Tuesday, November 26, 2013

By-election Results Confirm Conservative Fortunes

A bias can include many things but one of those things is a model of reality kept in your mind.  These models are commonly called paradigms or a worldview.  Nothing is more satisfying than having one's worldview born out by events.  You could argue this is an example of confirmation bias.  If it is then I would say that I prefer to have my worldview confirmed rather than shattered.

Monday, our views were confirmed. 

Here are results from ThreeHundredEight.com:

You don't have to be a glass half full person to appreciate what actually happened.  Conservatives won their two seats no matter how you cut it.  It's a burn on the media party.  Their frantic spinning now only proves it.

Yesterday's by-election results have confirmed a few things for Conservatives.

  1. The so-called Senate Scandal, pushed hard by media and other malicious actors, is not as important as advertised.  Its a parking ticket.  A parking ticket venomously written up by nasty little pin heads with petty chips on their shoulders.
  2. The Liberals and Justin Trudeau are the primary threat to the Conservatives.  People who brush off the third party (or the "turd party" as Chretien liked to say) are deluding themselves.  Romney should be President.  Smith and Hudak should be Premiers.  Don't think any election is in the bag.  The next election is as serious as the coalition crisis of 2008 itself.
  3. Layton's NDP was a flash in the pan.  Of all the analysis, the most stark is the NDP in marked decline from 2011.  Largely ignored by the Media Party, this is the most powerful conclusion to be drawn from any of the by-election contests.  Mulcair dramatically played Matlock for the parking ticket Senate affair in parliament and where did it get him?  Down.  Thanks for wasting everyone's time angry Tom. 
Of course I couldn't be happier if Conservatives had swept every riding, but realistically I'm glad to see my expectations for the by-elections fulfilled. 

Our political maps are good.  The shallows and hazards are well marked.  Our course to victory is sound so long as we stay on it.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Canada Lagging Behind On Climate Change

The Climate Models have failed.  Temperature has never been linked to CO2 and now its impossible to ignore.  Other countries have taken steps away from the warmist cult but Canada is lagging behind.

China, home of the lake of toxic poison and slave labour camps, has collapsed the climate talks in Poland.  In a cynical sabotage move the worlds leading polluter led the gullible poorer nations on a walkout of Climate talks.  They are all back in the Climate talks again of course.  Once they realised that "Rich" nations are actually negative rich, or rich in nothing but debt, they all came back in hopes the negative rich nations would be even more gullible.

This comes after Poland fired the chair of climate chatter fest for not being Supportive enough of Fracking.  Poland has asserted its sovereignty and independence by advocating coal and shale gas exploration.  Energy independence is political independence for Poland who is threatened by Russia.  The energy bully can force obedience from Poland by withholding gas exports.  Fracking is very good news for Poland and its heartening to see a country standing up for itself both to the former soviet masters and the creeping fingers of the UN itself.

Elsewhere in the world Australia's parliament has voted to repeal its Carbon Tax.  Tony Abbott was given a mandate by the good and sensible Australian people to abolish the punishing green tithe.  Canadian Voters did the same when they rejected the Liberal "Green Shift" during the 2008 election.  Unfortunately Justin Trudeau's Liberals quietly want to try the insanity again.

