Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Iggy Promises a Million Billion Dollars Without Raising Taxes

Count Ignatieff gaffes nicely for us this fine Tuesday morning.  He promises "a million billion dollars" for students "without raising taxes," in this video.  (that's 1000 trillion dollars by North American convention) 

This video makes an important point.  The Coalition Parties can make all the crazy promises they want.  None of them will get a majority on their own.  They will never have to live up to their individual campaign promises.  They will never have to live up to their collective promises either, because a Coalition will negate the entire campaign of each participant.

You could just imagine the press conference: "Well we had to give up on the million billion dollars and raise taxes because Finance Minister Layton made it a Coalition condition."  They can literally promise the moon because they will never have to give it to you.

The only real promises are Conservative ones.  You can count on the Count's hidden agenda to raise the GST and impose a Carbon Tax.  They all want it, but they won't say it.

I'm sure it was a mistake.  It's what Iggy does best after all and wild promises are the Liberal domain.

Stephen Harper was the one who lowered the GST, not the Liberals like they promised.  Stephen Harper led us through the Great Recession while saving us each thousands of dollars.  Go ahead, figure out how much the GST cut saved you since it came about.  Thousands of dollars each!  Real ones.  Money that is in your pocket today.  Its not some promise that will never actually happen.  Conservative promises are right there in your life all around you.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Coalition Lawn Sign

Earlier today SDA suggested that we call our local Liberal candidate and request a Coalition lawn sign.  That made me wonder what one of these signs would look like.

Here it is!

Coalition Lawn Sign
Can you hear it?  Sounds like the perfect metaphor for the Coalition to me.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

FNU Local # 999

We're the Federal Nannies Union Local 999.  We're entitled to your children and their expert care.  You see parents have been raising evil conservatives who cause all the problems.  We are here to put a stop to it.

We are the cradle department of cradle to grave socialism.  When you have a child, you give them to us.  We'll teach them everything while you work to pay us in taxes.  We can never be fired, but if you elect people who cut our numbers we'll make sure you lose your job too.  We'll strike if you touch our entitlements and you'll be forced to stay home and be an illegal nanny scab. 

Ambition-less proles fit best into our Great Society.  When we find an intelligent individual, its our job to break them down and teach them there is no hope but The System. 

It all started Back in 2011 when Count Ignatieff courageously broke his promise and formed the Socialist Party, a coalition with the Bloc, NDP, MSM and the Greens....Happy April Fools ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Celebrating Human Achievement: 8:30 - 9:30 tonight

This year I'm celebrating Human Achievement Hour (HAH).  I am just as much against wasting energy for no reason as I am against forgoing energy use for a silly symbolic gesture.   I won't be wasting any energy during Human Achievement Hour.  Instead I'll be running all the appliances I can for a useful purpose.  The only difference is that I'll be doing these things at a specific time to "vote" against Earth Hour.

I'll be doing things like ironing and watching HD PVR while tumble drying my clothes, running the dishwasher and charging my phone.  (Yes I'm a riot on Saturday night, but I work in the morning)  After that I'll vacuum and use one of my all time favorite electrical appliances: the Steam Mop.

The Steam Mop uses electricity to turn water into steam and then pushes it out through a reusable fitted pad at the business end.  The steam sterilizes as it cleans so there is no need for sloppy buckets and chemicals.  No chemical smell.  No skin irritation.  No unknown health effects that might take a lifetime of exposure before they surface.  I know I sound like a commercial but that is Human Achievement and environmental intelligence.  That is what its all about.

Earth Hour isn't just a silly symbolic gesture.  Its a holy day for a backwards and anti-human ideology that is more religion than philosophy.  In the darkness the eco-nuts indoctrinate impressionable minds and teach them that good is only found in the absence of human endeavors.  They teach that technology is the source of evil and that light itself is abhorrent.  Earth Hour is not about conservation.  Earth Hour is darkness.

The First Liberal Lie

The first Liberal promise of the 41st election has been released.  On the heels of the first gaffe, Micheal Igantieff has promised no Coalition of Losers.  First he promised a Blue door and a Red door when asked about a coalition, but while the Count slept his minions toiled over this statement: "coalitions are a legitimate constitutional option."  Woops!  I'm sure they meant this statement: "We will not enter a coalition with other federalist parties." (h/t Blue Like You)

Smart people know what to make of a Liberal promise.  The scientific term is bovine excrement.

