

A change to the anthem would be top of mind for them.  The Harper years will be remembered as the beginning of Canada's Century, or at least the good years.

So have fun with this question.  There's no call for sour grapes.  Remember who is watching and remember that it's about how to love our country in the best way possible.

Politically, we are sure to eat a few pieces no matter what.  The game is long, and we control the board for now...  I'm excited to see a great game.