While there are two provinces who already have irrational carbon taxes in Canada, there is some good news.  Parliamentary Secretary and rising star Paul Calandra had this to say about Australia's bold move:
“Canada applauds the decision by Prime Minister Abbott to introduce legislation to repeal Australia’s carbon tax. The Australian Prime Minister’s decision will be noticed around the world and sends an important message.
“Our government knows that carbon taxes raise the price of everything, including gas, groceries, and electricity. Prime Minister Abbott has said that, in Australia, the repeal of the carbon tax will reduce the average household’s cost of living by (in Australian dollars) $550 a year, take $200 off household power bills and $70 off gas bills.
“Our government has reduced greenhouse gas emissions while protecting and creating Canadians jobs – greenhouse gas emissions are down since 2006, and we’ve created 1 million net new jobs since the recession – and we have done this without penalising Canadian families with a carbon tax.”
The Liberal government in Ontario has lost its mind in tandem with the federal branch.  They have invited the Goreacle to help lie to Ontarians about her government's green lunacy.  Al Gore's visit will assuredly bring along the "Gore Effect."  There are as many peer reviewed papers on the Gore effect as there are linking large storms to CO2.  Rob Ford had better have the Army on speed dial because everything Gore touches turns white and fluffy.  It wasn't all bad though.  People hurt by Ontario's wind power scheme are protesting the Premier.  You can see why the Media Party only wants to talk about the Senate.

Paul Calandra's message to Australia is also one of hope for Canada.  This is an important step forward, but we need to do more on Climate Change.  Parliament should enact laws that prohibit the taxation of molecules essential to life.  Only then can we put this destructive tax ploy behind us.  Only then can Canadians breath easily that citizens and prosperity come first.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rob Ford Vs. GSP

Last Saturday I saw a couple of tweets saying something like: "Lets see Rob Ford vs GSP."  Why not.  Lets line these two fighters up and juxtapose their character in a way Rob Ford might appreciate.

We've heard plenty about Rob Ford, so lets take a look at Georges St. Pierre first.  Here we have the longest reigning UFC World Champion in history.  He's a Canadian and he is probably the most humble champion of any sport.  GSP is a true hero and role model. 

The previous fight against Nick Daiz was the biggest grossing pay per view event of all time.  I remember the class GSP showed during and after that fight that really contrasted with the challenger.  Diaz was bad mouthing him the whole time.  After the fight Diaz couldn't even look at him or speak to him, but GSP showed nothing but class.

Last Saturday GSP technically won the fight.  Two of three judges scored it 48-47 for GSP.  Almost no one else saw it that way.  Even GSP himself thought, acted and spoke as though he lost after the fight was over.  Hendricks, the challenger, may have hit harder but that isn't what judges score on.  Every move that connects is scored.  There is no value and currently no way to measure the force with which each hit connects.  Perhaps if there were wireless accelerometers in the gloves they record the force of a good hit but for now good execution is all that counts.  The only way a fight doesn't go to the judges scorecard is if one opponent is knocked out or taps out. 

I can't but think that if Rob Ford had followed good advise and vanished for a couple of weeks he would still have all his powers as Mayor.  

Watch how GSP handles a severe beating especially at the 2 minutes mark.  If only Rob Ford had said something like that and took off for a couple of weeks.

Instead Rob Ford is going to do it his way.  Its his decision to make.  He has the better view of his situation than I do and I hope he succeeds.  Instead of getting out of the public eye he's hosting a TV show.  He's doing interviews with everyone who wants to talk.  Good Luck!

My late Grandfather loved to play chess.   He would read books on it and play it constantly.  He would even play out momentous chess games by grand masters on his own board to learn from them. 

I remember one game in particular where I made move without a lot of thought behind it.  This was the most interesting game we ever played.  My move was not the smartest move which completely took my Grandfather by surprise.  It wrecked all his plans.  None of the great players made a move like that and me being a novice forced him to change his game plan on the fly.  I still lost the game, but it was fun.

Ford's handling of his mistakes strikes me a lot like that strange move.  There is value in the wild cat move.  It tests established assumptions.  In general it is better to have the enemy reacting instead of acting.  I just hope it works.

Rob Ford could pull out an upset, or more likely he'll just lose.  I don't know how dedicated or how big Ford Nation really is.  Will Ford Nation grow or fade over the next year?  I can't predict.  I know what Rob Ford will predict but I don't think there is any plan here.  He just says and does what comes to mind. 