He then asks: "Why does he insist on [exposing the reality] about an impending coalition...? (BS filter mine)

The answer is that Canadians need to know what the loser parties have in store for our democracy.  The progressive tradition of screaming about one thing while secretly and simultaneously destroying it is on display.  They scream about deficits while planning to balloon them.  They scream about taxes while planning to raise them.  They scream about anything they think you might want to hear, because they think you are just livestock that needs to be herded into a red cattle pen.

End the screaming.  Vote Conservative.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Coalition is a Rock Solid Certainty

Here is my logic:  The Conservatives will have as a central plank the removal of the $1.95 per vote Party subsidy.  The Liberals and the Bloc in particular have not been able to raise money yet somehow foolish bankers still lend it to them.  I believe that TD Bank as much as the Liberal leadership will force the Liberals into a Coalition to ensure they don't default on their campaign loans.  Since repealing party welfare will be a campaign promise for the Conservatives, it will be considered part of the mandate of a newly minted minority or majority Conservative Government.    

As we saw in 2008, the loss of these taxpayer funds is unacceptable to the socialist parties.  Mandate or not, the only way to keep the party welfare will be to Coalition.  The only way to prevent a Coalition will be to elect a Conservative Majority Government.

There you have it.  It really is majority or bust. 

I'm sure you've read and watched and heard all the assurances that there will be a Coalition of left wing losers.  You've heard it from the Prime Minister and Ministers and all the MPs on down to the lowliest blogger and supporter.

You haven't heard it from the MSM until very lately.  Only courageous voices  like Roy Green and John Ivison have been able to surface.  The CBC and CTV have repeatedly asked the question "is there really going to be a Coalition?  Is this just a Conservative boogey-man?"  They pretend not to have two brain cells to rub together but don't you believe that either.  It's you who they think has only two brain cells give or take.  Questioning the Coalition makes it more likely.  If you vote Liberal, you vote Bloc and you vote NDP at the same time.  Does that help you or does it help those parties and Big Media and Big Unions?  Does the Coalition help you, or does it help the groups that hold you back?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Economic Terrorism to coincide with Spring Election

Apparently the American Left is planning major disruptions for early May.  Stephen Lerner, a former SEIU big wig, isn't just calling for some kind of revolt centered on Wall Street.  Their stated aim to is to fatally disrupt the economy, bring down JP Morgan Chase, and create an "ungovernable" situation in the United States.

Watch it for yourself here, and the full version here:

So what do you call that?  Sedition?  Treason?  Here is the definition for Economic Terrorism:
Contrary to "economic warfare" which is undertaken by states against other states, "economic terrorism" would be undertaken by transnational or non-state actors. This could entail varied, coordinated and sophisticated or massive destabilizing actions in order to disrupt the economic and financial stability of a state, a group of states or a society (such as market oriented western societies) for ideological or religious motives. These actions, if undertaken, may be violent or not. They could have either immediate effects or carry psychological effects which in turn have economic consequences.(link)

I think that fits.  

The obvious defence is that its just another crackpot or he is taken out of context.  While he might be a crackpot he rubs elbows with all the union big boys like Andy Stern, and Richard TrumkaWhile Obama himself braggs that he has been with SEIU forever, Stephen Lerner, has been to the White House 4 times since Obama took office.

Its also pretty impossible that its out of context.  Francis Fox Piven (a Calgarian!) is referenced in relation to the Cloward and Piven strategy.  Cloward and Piven is the method to install a socialist government in the United States by breaking the economy and overwhelming the welfare system and encouraging mass unrest and revolution.  Even if the plan fails, the attempt will be pretty ugly.  It's basically the same strategy in the talk except Stephen Lerner is putting it into motion rather than just theorizing about it. 

When the US gets a cold Canada gets the flu (unless Stephen Harper is in charge).  This is all supposed to happen in early May.  I would guess on May Day, May 1st; the traditional communist holiday.  This also happens to be when our election is to take place.  I'm hoping that simply exposing it will turn the machine off or at least weaken it.  It doesn't mean it can't happen.  Even if it fails, the attempt will still cause trouble and could be a factor in the campaign.

I thought you all should know.

The Uber-Left Liberal Party

So it's an election then.  You can't really expect rational decisions from socialists.  No matter how you cut it, the election is still between left and right.  Either the Liberals dominate the left, or they form a Coalition.  The numbers are possible.  We are constantly reminded that most Canadians didn't vote Conservative in 2008 and 2006.  2011 may well be the year the Conservatives break through.

