Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zombies, Vampires and Werewolves

Why do people like Zombies?  I'm one of those people.  I can't get enough.  I watch every movie and show and even play a fair amount of video games based on the undead.  There are many variations on the zombie invasion theme.  The common denominators are (1) most people become walking dead, (2) civilization falls apart and (3) a few survivors band together against the zombie hordes.  

Believe it or not there is a debate zombie community as to whether zombies walk(stumble, crawl) or they run.  Running zombies are defiantly the scariest, but zombies are also dead and not very healthy at all.  Some living people don't run so well so why would dead people be all that great at running.  I take the middle road.  Recently killed and formerly healthy zombies should by all means run or even sprint.  Decayed and dismembered zombies should limp and crawl or whatever they need to do to get to their prey. 

Zombie movies have evolved over the years too.  The early zombie movies steered clear of the explanation of the living dead phenomenon.  They fall back on the old myth of Judgment Day when the dead rise and walk the earth.  The wrath of God is still a part of the zombie story but God acts through the realistic explanations in the movies today.  There is usually some kind of virus outbreak that kills its host and takes over the body of the victim.  The virus spreads through fluid exchange which is why the host is driven to bite and scratch and consume the hated live humans. 

Here are a few of the Zombie movies that I recommend:

  • Zombieland: gory, scary and funny all at once.  -Awesome casting too.
  • Day of the Dead:  A classic.  A little old but damn good.  This was before Romero started getting preachy and just made a fine movie.
  • Dawn of the Dead:  I'm talking about the remake.  The Heroes get stuck in a mall that bears an uncanny resemblance to CrossIron Mills.  Romero's leftist preaching surfaces here if you know what to look for but Its still a bloody good time.
  • 28 Days:  Focuses on the virus zombies.  The sequel is good too.
  • Shaun of the Dead:  Hilarious parody.  Brits like zombies and they like a good laugh too.
  • The Signal:  Indy movie.  Its low budget but it has a unique take on the zombie apocalypse plus a good story.
  • The Crazies:  Romero makes a come back.  His last zombie movie, Land of the Dead, was so thick with leftist preaching it even turns off lefties.  This movie redeems Romero.  Its a variation on zombies.  These zombies aren't dead but they are insane and incurable.  Effectively the crazies are zombies and the familiar survival apocalypse story plays out.  

The zombie outbreak in most of these movies is caused by the government.  They accidentally  release the zombie virus and then mishandle the clean up such that the entire population is lost.  "We are from the government and we here to help" comes to mind in almost every zombie movie.  In one scene from The Crazies a government agent actually says this and you want to just punch the guy.

Why are there so many movies books and games made over decades that keep coming back to the old zombie theme?  There is something in us that the zombie apocalypse genre speaks to.  I'll tell you what it is.  We all secretly believe that we are smarter than everyone else.  We live in a sea of dumb zombies who might one day turn on us driven by some insanity.

For me the zombies are eco-nuts.  They are out there stumbling around in search of brains.  Their misanthropic mindset makes me wonder when I'll have to fight off a mob of enraged eco-zombies.  In fact their goals seem to include the fall of civilization too.

We all believe we will survive the zombie apocalypse.  We all romanticize about an empty world with no rules no debts and no work except getting food and shelter for the people you love.  Its a dangerous sentiment, to want to empty the world of people.  This is exactly the sentiment that the green movement openly teaches.  Anti-human misanthropy is a pillar of the green religion.

Its an illusion of course.  The fact is that we are each brilliant experts in the execution of our own lives and endeavors while simultaneously being ignorant dummies.  'Not me' you're thinking.  Yes you too.  Did you ever lock your keys in your car?  Ever get caught speeding?  Ever cut someone off cause you were fiddling with the radio?  Ever get into any accident?  Spilled milk?  How is your bank account?  If you think you aren't a dummy sometimes than you must be dumber than usual.  This is often the case with self anointed elites who prefer most of us dead or controlled.

Think about it.  Its true.

What about vampires and werewolves?  I don't get vampires and werewolves.  Talk about hokey horror.  My girlfriend doesn't get zombies or vampires but she's a werewolf person.    Its actually funny when you start to analyze these timeless themes.  She likes werewolves and loves animals.  She loves them so much she is a vegetarian.   Loves when I grow a beard....hmmmmm.  (hehe)

A lot of people are into vampires though.  Most of those people are girls.  Thinkof all the shows, movies and books about vampires, but there are no vampire video games.  The basic themes are about a sexy and mysterious stranger who seduces innocent young maidens.  The naive maidens are punctured.  Blood is drawn.  The maiden is forever jaded and changed into blood sucking vampire herself.   