The other day he said he wants to be Prime Minister.  'Excuse me?'  I thought.  We have now the best most competent and accomplished Prime Minister in our entire history.  We can't even get everyone on our own team to row in the same direction half the time!  How in the hell does Rob Ford think he'll manage to become Prime Minister?  (Is this before or after you become an astronaut?)  Mayor of the 4th largest city in North America is responsibility enough for now.  Turning your entire council against you is a defeat no matter how you cut it.  Political or not.

If Rob Ford is a Nation, then call me a sunshine patriot.

I want him to succeed.  I can't square his actions with my values.  People make mistakes.  People get themselves into trouble.  Some of those people can turn things around and become great once more.

Unfortunately, I have to wait and see that actually happen before I can trust him.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt when this whole crack thing started and now that I've been misled I cannot give it to him again.  Not now.  He's got to earn back that trust.  Anything less would make me into a sucker.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Popular Science Gets It Wrong On Fracking

Popular Science did a myth busting article about Fracking.  They got most of it right but the two cases where they busted myths were actually wrong.  Publishing being what it is you simply can't produce an article called "Is Fracking Safe?  The Top 10 Claims about Natural Gas Drilling" and then say each and every claim is true.  One look at the comments shows why a know nothing editor would think this way.

They quote the esteemed Senator Inhofe in Claim #4. 

"[There's] never been one case -documented case- of groundwater contamination in the history of the thousands and thousands of hydraulic fracturing [wells]"
The Senator may have been talking specifically about his own state because its actually in the millions of wells.  It has been done safely for decades in North America.  The environmentalist issue with Fracking is a akin to being anti glass because glass can be sharp, except that in this analogy glass never was broken even once.

Popular Science decided the Senator is incorrect because of cases of surface spills.  I'm sorry a spill is not fracking.  You can't say a spill at the surface has anything to do with the actual fracking.  If that were true then you would have to blame the Exxon Valdez spill on fracking as well.  Yes that oil too was produced from wells that were fracked. 

Spills happen.  Its same as spilling milk in your kitchen.  You could blame yourself or you could try and trace it back to fracking somehow.  Every industrial process faces the risk of a spill.  Even a maple syrup spill can contaminate ground water in the right circumstance. 

The false claim that fracking contaminates drinking water is easily disproved.  Environmentalists think that fracking is the problem.  They think, or at least want you to think, that there is some new thing about fracking other than the ability to do it along the length of horizontal section of a wellbore. 

To their credit Popular Science goes on to state that:
"The idea stressed by fracking critics that deep-injected fluids will migrate into groundwater is mostly false. Basic geology prevents such contamination from starting below ground. A fracture caused by the drilling process would have to extend through the several thousand feet of rock that separate deep shale gas deposits from freshwater aquifers. According to geologist Gary Lash of the State University of New York at Fredonia, the intervening layers of rock have distinct mechanical properties that would prevent the fissures from expanding a mile or more toward the surface. It would be like stacking a dozen bricks on top of each other, he says, and expecting a crack in the bottom brick to extend all the way to the top one. What's more, the fracking fluid itself, thickened with additives, is too dense to ascend upward through such a channel.
Its a great explanation.  Its like stepping on thin ice.  The pressure on your foot causes fine cracks to shoot off throughout the ice.  Environmentalists imagine that somehow the cracks in the ice would propagate into the surrounding shore or even chunks of ice lying on top of the ice that you've cracked. 

How about taking a sledge hammer to the sidewalk outside?  The sidewalk would crack on the first strike, but those cracks don't continue into the ground and right up the side of your house.  Its the same with fracking except we are talking about cracks deeper than Mount Assiniboine is tall.  You are now smarter than David Suzuki. 

The other claim is # 7 and it concerns a botched cement job.  Here is the picture they show in Popular Science.  (not to scale!)

The red line shows the path of methane into ground water as a result of a poor cement job.  The operating company is liable for sloppy work in the same way a construction company is liable for an unsafe bridge.  Something similar happened in the BP disaster a couple of years ago.  Again it has nothing at all to do with fracking. 