The only way the Liberal Party can dominate is to get NDP voters.  The only way to do that is to steal NDP ideas.  Its clear they have abandoned the center for the slim pickings on the left.  The far left is already inhabited by three other parties. 

This is an excellent strategy... for the Conservatives.  Micheal Ignatieff has never failed to disappoint the Conservative movement and we can count on him again.  

Poor old Jack Layton has been outflanked.  His biggest chance was with a larger voice in a Coalition government.  He went along with the Liberal plan to delegitimize the Coalition and will now be slaughtered as the Harper haters buy into the Liberal Uber-Left party.  A severely humbled and leaderless NDP will make a very pliant Coalition partner if they survive at all.  Perhaps the beaten leftover dregs of the NDP will simply join their voters in the Liberal Party in the end.  We might be rid of the NDP altogether.  They are the going-nowhere-doing-nothing Party.  Just another wasted vote similar to voting Green or Bloc.

Yes, I believe the Liberals are capable of out-socializing the NDP.  In doing so they effectively become the NDP.  They have been known to lie their faces off to get elected but blue liberals have to ask themselves if the Liberals are really kidding with their promises. 

Regular Canadians will have to ask themselves if they can afford tax & spend, lie, tax & spend some more Uber-Left Liberals.  No one can be sure what is a lie and what isn't so you just have to take their promises at face value and guess how bad it would really be.

In contrast, the Harper Government has spearheaded the global recovery by reducing taxes at all levels and wisely implementing the Economic Action Plan.  While being mired in minority parliament shenanigans, this government has enabled Canadians to pull off an economic miracle unseen in history.  We'll never know what heights we could have reached without opposition obstruction.

The opposition's foolhardy lust for power has led over the years from shenanigans to outright brinkmanship.  This week is the culmination of kangaroo contempt committees and confidence threats that has been ugly other side of these excellent years of good government.  For the glory of the parliament they purport to respect so much, they intend to shut it down.  While our CF-18's fly in combat and our Japanese allies struggle with disaster our government stands wrongfully accused of contempt.  It will be the first contempt motion in our history and it is simply because Stephen Harper has held this minority parliament together for longer than any other in history.

Let's be clear, if they mean to say contempt of the opposition, then its guilty as charged for my part. 

These shenanigans have got to stop.  Now is probably the worst time, but Liberals never really cared about this country.  We will prevail because Canadians know who can best lead them.  Conservatives will win a majority, not because their entitled to it, but because they are the best team for the job.  It's a difficult and often thankless job but Conservatives are just good at it.   On Election Day Vote Conservative!  

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nothing to Lose in Forcing an Election

An election is inevitable now.  The sad calculation of the Liberal Party is that they have nothing to lose by forcing one.  How could it get any worse for them?  They are doing worse than Stephane Dion ever did and that is very bad indeed. 

In fact, losing an election has several side benefits for the Liberal Party.  Losing an election means they get to dump Micheal Ignatieff.  I don't believe there is a real mechanism to replace Iggy if he doesn't resign.  As we saw with Stephane Dions replacement, the shadowy back room can simply appoint a leader and then hold a mock leadership election where nobody runs against him.

I'm sure Iggy intends to be PM for his own reasons but the Liberal Party would be happy to close the book the opposition leader whatever the outcome. 

The other reason the Liberal Party benefits from losing an election is for the $1.95 per vote election subsidy.  This electoral welfare is not only bad for democracy and the taxpayers, it favors large old lazy parties.  Liberals have had problems raising money ever since their big corporate cronies were barred from making huge donations.  Without a cash incentive among other things the Liberal Party have since moved left hopping to cash in on the NDPs union fundraising bonanza.  Without the vote subsidy, the Liberals will not be able to pay their bills or service their ballooning debts. 

The total cost of this unnecessary and useless election will be $350 million.  You are being dragged to the polls to remove the Liberal Leader and to involuntarily postpone Liberal bankruptcy.  This whole exercise of faux scandals and lame threats is nothing more selfish internal politics.  The Liberals regard the Canadian Taxpayer as nothing more than cash machine where in minority situations can make withdrawals any time. 