I have to smile when I think of what the vampire story speaks to in a girl's mind.  I'll let you ponder this yourself.  Its too funny.

Enjoy your Halloween!  Thumb your nose at the dark and scary things in life.  Its the one day a year that we can laugh and poke fun at evil and everything else we otherwise take so seriously.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Watch the Competition for the F-35 in HD

The Joint Strike Fighter program was a competition to select a versatile 5th generation fighter.  Canada even participated in the selection process.  The F-35 won this competition fair and square.

This video is the Achilles heel of the entire competition argument against the F-35 purchase.  See for yourself.  Show it to the arm chair wing commanders you might know.  Share it.  Suddenly Liberals know everything there is to know about military procurement.  What Liberals know is how to screw up a good thing

Folks that have built up their argument against the F-35 based on cost or competition will sputter and shout when they see this.  They can't refute that its the best plane for the best cost available.  As usual the opposition are playing politics with the lives and security of Canadians.

I posted all this months ago.  The media and their wagging Liberals are good at ignoring the facts.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

3 cheers for Jason Kenny

Jason Kenny has got to be the best immigration minister we have ever had.  I was very impressed with his improvements to the immigration guidebook and now there are two excellent moves the Immigration Minister is announcing.

The first is the extension to Iraqi Refugee Program.  This will bring 8600 Iraqi refugees to Canada.  This is Great.  The Iraqis I know are good and hard working people who really appreciate this country.  They are true refugees who just want to live in peace and prosper with the rest of us.

These Iraqis where Christians and refugees from the first Gulf War.  They have very big families, all of whom had harrowing tales of war, oppression, terrorism and escape.  There were plenty of narratives of evil deeds and dark days.  Of all the stories I head from different people the ones of escape were the most profound.  They were stories that ended in success.

My friend and his family (and extended families) had enough of Iraq and decided to flee.  On the way out they were bombed by Saddam.  On the way in they were bombed by Turkey.  (They were mistaken for Kurds.  Turkey hates the Kurds.)  A complicated refugee trail eventually landed them in Canada.  Imagine your family were enemies of the state for wanting leave, only to be mistaken for the enemies of another state.  I can't imagine the terrible conditions that would lead to such terrible risks.

The last time I saw one of my Iraqi friends he was minding his own shop in the City of Vaughan.  It was a modest little convenience boutique.  Nothing more than a polished desk, some well stocked shelves and a register with Interac.  It makes me so proud it stings my eyes.  This country is everything its cracked up to be.

I'm glad Jason Kenney  is making 8600 more success stories. 

Things are so good here that the criminals have caught on.  They game our compassionate immigration system for profit.  The 2nd thing Minister Kennedy did recently was reveal his plan to crack down on queue jumping fake refugee's.  Jason Kenney and Vic Toewes have unveiled legislation to crack down on human smuggling.

More details can be found here.

The opposition doesn't like it of course.  Justin Trudeau denies there is even a queue to jump.  He says immigration is done "case by case."  Are these cases processed all at once junior?  Oh I get it.  Hire so many immigration officers that every case is processed simultaneously.  Ever the Libtard.  Its always the same.  More Government, more taxes, less life.

In confidence liberals always seem to romanticize dictatorships after a few drinks.  If another progressive socialist suggests dictatorship is the best solution I will point them to the nearest Iraqi refugee.  A refugee's story is an essential part of the cause for freedom.  They will always be welcome in Canada.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Congratulations Naheed Nenshi

Surprise!  I voted for Nenshi.

Why oh why would a self described conservative vote for the "left" candidate?