This problem is the result of sloppy drilling.  A poorly cemented well is at risk if the well is fracked or not.  These drilling techniques have been in use for a century.  There is no excuse and no tolerance for this kind of screw up which is completely independent of fracking. 

The same problem can occur when drilling for Hydrocarbons, Uranium, Potash, water, or even Geo-Thermal energy.  David Suzuki supports Geo-thermal and therefore Suzuki is fine with the minuscule risk of a botched well construction. 

If you like winning arguments with brainless leftard eco-nuts, fracking is the subject for you.  Every one of their objections to fracking can only be argued from the point of ignorance. 

I am not paid to tell you any of this.  I do it because I want my country to grow and prosper.  My child should have the same optimistic and bountiful future that we all were blessed with. 

Right now, I can look out my kitchen window and see a drilling rig gloriously steaming away in the brisk winter sunshine.  I get nothing from my local drilling rig other than a deep sense of satisfaction.  Let's replace NIMBY with PIMBY: Please In My Back Yard.  Eastern provinces have access to shale gas as well.  While there is no shortage of gas I still want to spread this bounty far and wide. 

Oil is found in the minds of men.  Find the treasure in your mind. 

A Threat To The Species

The amount of scientific and industrial illiteracy in so-called mainstream media is staggering some times.

Take CBC for example.  Their best news program is the Lang and O'Leary Exchange.  I watch it regularly as they cover stories that are actually important and O'Leary is always entertaining. 

Not too long ago Dianne Buckner was hosting for Amanda Lang and she got into it Kevin O'Leary about climate change once again.  It was the standard argument, but at one point Buckner stated that climate change was a "threat to the species!"

Hold on.  How so?  Dianne Buckner is a very smart cookie.  How does she go and say something ridiculous on air like that and get away with it?  The Human Species survived the Ice Ages with nothing more than sticks and pelts.  Civilization flourished during the Roman Warm Period and at least the Arabs did well during the Medieval Climate Optimum. It was warmer than today in both instances.  How is climate change in either direction going to threaten our species? 

She has obviously had this idea drilled into her mind over several years.  Its not just her either.  People hear nonsense like climate change is a threat to humanity and don't think twice.  This is the product of social engineering.  People have been socially engineered to except it as dogma and call people who don't agree all sorts of names. The names hurt far less than the fact that smart people will not apply a tiny bit of logic to their accepted wisdom.

Its a dangerous thing too.  Think of the evil done in the name of national security.  How about the evil done in the name of God?  Incredible evil can be done in the name of the species.  Now here we have environmentalists training smart people to think that their destructive tax and obstruction schemes are for the good of the species.  Nuts.

People need to be challenged on these nonsense axioms.  I recommend doing so gently.  Nobody likes to find out they are being stupid.  Reserve your contempt for the people who are terminally so.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ford Escort

Has anyone considered what happens to this woman if she is not an escort?
Jennifer Gordon (whose back is to the camera) and some friends ran into Mayor Rob Ford coming along a street near the Esplanade on St. Patrick's Day last year. Allegations have come out about his behaviour that night.

I read somewhere that her mom says she isn't.  She'll never be able to do much else now regardless.  Just another casualty in the carpet bombing of Rob Ford.  Nothing will stand between the grand city of Toronto and her proud dignity.  Not the Ford family and not random people in random photos. 

Is she a prostitute?  I have no idea really.  Maybe she was another extortion setup like the crack video itself. 

Ever seen the movie Trading Places?  Its a classic Christmas movie though its been buried since Obama became president.  In it, these old rich guys decide to totally ruin and destroy the life of a man played by Dan Akroyd.  They do everything to him.  They frame him as a thief, plant drugs on him, even send a prostitute out to embarrass him in front of his fiancĂ©.  (at the same time they elevate Eddie Murphy making it a double fish out of water Christmas story)  At least some of the Rob Ford story is like that. 