Canadians have to stop this wasteful merry-go-round of endless elections.  All Conservatives have to do is give them a good reason to do so.  When the opposition forces an election this time lets make them regret it.  Lets bring out the big game and give them something to vote for not just against.  We've had enough elections.  Each of them represents a brand new Ice Breaker built here in Canada.  The country needs the Conservative Party to do such a good job that we don't have to do this again for 5 years.  Do your part to help them.  Fortune favors the bold.  The party needs boldness.  The Country needs boldness.  The world needs Canadian boldness.  Be bold (and mighty forces will come to your aid). 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Safe Nuclear Power

Let me first just say that I support Nuclear Power and I have always supported Nuclear Power.  I also want to express my sincere condolences to the Japanese.  The earth itself attacked them, leaving devastation that few military powers could match.

The calamity is ongoing as we know.  Containment buildings seem to explode daily and we are constantly soothed that this is not a big deal.  At least Its not as bad as Chernobyl so far.

"What the hell do you know about Nuclear Power?"  That's a question you might be asking me and its a fair one.  Well I grew up in a nuclear town.  I spent most of my formative years living in Pickering Ontario.  Kids in Calgary grow up with the Rocky Mountains on the horizon.  My Rocky Mountains were the containment buildings and vacuum building of the Pickering Nuclear Power Plant.   We all called it the Pickering Nuke, The Nuke or just The Nuke Plant.  I use the term affectionately, but I know others use it the same way some use the term "Tar Sands."

The Nuke's main power-lines ran right past my subdivision.  A little park at the end of the street led to an old apple orchard where the towering pylons hummed with power.  If you stood directly beneath a set of two power lines you could sometimes feel the power in the air.  If the barometer and humidity were just right you could touch another person and feel an odd buzzing vibrating sensation.  It was like magic, but the rows of pylons gave us a clear line of sight all the way to the source.  (I never found out exactly what that effect was but I'm sure it had to do with the magnetic field generated by flowing electricity over my head)

It was awesome to me.  I would ask my dad to take me there on weekends when there was nothing else to do. Behind gates and barbed wire they had an Educational Center that was like a free local Science Center.  It had full size mock-ups of the CANDU core and of fuel rods.  It also had games and Geiger counters and miniature models.  Needless to say I became an early supporter of Nuclear Power. 

That of course put me at odds with the mindless do-gooders like Greenpeace.  I was already familiar with that crowd from the save-the-whales craze.  I argued for Nuclear power in the face of ignorance time and again.  When Greenpeace tried to ban Chlorine, an abundant element necessary for life, I argued against that too.  When they started arguing against Coal and Oil to stop Global Warming, I was right there with harsh dose of reality and perspective for them.

Then a strange thing happened.  Eco-nuts started declaring that nuclear was safe.  'Well yeah' I thought.  I've only been telling them for so many years.  Let's not get carried away here.  They are safe if and only if they are well designed, well operated and well maintained.  To make nuclear safe, a great deal of care must be taken that is frankly not required when operating a Coal power plant.

When eco-nuts began touting nuclear power as the safe alternative to coal power or even natural gas it gave me a huge sense of foreboding.  It was divide and conquer and some good people took the bait.  I supported nuclear power, but the last thing I wanted was a nuke plant on every corner.

These facilities will be dangerously radioactive for 10,000 years.  To give you some perspective the pyramids at Giza are 8,000 years old.  That's the age of pyramids plus the time since Christ walked the earth.  Nothing lasts that long.  No one can make predictions that far into the future, especially at the accelerated rate that history seems to move in these times.  I'm not saying we can't handle it.  I'm saying, lets just keep in mind the scores or generations that we volunteer as eternal custodians to our energy needs.  I'm sure that good engineering could extend the life of a nuclear plant for 60 or even 80 years at most.  How does that compare with the 10,000 year tomb that must remain un-violated?  I'm in favor of larger nuclear plants, not more of them (though we could probably do with a few more big ones).  Look at the 10,000 year tombs we have already.  I hope somebody has etched this map into stainless steel and plans to defend them from all the nasties who haven't even been born yet.  We can neither forget or ignore these sites now that they exist.

Nuclear is also non-renewable.  Sure there is plenty of it, but it can only ever be a part of the energy mix.  Nuclear cannot replace fossil fuels or we'll just run out of fissile material quicker.  Nuclear should be used to conserve fossil fuels and reduce the overall cost of energy.   

