Friday, January 25, 2013

Waiting for a Dragon

I went to Kevin O’Leary’s book signing a couple of days ago.  The book signing itself was uneventful.  Kevin was Kevin. 
This is how he holds a sharpie!  So misunderstood.

The lineup prior to getting my copy of his book signed was unexpectedly interesting and entertaining.

There I was at Costco after work just according to plan.  I needed gasoline and Costco has the cheapest gas around.  Ever the sucker for a bargain, I picked up some sale items and the book Men, Women & Money. 

With my goods safely tucked away in my car (which is also a handy deep freeze this time of year) I stepped into line to wait for Kevin O’Leary.  Ahead of me was a kind old man telling stories to the couple and their baby ahead of him.  In front of them were two lovely young girls with books in hand and then a handsome spectacled black fellow whom I was chatting with earlier.  It was marvelous in fact to take in the diverse array of people who had come to meet the Dragon.  

Behind me was a father and son and I could see it was the son’s idea to come to the book signing. I was happy to be a part of such a crowd.  Even if I felt to be the representative from the long-day club, it beat sitting in traffic. 

Before long , the mother of the young girls came to join them.  It was obvious that she was not there to see Kevin O’Leary.  In fact, it seemed that her mission at that moment was to loudly discourage the two youths while educating the rest of us as well.    

“-but he’s a douchebag!”

“-I’d rather kick him in the nuts!”

-he’s a FASCIST!”

I couldn’t hide my smirk.  My how the tables have turned’ I thought. 

Like everyone else I found the ceiling suddenly interesting.  I was trying not to laugh openly at this family dispute when I locked eyes with the black gentleman I spoke to earlier.   You’re up man’ I thought to him, and he must have got the message (or thought it himself) because that is when he intervened. 

I don’t buy into the race thing, but a handsome spectacled black man is like pure kryptonite to a raving leftard.  Understanding what makes the enemy tick is key to besting them. 

He skillfully entered the conversation and revealed that he was a financial planner recently emigrated from Toronto (smart move!).  They talked about Kevin O’Leary and how intelligent he is.  They talked about finance and essentially capitalism all the way to the Dragon himself.  Even the raving leftard smiled and shook hands with Kevin when the moment arrived.

Score!  Two young female conservative converts solidified before my very eyes.   Imagine the humiliation the girls felt while being publicly berated by their mother for their taste in authors.  If they were curious before, they are committed now.   Well done brother.  Very well done.

I doubt the mom was converted but at least the righteous lefty lunatic ravings were tempered a bit.

It reminds me of that part in Star Wars where Leia aboard the Death Star says to Moff Tarkin: “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”  

It rings true enough though with hearts and minds rather than star systems.  Progressives desire control and conformity.  They despise independence and individuality.  The more they try to control the narrative and crush dissent, the more conservatives they will create.  The harder they squeeze the more people will slip through the fingers of their grasping grabbing systems.  Pretty soon all they are left with nothing but the old commie fist.
A fist holds nothing.

It happened to those girls that day.  It happened to me back in the progressive utopia otherwise known as the schooling system.  Every time you hear about a little girl getting suspended for having a hello kitty bubble gun or the father who was arrested because his kid made an image of a gun, you can count another conservative.  It isn't all bad.  More and more people will rebel against the cage like system they building.

Logic, honesty and kindness will triumph in the end.  I don’t want to see a time where the folly liberal/progressive ideas humble and humiliate the likes of Naomi Kline or David Suzuki.  Those would be awful times indeed.  I’m hoping that smart enough people will consistently outnumber the dumb.  I hope that people see that freedom is the way forward even if malice can sometimes be dangerous when ignored.  So take heart, because the truth must win in the end and we are winning.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Harper's Graciousness Trumps Idle's Tantrums

Chief Spence got her wish yesterday. Stephen Harper met with the Chiefs and so did the Governor General. Harper handles the business end and Jonston handles the cocktail party. That is how this country works. It doesn’t matter if Chief Spence doesn’t like it or doesn’t understand it. (though I do hope she likes the hors d'oeuvres I was made to buy her.  They qualify as snacks.)
The melodrama acted out by some Indian people involved in Idle No More is repulsive. Chief Spence plans to continue her “hunger strike”.  Let’s hope she goes all year, inventing new demands as each one is met. 
One notable mistaken exaggerator claims Harper is involved in “genocide”.  Yeah genocide.  Think about the anti-Harper media for a second and ask yourself if Harper could get away with even saying a word that rhymes with genocide? 
The people on the tantrum side of this issue are doing something much worse than making a poor hyperbole with their racial mass blood libel.  They are devaluing the horrors against the victims of real genocide.  Worse, by ‘crying wolf’ it makes it easier for their Iranian allies to commit an actual genocide.  
Conversely, it’s heartening to see the humility and graciousness shown by this responsible government.  All of this is in face of threats and provocations.  We sent them to Ottawa to do the hard things and its awe inspiring to see it done so well. 
Chief Atleo also deserves our thanks.  It’s a relief to see that Chief Spence and other crazies don’t represent the majority of kind and decent aboriginals.
Many 2nd class Canadians are getting annoyed with the silliness of  Idle No More threats however.  Either they take us for fools or they are fools (probably some combination of both).  They must realize that there are real limits to what the taxpayer will put up with.  Neither the Canadian economy nor Canadian sovereignty is up for negotiation.   
We have to make sure that last resorts are kept to the very last.  There is no need or desire for the rights of the State to be enacted.  We have to be very careful that does not come to pass.  There are enemies of our Confederation outside and inside that wish exactly that on us.  So mind your rhetoric please. 
There is no doubt that millions of Canadians would rise in defence of Canada at a word from the Prime Minister.   Millions of Canadians would have nothing better to do if some of these threats actually came to pass.   We must also recognize that this is the worst case scenario.  It’s a disaster that should be avoided at all but the cost of our prosperity and sovereignty. 
Again I applaud the Harper Government for its calm and rational approach to this matter.  They should be commended for their  responsible commitment to the wellbeing of all Canadians of every background and ethnicity.  Thank you for your skill and competence.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Liberal Biases & Double Standards: Mayor Ford vs. Chief Spence

Never has liberal hypocrisy been so plain and stark when comparing the cases of these two Ontario community leaders.  It is glaringly obvious to even the stupidest among liberal ranks that they and their Media Party are one-sided and biased.  Liberals can do no wrong in their eyes while anyone else can only do wrong.