The video seen around the world of Ford in a drunken stupor seeming to make threats was actually him doing a wrestler impression around the time he was arm wrestling Hulk Hogan.  All is fair against Rob Ford I suppose (until he throws himself from his office window).  But this escort business could potentially destroy both his family and some random woman's life. 

Giving Rob Ford the benefit of the doubt has had worse than expected results.  Suddenly every allegation is plausible.  He's already admitted to smoking pot, crack and drunk driving.  Why not paying for sex?

This is what lost trust can do.  This is what "my word is my bond" is all about.  One lie and now nothing can be trusted. 

Yet he fights on.  His tenacity is admirable.  He wants the job and the ridicule of an entire world will not make him give it up.  Instead of counselling he's doing a TV show. 

Its unprecedented.  This is unknown political territory.  I can't predict the outcome of the Rob Ford saga.  Odds are that the train wreck will continue, but no embattled politician has ever been given a show before. 

I can't in good conscience support Rob Ford for any public office.  -but I also can't help cheering for him.   I hope he can battle his vices as hard as he battles to keep his job. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Canada Should Obtain Nuclear Weapons

I understand the small politics that will undermine Canada's national security.  This post is not concerned with what we will do but what we should do.

As we wallow in our media induced self loathing the world doesn't cease to turn.  The shadows are gathering and lengthening as the post American night approaches. 

In response to Iran's nuclear capability Saudi Arabia has reportedly sought nuclear weapons from Pakistan.  I believe this is the Saudi way of easing into the position of being a nuclear power.  The idea that nuclear weapons are on order isn't credible.  Look at a map and see what is smack in between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.  Iran isn't going to let a nuclear weapon that could be used against them just float past.  Saudi Arabia has the weapons now.  They wouldn't have said anything at all if they didn't have one already. 

Why is this happening?  America is weak.  Its not just about its weak and untrustworthy president.  Its military is weak.  Its economy is weak.  America seems as likely to turn on its allies as it is to surrender the field to its enemies.  Who can rely on American power for protection today? 

The Saudis certainly don't feel secure with American friendship and neither should we.

The decision by the US President to indefinitely delay the Keystone XL pipeline is effectively the same as a cancellation.  An enormous consumer of oil, this move highlights the irrational nature of that government to follow a philosophy of cutting off their nose to spite their face.  They lie to and spy on their own people, so we should expect no better.

Can we expect them to defend us from aggression?  What could we do if they decided to take a piece of Canada for themselves?  Lets say Southern Ontario below the 49th parallel?  Just a small piece.  They still half joke about doing just that.  They could make up any justification.  Global Warming can be drafted to excuse any dastardly action for example.  Perhaps we would become Poland in a World War 3 at best. 

The way to use a nuclear weapon is simply to have them, not detonate them.  The idea being that any aggression towards Canada would hurt the aggressor far more than anything they could possibly gain from it.  We can be sure that America isn't going to punish anybody on our behalf.

In a way nuclear weapons are a bit like gold.  You don't have to spend it, just have it.  The mere fact that you have gold in the vault allows you to issue paper backed by it.  A nuclear weapon in our vault would give significant backing to our diplomatic currency.  Canada's value as an eternal entity would further solidify.  India and Pakistan have managed to avoid using them on each other, so I'm sure we can manage these devices safely ourselves. 

With more and more dubious actors like Iran and North Korea in possession of nuclear weapons and our old nuclear ally the United States generally degrading in almost every way, Canada should at least consider becoming a nuclear power. 

We've had it easy during the American century.  Our foreign adventures of the past seem to have been a kind of trading of favors.  We help you now and you help us later.  We can't expect that to be honoured indefinitely.  Canada needs to start thinking about looking after its own security. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thank You Brad Wall. Abolish The Senate.

Brad Wall moved to abolish the senate today.  He explains it best:

Thank you Honorable Brad Wall.  You are the leader of the West and someone I would be very comfortable with as Prime Minister.  Best of luck to you and all of us.  May we abolish the Senate and have sober second hindsight by 2020.