At the peak of the ridiculous Global Warming Hysteria people were actually talking about nuclear drilling rigs (nuclear-electric rather than diesel-electric).  That's right, some bright lights wanted to circumvent a carbon tax by deploying portable miniature nukes to roam the countryside.  Can you see a little problem with that idea?  Can you see the problem in the green ideology that leads to these ideas? 

This is why it distresses me when some proponents of nuclear power use green ideology to push nuclear safety.  Surely you must realize that the eco-nuts will turn on you eventually.  How sad that some in the nuclear industry would temporarily befriend their old enemies to get an edge on their energy competitors.  Shame.   

Drilling and nuclear power intersect again in yet another hysterical example eco-mania in the faux controversy over fracing.  It's too large a subject to discuss fully here, but one method of mining for Uranium involves In-Situ Recovery (ISR) in a process very similar to fracing in hydrocarbon wells.  Some American company botched their well and it led to the fear mongering we see today in Quebec.  It's the same old pattern from environmentalists over and over again.

Drilling rigs are safe, but with their wide use a BP disaster was statistically bound to happen.  Nuclear Power plants are safe and so scaling up their use and playing down their risks will probably lead meltdowns given enough time.  The triple partial meltdown and explosions in Fukushima was the result of extremely bad luck.  Suddenly everyone remembers the risks in nuclear power. 

Does this mean we should abandon nuclear power?  Does the BP spill mean we should not drill for oil?  Does the botched well in Pennsylvania mean we should stop fracing?  No, absolutely not.  We should proceed with caution in all of these endeavors including the high degree of caution required for safe nuclear power.  Some times bridges fail and planes crash.  Does it make sense to ban bridges or airplanes?  Does it even make sense to ban bridges vs airplanes in lieu of one over the other depending on some nonsensical safety comparison?  No, but this is exactly the argument of green nukes vs gas or coal power plants.  It's nonsense and nobody should tolerate it, not even for short term tactical advantage.  When you play with green ideology just remember that you yourself might be the next target of self-righteous green de-marketing.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Canada's Criminal Senator

Liberal Senate Appointee Raymond Lavigne* still hasn't resigned from the Senate.  On Friday Senator Lavigne was convicted of fraud on at least two counts.  He was caught making false travel claims and using government staff to cut down trees on his personal property.

The staff member turned personal gardener was overzealous in his lumberjack role and ended up cutting down other trees that did not belong to the Senator.  This is the only reason the corrupt Liberal Senator was caught.  If not for the ensuing investigation the Liberal Senator would be busily obstructing the will of the people as Liberal Senators and MPs are wont to do.

The larger crime is that the Liberal Party wants to keep it this way.  Liberals elevated this crook to the Senate and there is nothing we Canadians can do about it.  The Liberals like this just fine.  Your taxes will pay convicted fraudster Raymond Lavigne $132,300 every year until he retires because that is how the Senate works.

The Senate is not elected but appointed.  This is the system the Liberal Party loves so much.  They, including Senator Lavigne , have the power to veto any law our elected representatives approve in the House.  It doesn't matter how you vote.  Senator Lavigne can overrule you and you still have to pay him for the insult.  Liberals and their entitlements, figure that one out.

I want reform to come gracefully to the Canadian Senate.  The chamber of Sober Second Thought has reached a mature phase whereby reform is necessary and desirable to our highly educated and responsible citizenry.  The Conservative Party of Canada is the only party that will realize the inter-generational dream of an elected Senate.  They will add and redistribute Senate seats based population.  This can only be accomplished with a Conservative Majority parliament.

However strong the Bloc may appear, they will wither and die without taxpayer life support.  Conservatives plan to remove the per vote party welfare subsidy.  Their best idea for the Senate is the same as their coalition partner the NDP.      

The NDP and Bloc take a more extremist route.  They want to abolish the Senate outright.  I call this the Nuclear Option.  Even some Conservative appointees have become traitors to the people.  Even if they promise the Prime Minister to support Senate reform there is no method to hold them to account.  Senators are untouchable.  The thieving, lying, crooked Senator Lavigne is ample proof of that.  If the Senate cannot be reformed it will need to be disbanded.  I will support the NDPs nuclear option if reform fails.  What sort of extra-legal means would the NDP employ if the Senate refuses to disband?  That is a question you'll have to ask them. Pitch forks can quickly induce early retirements by threat or by re-purposing.  Don't you pompous Liberal fools dare let it come to that!