Lets start with Rob Ford, the favorite pinata of the hypocrites.  Even before his election the media unfairly did everything they could to stop him.  They were just getting warmed up.
Paparazzi like they chased him around his house and in his driveway.  They even chased him to KFC while on a diet in hopes of shaming him.  Who among us hasn't struggled with their weight? 

Rob Ford almost lost his Mayorship thanks to a well heeled liberal antagonist who sponsored a court case against him.  Apparently its illegal in Toronto to use city stationary  to solicit  funds for charity.    Then after he voted on a motion to overrule the silly bylaw he was convicted of conflict of interest.  Gotcha!  Only they didn't get him.  The duly elected Mayor almost got booted but he won a stay and is now appealing. 

The oh so tolerant and righteous liberals tried to trap him in some more lawfare.  It failed completely this time getting thrown out of court. 

Now on to Theresa Spence the Chief of the Attawapiskat Reserve.  Her reserve belongs in a  Sub-Saharan slum, not in Canada.  Meanwhile Chief Spence rides around her shanty town in her Cadillac Escalade.  In Ottawa she rents a full tint Hummer with seats that have screens embedded in them.  Its more of a private limousine than an expensive SUV.    I would not be surprised if it had a mini-bar. 

Of course that isn't the worst of it. They make Brewster's Millions look easy.  An audit found that out of $100 million that taxpayers sent to this reserve 80% is not properly accounted for.  80%!  Her boyfriend is the bankrupt book keeper of the reserve who is paid $850 a day to misplace records for 80% of  $100 million dollars worth or spending. 

Can you imagine the apoplectic indignation and rage form the liberal hypocrites if Rob Ford had pulled that?  Imagine!

I confess I've never been to Attiwapiskat and I don't know the issues facing Rob Ford and if he is handling them well or not.  I can't know with the skewed coverage the liberal media gives us.  We can't trust them.  They are focused purely on swaying my opinion against the Mayor and for the Chief.

Over the past month you got to see how these two-faced liberal hustlers don't actually care about the letter of the law.  They easily excuse the crimes and corruption of one of their anti-Harper sweet hearts like Chief Spence.  Almost simultaneously they 'nickel and dime' a budget minded white guy like Mayor Rob Ford for the sole purpose of evicting him from office.

It's detestable and unseemly to be so shamelessly hypocritical.  Joe Clark, Justin Trudeau, Paul Martin, Carolyne Bennett and the media who blindly cover these blind fools are as much at fault for native problems and the natives themselves.  Their war on the Harper Government enables incompetence like Spence's.

Chief Spence should run for Liberal leader.  She fits right in with the hypocritical grits.
UPDATE: Just saw Stephen Taylor posted this on Facebook.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Where's Mulcair?

It's not that anyone really misses the guy but it's surprising that the leader of the Official Opposition isn't acting Oafish.  It's not like him.

He wrote an open letter back in December to the Prime Minister about Idle No More.  It had the usual forgettable nonsense that pervades such letters.  Mulcair probably didn't even write it but since then Attawapiskat has got his tongue. 

You have to wonder why?

Look at this parade of tools to visit with Chief Escalade:

  • Shiney-Poney (Justin Trudeau)
  • Runs-With-Money (Paul Martin)
  • Joke-Lark (Joe Clarke)
  • Big-Tobacco (Corlyne Bennett)
  • + plus some other attention craving MP's and Senators
No Mulcair.

Come on ya racist.  Don't you know First Nations trump Separatists?  The Quebec Nationalists/Socialists of the NDP will look the other way.    

What's a faux scandal without some bearded jowl shaking indignation?

You know for the rest us regular normal people it makes perfect sense to want to stay quiet about this hunger strike hoopla.   We see all people as born equal.  We don't see why some people should have a special status at all.  Some Natives seem to have it especially good and others especially bad because of a trick of law and heritage.  We wonder why it should exist at all?  

But this crime of actually thinking we should be equal is racism.  I pity anyone who still buys the liberal progressive liberal studies bull crap.  Its a crime to teach insanity.  Its a shame that some ingest it. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Al-Gore can sell his worthless channel to whom ever he likes

Sure Al Gore is a hypocrite.  We all knew that.  He hates oil, but $100 million from Qatar is a better than fair price for his microscopic convictions.

That isn't the whole story though.  Al Gore does have convictions, they just have nothing to do with the environment or warming hysteria.

Al Gore refused to sell his station to Glenn Beck for ideological reasons.  Seriously CurrentTV said: “the legacy of who the network goes to is important to us and we are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point of view.”

There you have it.  Al Gore is aligned with Arab Oil Sheikhs over a fellow countryman.  Environmentalism is only a proxy for Al Gore's true agenda: war on the right.  Finally the proof.

It has long been said that the green movement is just a repackaged front for Marxism.  Now you know it's true.