Alberta Progressives Suck The Life From Taxpayers

In October Doug Griffiths went to PEI and gave a speech telling people that the oil industry "sucks the life out every other aspect of Alberta."  

Did you misunderstand him?  Of course not.  We understood just fine.  Everyone knows that Alberta's job prospects at 4.3% unemployment are a worker's market.  This can only be bad if you want workers more desperate for work and to pay them less.  Who's life is getting "sucked out" here?  The booming business owner making money hand over fist? They have to treat their employees well or they are gone?  How sad for them.

Doug thinks you heard him wrong though.  So Doug is going to clarify with:

"It's very difficult to hire people in hotels and restaurants or in arts and culture because they can't compete with the wages, which damages the other parts of your economy.

"It's better to have balance. And, you know, it happens to any community where one industry is dominant.

"Then when it's gone, you have nothing left."

This is what goes on in the heads of your elected government in Alberta.  He noticed he said something wrong so he calls it a Wildrose "smear" and then goes and says it again. 

Excuse me Minister Griffiths but extra people making extra money in our province is an inherently good thing.  The Oil Industry pays well.  Other companies and even the government also have to pay well in order to stay competitive.  They find ingenious ways to keep people that don't involve just money.  Employers are making the workplace a joy to be in and providing every other type perk and benefit you could ask for.  To Doug Griffiths this "damages your economy."

Why does this man have anything at all to do with our economy?  He's sees some of the best aspects of it as a detriment.  Up is down and down is up with progressives.  They have nothing to do with progress. 

There is more oil in the oil sands alone than all of the oil used by mankind to date.  Don't you worry your empty little head about the oil Doug.  You worry about the deficit.  What will you PCs do when the Sustainability Fund is gone and you've left us with nothing? 

I have a feeling the answer will be a life sucking PST.  The PC Party sucks the life out of Alberta.

Monday, November 4, 2013


I can't say I support Rob Ford without actually supporting him.  By that I mean its time to see someone about your addiction problem Mr. Ford.

The difference between addiction and casual use is that the addiction takes precedence over your own life.  An addicted person will purposefully make mistakes that degrade their quality of life to fill an irrational need.  Each mistake is cumulative and can for a time be balanced out with productive activity and the stored wealth of previous years of productive work.  Eventually though the balance is lost and an uncontrolled addiction will lead to a poor and lonely death.

I don't want this for Rob Ford.  I don't think anybody does. 

Wouldn't the Mayor have loved to be laughing and carrying on yesterday instead of apologizing?  Wouldn't he have loved to have proved all those vicious a-holes wrong and become a long adored legendary Mayor of Toronto?

He would have been like Winston Churchill (who also had his vices and enemies).  His round figure would have strode the streets of Toronto in bronze forever. 

Instead Rob Ford put a match to himself that nobody on the left could have arranged better.  These are the actions of an addict.

I don't think he should resign.  I think he needs help.

The drug war is useless.  It does not prevent addiction and it does not reduce crime.  I have no evidence Mayor Ford has done anything morally wrong.  When the Mayor publicly declares he's "smoked a lot" of pot, I believe him and appreciate his admission.  There are a great many people who will never admit as much for as long as they live.  Which is the better person: the fraudulent saints or the honest sinner? 

If anything Rob Ford's substance abuse has exposed hypocrisy on both the left and the right.  One cannot simultaneously hold that Rob Ford's drug use is reprehensible while at the same time lauding Trudeau for it.  Equally hypocritical is the exact opposite; those who support Rob Ford and condemn Justin Trudeau.  When it comes to drugs the only consistent positions are to either forgive Rob Ford and Justin Trudeau or revile them both.