As much as certain Senators and MPs may deserve a day at the gallows, this is not the Canadian way.  The way to Canadian greatness is through the leadership of  Stephen Harper and an able majority government.  Conservative economic stewardship though these troubled times are unquestionably competent.  Your vote on election day will empower the Conservative government to reform the Senate into an elected body.  At that point YOU, not some lawyerly elite will be able to finally remove the corrupt Liberal Appointee Senator Lavigne from public office.

That is democracy.  That is the Conservative priority.  Empowering individual Canadians is a value held by no other federal Party.  Vote Conservative.  Put an end to the hyper-partisan games.

*Senator Levigne still identifies as a Liberal even though Liberals are quick to disown him.  I would expect nothing less from that lying slippery crooked bunch.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Liberal Senator convicted of FRAUD

Raymond Lavigne must immediately resign from the Senate.  This unelected Liberal Senator has been found guilty of stealing $10,120.50 from the voters and taxpayers in bogus travel claims.  He has also been convicted of using federal employees to cut down 60 trees on his personal property at no cost to him.

The truth comes out again.  This is a real court with a real judge laying down a real criminal conviction for taking real money from real people.  This is not a contemptuous kangaroo parliament handing out prima facie rulings.  (primo fishy more likely)

Raymond Lavigne should go to jail.  MPs and Senators are supposed to be held to a higher standard.  Its even worse when the dirt bag Liberal Party has been slagging our good government for weeks on phony charges.  How does an inappropriate letterhead stand up next to this?  How does the famous NOT on a ministers memo stand up to this?  How does spending party money before it was illegal stand up to this?

The Liberal party is corrupt joke!  Its obvious now they have been playing up their faux scandals to play down the real scandals those crooks, cheats and liars that call themselves Liberals are guilty of.  This kind of thing is routine for the Liberals.  They wave away the Adscam as if they made a mistake with the wrong letterhead or something.  They lied when they said they would pay back the money they stole the first time around and now we find them stealing again.  When I say we, I mean the Judge found them guilty in a criminal court.

The vile and putrid Liberal scum make me ill.  It's so much worse for them to have been playing the high principals and morals act while one of their slime balls sits in court.  The Liberals haven't learned a single thing from the Sponsorship Scandal.  Nothing has changed.  They the same old two-faced, cash-stuffed-envelope, crooks we all hate.

Not, only do they lie and steal and cheat but they are also completely irresponsible and selfish.  In order to get rid of their lame appointed leader Micheal Ignatieff, they intend to force a $350 million dollar election on the taxpayer.  We could buy a brand new Ice-breaker for that money.  Liberals are also deep in debt and will use the per vote $1.95 party welfare to stay afloat.

Now look at the shrinking deficit that will be revealed on March 22nd.  The Economy under Stephen Harper's stewardship has been like a rocket.  This is why they are in a rush to hold a non-confidence motion before the Budget.  They can't handle it.

Who can't see the naked ambition and avarice that the Liberal party represents?  Their every word, every thought, every act is motivated by greed and lust for power.  They don't care what it costs the country or what it costs you.   They are here to get rich on your back and lord it over you.  They are in it for themselves.

Crook number one Raymond Lavigne must immediately resign from the Senate.  The voters should pass a similar judgment on all Liberals come election day.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Leftist Myth of Capitalism and Greed

Before we clean the Liberals clock at the polls, I'd like to smash the greed myth into its constituent elements. 

Lefties seem to think that Capitalism is greed.  They believe that self-interest, the universal motivator, is actually greed.  Because they label it greed they believe that it is bad.  To be interested in ones self and well being is wrong in their view.  If that were true the Soviet Union would have had no crime at all.

We can play this game too.  If Capitalism is Greed then surely Socialism is Envy and Sloth rolled into one.   Capitalism and Socialism are none of these things.  The classic cardinal virtues and sins are the usual works of a fair or wicked heart.  They have nothing whatsoever to do with the style of Government a person may live in. 

The opposite of greed is charity and charity cannot be coerced.  There is no goodness in the act of giving when one is forced to give.  Charity is only charity when it is freely given.  The idea that taxes are charity is ridiculous.  Taxes are involuntary and therefore show nothing of your character.  The good and the evil are both required to pay.  Is an evil man good if he pays taxes?  Can a good man claim any more responsibility for a government handout than for a wrongful conviction?