I'll break down the reasons for you:
  1. My vote is mine alone.  It belongs to no party or person until its actually cast.  This is democracy.  I decide.  Tie your vote forever to one brand and its value is gone.  All politicians have to earn it back every single time.
  2. Ed Stelmach.  How in the heck did we end up with Ed?  Ralph Klein was great, that's how.  The next guy should be just as good right?  Wrong.  The Alberta PC's have taught me never to grandfather my vote.  It doesn't get passed on with the generations.  I have nothing against Ed or Ric McIvor for that matter.  I even feel bad for them.  Its not personal.  The weight of the brand just isn't good enough to carry my vote anymore.  It doesn't help that Albertans should have been electing a Senator today either.  Its disgraceful.  Nobody died to give us the Canada's only elected Senator so I guess they thought they could just skip the election and it would be cool.  Think again.  Nobody has to die but somebody will be out of a job soon enough.  I know the difference between all these levels of government.  The connection I'm making is just being someone who been an alderman all along doesn't necessarily mean he would be a good mayor too.  Think of Ed.
  3. Cutting red tape for small business.  Music to my sore ears.  Make it happen Mr. Mayor, along with everything else I'll be holding you to.  There are too many homeless.
  4. Personality.  Nenshi had energy and confidence.  He reminds me of myself, or at least who I'd like to be.  Again I don't mean any disrespect to the other candidates, but I'd rather have a beer with Nenshi  than McIvor.  (Higgins was never a choice for me.  Maybe its because I don't have cable)
  5. Chickens.  I had chickens growing up and I love eggs.  Both my parents grew up with chickens and I bet all my ancestors back to the agricultural revolution had chickens.  People can own rats and snakes and poisonous fish but not chickens?  I don't even have a back yard yet but when I do get one I want it in Calgary and I want a couple of chickens.  What is it with sunshine libertarians anyway?  They are all pro-freedom until its something they don't want and then its back to big brother in a snap.  I've got this impression that Nenshi will listen.  I'm sick of being told no by people who are supposedly ideologically on my side.  I could still be told no. -and then I'll buy my house elsewhere.  I'll turn that tax money into gas money and fresh free run eggs every morning.  That's my dream and no bossy neighbor or politician is going to keep me from it.  If its going to be your way or the highway, I'll be taking the highway.
Maybe Nenshi is an Obama?  Who could be worse than Bronco right?  Feels awfully familiar, but really its up to him.  I don't see an agenda here.  Take a look.

I hope this is a wake up call to all the shoo-in politicians out there.  Don't take your job for granted.  It can all evaporate in a second.  It all comes down to the x and the moment of truth.  Every ballot question boils down to this: Who am I better off with?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shake off the UN

We didn't get a seat on the Security Council.  Canada withdrew its bid, conceding the seat to Portugal.  I'm actually happy about that.  There is no reason to pander to international socialists, progressives and Islamofascists.

Lawrence Cannon unfortunately struck out when speaking about the withdrawal at a press conference.  He blamed Micheal Ignatieff for losing the seat because he publicly declared that Canada did not deserve representation on the Security Council.  This doesn't help our case at all.  Liberals who pride themselves on being un-canadian, on leaving the country for three decades, on kissing both cheeks with the elites at the UN, certainly did not help their country at the same UN.

This gives Iggy far too much credit.  He couldn't even win his own party's leadership in an election among liberals.  There is no way that Iggy could have cajoled that many countries into voting against Canada.  They had their own reasons.

One of those reasons is the state of Israel.  Our support for Israel is like a finger in the eye of many evil regimes at the UN.  This is something to be proud of.  We should organise a state visit to Israel.  Support for that one country displeases all of their enemies.  The enemies of Israel are Canada's enemies too and should expect further displeasure.  Odds are we could find ourselves bombing some of those countries in the next ten years.

There are probably a bunch of other little reasons to vote against Canada.  No bribes and gifts.  Ezra Levant.  The environment lobby.

The more interesting question is about what to do now?

Apparently Canada is the 7th largest donor to the UN.  Lets reduce that amount to Portugal size. 

Our $400 million contribution to the Copenhagen debacle bought us absolutely nothing.  The environmentalists will take our money but they won't be bought.  Perhaps we should stop paying them.  It does absolutely nothing to give them money.  I suspect the progressives are wise to our lip service anyway.  Lets just come out and tell the bastards where to go.

The lie of Global Warming has already begun to crack.  All the UN's horses and all the UN's men can't put Global Warming back together again.  Its a wealth redistribution scheme and everybody knows it.  The plan is to take power from sovereign countries and give it to basket case countries who won't know how to keep their charity anyway.  The UN will be the benefactor and distributor of Canada's wealth and will therefore retain the power we gave them.  None of it will help the world or the environment.  It only helps the UN.

The Cancun summit should be fought by Canada.  We all need to do our part to save us from the eco-fascists and if we have to fight through Tory ministers that is what we have to do. Please put an end to this UN IPCC charade.  We can see its a fraud.  We cooperate and still we get hammered by the hypocrites.  Its gone on for far to long.  Get us out of this ridiculous sham called the UN, or at least slap these socialist elites until they smarten up.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Credit Where Its Due.

When the Coalition controversy was raging and the Media was saying Stephen Harper goofed up, I didn't buy it.  I was right. 

Do you remember how it all began?  Stephen Harper had just led the Conservative Party to victory for a second time.  A minority government, a greater minority, was just getting started.  Then seemingly out of the blue, the Prime Minister slaps the opposition with a motion to cut the $1.95 per vote welfare to the loser parties. 

Whah!  The audacity.  The brilliance.  A bold strike against the enemy right where it hurts.  I still chuckle when I think about it. 