I support Rob Ford.  I'm concerned for Rob Fords health and well being due to his obvious addiction(s).  I know some good hard working professional people who pay their taxes and follow the law but for the irrational drug laws.  All of those people quit using drugs when their employers began drug testing.  They don't agree with prohibition but obviously if they want the job with the big money they have a choice to make.  Addicts are people who can't control these choices. 

Rob Ford was well aware of the perils of the drug users lifestyle in his position as Mayor of Toronto.  I've already forgiven his drug use and drunkenness problems.  The necessary condition, for his own wellness, is to insist on some sort of addiction counselling.  Everyone loves a rise and fall story especially if they can rise again.  Make the comeback Mayor Ford.

Update:  Rob Ford has admitted to using crack. Lying is morally wrong but he has apologized for that too.  He doesn't admit to being an addict which can only mean more addict behavior.  My conditional forgiveness stands.  Seek help or you are sure to disappoint us again.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Dog That Caught The Car

Well Done CPC!  Well Done PM Harper.  Well done everyone.
  1. EU Free Trade Deal
  2. End of Long Gun Registry
  3. Getting Canada out of Recession
  4. Stopping the Coalition
  5. Strengthened Military
  6. Strengthened Laws

So what now?  Its a question I've been wondering for a long time now.  Years have gone by since the minority times.  I always trusted that the big brains in the high halls had some kind of plan.  

Its not that they weren't busy.  The EU Trade Deal took years of work to put together and it will take a few more years yet.  It's also a little boring not to mention practically in the bag.  People overwhelmingly support the deal.  There is so much support that even the usual liars are lying about supporting it.

Yawn.  The Base is bored.  We are the Dog that caught the car.  We want the thrill of the heroic challenges we faced down in the past.  We want to do the impossible again.  

In the absence of monumental goals what has filled the vacuum?  Senators and their chronic attendant scandals.  (if there was a 'spit in disgust' punctuation mark I would put it here.)  Like a creeping deadly mold the Senate corrupts all it touches.  That institution has resisted change for over a century.

Let's take down the Senate.  Lets do the impossible again and change the Senate forever.

In fact here is a list of desirable and impossible things the Party can get to work on:

  1. Reform the Senate
  2. Sell the CBC
  3. End all supply management
  4. Make a Taxpayer Bill of Rights 
    • No combination of governments may require a summation of taxes over 50% of any person's income,
    • May not tax naturally occurring molecules essential to life (a life tax)
  5. A National Energy Corridor Act 
    • to join all 3 coasts in specifically zoned energy corridors to facilitate the unimpeded transport of all forms of energy
  6. Legalize Private Health Care

I'm leaving 7 blank.  What would you like to see?

The key thing is that the government needs to get on with it.  Make some waves and take some risks.  We don't need to wait for the election.  We won the election already.  Do it now.

Its ironic that being paralyzed in fear of the next election increases the chance of losing it.  Elections are unpredictable things.  No one should harbor any illusions of the real possibility of losing the next one.

Carpe Diem.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Conservative Party Convention 2013 Keynote Speech by Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Watch it again right here.

The world's best leader today and Canada's best Prime Minister ever!  Go Canada! Go Harper!

Obama should spy on the Pope MORE

I disagree with Rand Paul.  Obama should listen to every word the Pope says.  Obama should spend every waking minute studying Pope Francis.

Rand Paul says "I don’t see any advantage to spying on a religious leader."  A religious leader is just another person and people generally shouldn't be spied on without cause.

Obama has a cause.  The President sucks. Nothing he knows is good, and so nothing he does is right.  What Obama has done wrong this time is fail to study the Pope enough.  He probably just paid one of his spooks to do it for him.

Rand Paul goes on to say that spying on the Pope is not in the National Interest of the US.  Normally yes, but for Obama it's vitally important for his nation that he study the Pope and perhaps more good people.  If Obama only listened to the Pope instead of Saul Alinsky the US and the world would be in a much better place than it is today.

Unfortunately, if Obama wanted to go to confession it would require a similar sized commitment on the Pope's part.