I'm sure you could find socialists and capitalists that display all 7 sins or virtues.  In fact there is just as much or more greed to be found in China or Cuba as you could find anywhere else.  The charity found in the United States dwarfs that of all other countries. 

Lets just put another socialist mind trick in the bio-hazard bin shall we?  Capitalism is not greed  and Socialism is no virtue.  One idea favors individualism while the other favors collectivism.  One idea draws ingenuity from chaos while making new ideas nimble and efficient.  The other seeks order and security through homogeneity and routine.  One evolves while the other stagnates.  One is the true hope for mankind, while the other is a cage to wither the spirit of man.  Capitalism is good, while Socialism is.... you know what it is.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Nitpick Non-confidence Narrative

The Opposition is pushing a new narrative to justify an election lately.  They are aiming at Tory competence by virtue of the pile on of of faux scandals and technical gotcha's.  Its meant to be death by a thousands cuts.  The idea being that a thousand cuts will be equal to the great wound of Adscam.

The only problem is that these aren't cuts at all.  They are barely even scrapes.  They are the sort of scrapes you get from playing with a kitten.  I'd imagine you could play with kittens all day and not be injured in the slightest.

Lets list the spate melodrama's in recent weeks:
  • NOT-gate: where Minister Oda modified her own memo to reflect a decision she is fully within her role to make.  Allegedly she lied about it somehow, somewhere in the two years since this decision was made.  Oddly enough, there is no film of it.  You know our media.  It would be everywhere.  We just have to take the word of the opposition.  I'm inclined to think these folks are motivated to willfully misunderstand it.  It's not about what happened.  Its about the gotcha.  When they've gotcha, look out; it's just like Adscam.
  • Memo-gate:  Minister Kenny used paper with the Parliament of Canada Logo on it to solicit funds from other MP's.  There are other interesting details to the story of how the opposition found out about the illegal stationary that I found interesting, but the Coalitions main quibble has to do with the letterhead.  For inappropriate use of parliamentary stationary the Opposition is calling for Minister Kenny to resign.  Is this Adscam too?  Its at least as serious as missing the cover page of your TPS reports.
  • Speech-Gate:  This has to be the dumbest one of all.  The Prime Minister failed to advertise a speech by Michael Ignatieff during his own speech.  I'm not sure what the protocol is to precede a speech of a Russian aristocrat like Iggy, but Stephen Harper didn't follow it.  The PM was merely opening for Count Iggy and rudely failed to mention the main event.  If you believe Liberals, its surely another Adscam.
  • Harper Government-Gate:  This faux scandal embodies the entire position the Opposition Coalition.  It's the Harper Government that they exist to oppose.  The Harper Government is a term coined by the media and opposition themselves.  When the government embraces this term, its another Adscam.  
When the opposition compares these trivial issues to Adscam, it shows you how lightly they regard Adscam not how seriously they take the above.

I could go on and on.  Look at the faux scandals further out:
  • UN Seat-Gate:  The institution that gave Colonel Gaddafi a seat on the United Nation Human Rights Council gave a Security Council seat to Portugal.  Portugal is currently on the edge of another bailout while Canada leads the world in economic recovery.  The UN only makes sense to elites who kiss both cheeks like Iggy.  I don't mean the face cheeks.  Mr. Internationalist Iggy said we didn't deserve the seat and while nobody listens to Iggy, he didn't want us to win it.  He isn't here for you.  He's here for himself and them.  What do you know, with all this garbage about our international stature Canada's reputation has favorably jumped under the Harper Government.
  • Prorogation... (even though Iggy is the worst offender for skipping out on Parliament)
  • In and Out... (spending their own money when it was legal to do so)
  • Etc
  • Etc
  • Etc
I give up.  The nauseating spin from opposition mouths is that there is "a culture of deceit," in the CPC.  Every time they are asked about one of the faux scandals, they inevitably bring up the others to spin their yarns.

Unfortunately for them the tapestry they are slowly weaving isn't one of incompetence.  The pattern emerging is one of Opposition whining and complaining at the slightest imagined misstep.  This isn't a recent development either.  The majority Opposition has consistently cried foul over the last 5 years and interfered in the important work of the Harper Government.    

Ironically the reason they are floating a non-confidence motion to trigger an early election is also the reason to give Stephen Harper's Conservative Government a Majority.  We've had 5 years of Opposition obstruction during some of the most challenging times in half a century.  They obstruct our mission in Afganistan.  They obstruct our justice system.  They obstruct our economy.  They obstruct our security.  They plan to obstruct the budget if we even make it there.  This Opposition takes its function to ridiculous levels.  Our system was never meant to function with a majority Opposition and yet somehow the Harper Government has succeeded on all fronts at the worst of times.

