Sunday, March 13, 2011

Canada's Criminal Senator

Liberal Senate Appointee Raymond Lavigne* still hasn't resigned from the Senate.  On Friday Senator Lavigne was convicted of fraud on at least two counts.  He was caught making false travel claims and using government staff to cut down trees on his personal property.

The staff member turned personal gardener was overzealous in his lumberjack role and ended up cutting down other trees that did not belong to the Senator.  This is the only reason the corrupt Liberal Senator was caught.  If not for the ensuing investigation the Liberal Senator would be busily obstructing the will of the people as Liberal Senators and MPs are wont to do.

The larger crime is that the Liberal Party wants to keep it this way.  Liberals elevated this crook to the Senate and there is nothing we Canadians can do about it.  The Liberals like this just fine.  Your taxes will pay convicted fraudster Raymond Lavigne $132,300 every year until he retires because that is how the Senate works.

The Senate is not elected but appointed.  This is the system the Liberal Party loves so much.  They, including Senator Lavigne , have the power to veto any law our elected representatives approve in the House.  It doesn't matter how you vote.  Senator Lavigne can overrule you and you still have to pay him for the insult.  Liberals and their entitlements, figure that one out.

I want reform to come gracefully to the Canadian Senate.  The chamber of Sober Second Thought has reached a mature phase whereby reform is necessary and desirable to our highly educated and responsible citizenry.  The Conservative Party of Canada is the only party that will realize the inter-generational dream of an elected Senate.  They will add and redistribute Senate seats based population.  This can only be accomplished with a Conservative Majority parliament.

However strong the Bloc may appear, they will wither and die without taxpayer life support.  Conservatives plan to remove the per vote party welfare subsidy.  Their best idea for the Senate is the same as their coalition partner the NDP.      

The NDP and Bloc take a more extremist route.  They want to abolish the Senate outright.  I call this the Nuclear Option.  Even some Conservative appointees have become traitors to the people.  Even if they promise the Prime Minister to support Senate reform there is no method to hold them to account.  Senators are untouchable.  The thieving, lying, crooked Senator Lavigne is ample proof of that.  If the Senate cannot be reformed it will need to be disbanded.  I will support the NDPs nuclear option if reform fails.  What sort of extra-legal means would the NDP employ if the Senate refuses to disband?  That is a question you'll have to ask them. Pitch forks can quickly induce early retirements by threat or by re-purposing.  Don't you pompous Liberal fools dare let it come to that!

As much as certain Senators and MPs may deserve a day at the gallows, this is not the Canadian way.  The way to Canadian greatness is through the leadership of  Stephen Harper and an able majority government.  Conservative economic stewardship though these troubled times are unquestionably competent.  Your vote on election day will empower the Conservative government to reform the Senate into an elected body.  At that point YOU, not some lawyerly elite will be able to finally remove the corrupt Liberal Appointee Senator Lavigne from public office.

That is democracy.  That is the Conservative priority.  Empowering individual Canadians is a value held by no other federal Party.  Vote Conservative.  Put an end to the hyper-partisan games.

*Senator Levigne still identifies as a Liberal even though Liberals are quick to disown him.  I would expect nothing less from that lying slippery crooked bunch.


Anonymous said...

And the libs want Jason to resign because he misused about 30.00 worth of paper, and Bev Oda because she saved the taxpayers 7 million dollars.
Mary T

Harry98 said...

Are all the politicians in Quebec corrupt? Seems like it!

Alain said...

Is there no procedure to remove a senator once appointed? I have never heard of one and honestly do not know. If not, there should be one even if we do not yet have elected senators.

Craig Smith said...

Yet another reason for term limits.

Mike said...

The Libs are more than just "Quick to disown him" - he was removed from the party and the caucus when he was charged. Can the CPC say that about their Senators who are currently charged with elections spending fraud that involves faking invoices and trying to bilk taxpayers out of $800 K? Nope.

If there were a legal means to remove him from the Senate, I'm sure they would.

Frankly, you are being dishonest about this.

PS. Kenney has obviously been using his ministerial position for partisan political purposes and got caught. Oda lied to parliament. But do go on making stuff up and pretending the issues are something else....

skinny said...

Speaking of, the will o the people...

"the will of the people" elected the opposition MPs to keep the tories in minority. Democratically, and fairly. I know this may piss of conservatives, but, that's just how it is.

A small detail conservative supporters seem to forget funny enough.

Alex said...

@ Mary T: exactly

@ Harry: -And the only province where Liberals are a distant second above Conservatives, go figure.

@ Alain: I believe a serious crime will get you kicked out. Who decides what is serious though?

@ Craig Smith: Yup he would be out by now with so many others.

@ Mike: You put him there and you block democratic means to remove him. He's your fault. -but lets go back to the faux scandals sure. You are as pure as a driven snow next to those right?

@ skinny: No skinny, we are very aware of that fact. -A fact that we hope to change.

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