The opposition went into a frenzy.  'To war,' they petulantly cried.  The Coalition was revealed, and the 3 socialist parties coalesced.    We didn't know this at the time.  The media just swallowed the idea that the opposition suddenly had to cooperate against a common foe.  They did of course, but they had a plan in place.

The people rebelled.  They thought they had beaten the green shift.  They were playing the old game of strategic voting and didn't realize the rules would change.  ABC, anything but conservative, turned out to be a vote for a socialist-separatist abomination that nobody had voted for.

Stephen Harper was roundly criticized for his "miscalculation."  There were even rumors that some insiders had cautioned him not to go ahead with it.  I felt it was out of character.  There were a bunch of niggling inconsistencies with the media story.

The first thing that had me wondering was Mr. Harper's bold attack in the first place.  I had always regarded him as a clever and cunning political genius.  Why then would he enrage the opposition?  My heart soared with the courageousness and boldness of it, but it seemed out of place.

My awareness was further pricked by the information that this vote , the economic update, was not only a confidence motion.  It was a bill pertaining to House Of Commons funds and therefore could only be passed unanimously.  Unanimously.  The motion was doomed to fail no matter what.  This was no miscalculation.

Then we had the NDP conference call.  That was great.  Jack Layton was snidely bragging about his coalition deal to party members over a conference call.  They hadn't changed the call in codes and someone else was listening in.   Conservatives obtained this recording.  It was taped before the fiscal update.  It was released to the public and the media played it.

Two years after the fact, Gilles Duceppe confirms that the Coalition existed before the fiscal update.  He even takes credit for most of the wrangling involved to put it together. 

Now reevaluate Harper's decision.  Remember that the great recession was just a few months old.  Nobody knew how deep it would go.  It was almost certain that an inherently weak minority government would slowly decline in popularity as times got tough and people got mad.  The opposition had their trap set, and Stephen Harper knew all about it.

An inherently weak minority government that is forecast to decline is strongest immediately following an election.  If your strength and mandate can only get weaker, the time to strike is immediately.  Stephen Harper sprang the Coalition trap and played those tools like a fiddle.

Oh he took all kinds of flak for it, but I knew better.  Still think he miscalculated?  He's been Prime Minister for 2 years since then.  He is the longest running minority Prime Minster in our history.  This is also the most dysfunctional and bitterly scheming parliament in our history.  He not only outed the Coalition, he beheaded the primary coalition member the Liberal Party, and replaced Dion with an even less capable and less popular Ignatieff.  

The skillful handling the Coalition trap saw the Conservative Party at popular heights unimaginable for conservatives in a recession.  This is no small feat.  The ballot question now is Conservative or Coalition. 

There is no one I'd rather have as Prime Minister than Stephen Harper.  He has won some spectacular victories, and there are still greater achievements to be had.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

400 Million More Reasons to Forget About Climate Change

At this time of deficits economic woe our government is giving away $400 Million dollars to appease Climate Change (or something).  A dead theory, Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) is all at once, natural, unstoppable and random.  The solutions for this idea range from idiotic to criminal to treasonous to explicitly evil.

My concern today is with the idiotic expenditure of Taxpayers funds on CAGW.  $400 Million dollars is something of a magic number.  It happens to be the estimated cost of a proposed Arena in Quebec City.  The arena is a want not a need.  The city and her people are doing just fine without it.  Though its still a want, the city would rejoice to have it.  There are even minimal stimulus effects that are real.

The $400 million that we are sending to dictators and who knows where else does absolutely nothing for Canadians.  Nothing!  We give away a stadium just like that.  We pay tribute to the green legion that isn't even honoured.  They attack Canada constantly.  They must be destroyed not fed.  What are they going to do about it anyway?  Hang from a bridge and unfurl a sign?  Oh dear me.  Not that.

Liberals will just say 'lets buy both'.  Only the little people will have to pay.    Conservatives like me will say 'lets buy neither' so the little people can thrive.

We have to come to a compromise that does the most good for the most Canadians.  If I can bend my ideals to accommodate others than the socialists can compromise too.  Lets build this stadium and put a stop payment on the green tithe.  In return for a majority I think its a fair deal.

Quebeckers need to realise that we don't have unlimited resources.  The green agenda wants to further limit our resources.  If they want their stadium bad enough, then a little treaty shouldn't be a big problem.  I don't think its an appropriate use of tax money but at least there is some marginal benefit to Canada in building an arena.  At least its an asset with the potential of indefinite revenue.

$400 million thrown into the wind for foreign green nonsense benefits nobody not even the greens. 

Of course every city is going to want a new stadium now.  Carve it directly out of the green budget and I'll support it.  We seem to be able to recognize public funding of Stadiums as unfair tax gluttony but not useless green payoffs every party seems inclined to cough up.