This is the most competent government I've seen in my life.  The Harper Government may well be the best government in Canadian History.  Today Canada sits on top of the world.  Its time we took the training wheels off.  Its time we gave the Harper Government a majority and realized our full potential.  No more petty obstruction.  This is the Canadian Century.  It's time we took the lead.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Biggest Losers are the NDP

The string of good polling for the Conservative Party over shadows the other story.  While Liberals might be bleeding support to the CPC, the NDP seems to be bleeding support to the Liberals.  The Liberal hostile take over of the left wing vote seems to be having some limited success.  Its working only because they have publicly shunned their merger or Coalition.

Ignoring the big picture, its a decent move for the Liberals to disavow any knowledge of a coalition and veer left.  For the NDP its stupid and suicidal.  The NDP will never form a majority or minority government federally.  It is simply impossible.  The only hope for the NDP to ever get into government is with a Coalition.

So why haven't they been pushing the Coalition?  Its strange to me.  Who cares what Iggy has to say.  Jack could just talk about Coalition options, what they would do for socialism when in government etc..  Canadian voters have always been more strategic than loyal on the left.  True socialists suddenly supporting crony capitalists and limousine liberals in the Liberal Party is an entirely strategic shift.  Whatever is going on behind closed doors, these naive socialist voters have lost faith in a coalition and lost faith in the NDP.

Tactically, the NDP should be loudly trumpeting the Coalition.  Iggy is irrelevant and destined to be replaced sooner or later.  Jack may as well assume the figurehead of the Coalition.  If combined Liberal and NDP seats exceed the CPC through some tragedy, then wouldn't those socialist voters want the NDP to have a larger say in the Coalition?  More votes to the NDP mean more seats and a stronger position in an NDP-Liberal Coalition government.

Instead they let the Liberals eat their lunch yet again.  Its hilarious and incomprehensible.  Maybe they are just strategically clueless, but a better analogy keeps standing up in my mind.  I'm reminded of Joseph Stalin's position late in the non-aggression pact with Hitler.

During WW2 Hitler's National Socialist regime made a non-aggression pact with Stalin's Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  Hitler's great double cross of invading the USSR was code named Operation Barbarossa.  As the Nazis built up hundreds of thousands of troops for the invasion, the British repeatedly cabled Stalin about the impending invasion.   He didn't believe them.  Anything coming from the British was a trick in Stalin's view.  Socialist idiot.  Stalin was even given the exact date of the invasion and didn't lift a finger to stop it.  Hitler even wrote about it a years prior in Mien Kempf.  Just how stupid do you have to be to call yourself a socialist?  The invasion was stupid, and the response to it was stupid.

The battle between the Grits and Dippers is Stupid on stupid.  It's reminiscent of the Nazis and Soviets.  The Conservatives in this analogy are the British.  The CPC has told everybody about the Coalition.  The only reason I can see that the NDP won't take advantage of a public Coalition stance is because it's the CPC exposing it.  Their hatred for the CPC blinds them.  They are content to be the biggest losers.  It doesn't matter to me either way, but I still shake my head and laugh at the NDP.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Loving the new Ads

I'm really happy with both Ads released by the Conservative Party of Canada recently.  The one I like most is the steady-as-she-goes ad.  This is one I can show my mom.

Aren't they great mom?  They're looking after us and our country.  I'm proud of our Conservative Party.  We really could not have done better over the last few years and the world is changing every day.  We need a Stephen Harper at the wheel.

The second ad cuts clean to the truth.  "Take a hike," is the only Liberal promise you can count on.  I'm not just saying that.  Watch it.  Show me a Liberal who can deny it.  There is no denying that Liberals are after higher taxes.  This is their method.  Everyone knows it and their only plan is to confuse and obfuscate it.  They admit they want to raise taxes, so just imagine what they have up their sleeves for you?  Dion taught them a lesson they won't soon forget.  You know there are nasty tax hikes they won't dare tell you about.  GST/HST hike, Green Shift, Carbon Tax, oh its on the table right next to the envelopes yet to be stuffed with cash for cronies.  You know it.

Well done team.  Very well done.  Thank you.