Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vote in The Coprolite Awards for COP-17

Fossils are cool.  I collect them.  They are geology, biology and paleontology cast into a physical, often beautiful, artifact.  The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller is a temple to my beliefs and a house of wonders and treasure. 
Fossil Bone Bed in Dinosaur Park

I'm quite proud that Canada receives fossil awards.  When you look at the eco-lobby that gives them out for ignoring them, it is quite a prize.  It would be very disappointing if we didn't get at least one.  A fossil award is something that every nation should strive for.

Make no mistake.  Environmentalist are solely lobbyists for an earth cult.  They produce nothing at all but complaints, propaganda and hyperbolic emotional fear campaigns.  There is no pleasing them even when appeasing them.  Money spent on these eco-lobby groups is utterly and ironically wasted.  Their only solution is socialism, which is their motivation in the first place. 

I do thank them for their cool awards however.  In return I'd like to establish the Coprolite Awards at COP-17.  A Coprolite is not a fossil.  Coprolites are lithified poop.  Like fossilized footprints they are not actual fossils.  Coprolites are preserved prehistoric animal turds.
Coprolite: Ewww

What better metaphor for the eco-lobby than ancient lithified poop?  Its perfect.  Global Warming being the ultimate pile of outdated bull crap where eco-hypocrite crusaders retain their defecated shape and nothing of their original ideal.  Fossilized crap has never in history deserved such recognition.

The Categories will be:
  • Grand Coprolite Nation: given to the Country that stands out for its righteous hand ringing and hypocrisy.
  • Coprolite-in-Chief: The top non-scientist who has made the most fantastical claims and money off of AGW.
  • Coprolite Wizard: The scientist who distinguishes themselves for activism, forgery, withholding data, and skewing results.
  • Coprolite Quisling: The politician who bows lowest to the eco-lobby.
  • Coprolite Cache: the stupidest and shrillest ENGO.
  • Tax Funded Coprolite Cache: The government organisation that spends the most tax money in order to raise the taxes of its citizens. 
I'm open to ideas on other categories I may have missed.  Perhaps a lifetime achievement coprolite.
I'm also open to nominations for each of the awards.  Vote for each category on the left and leave any suggestions below. Put Durban in the dirt bin like all the other expensive hypocritical climate junkets.
Coprolite jewlery is not glamorous

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Basis for Atheist Conservative Partnership

The basis for atheist conservative cooperation is liberty.  Core conservative values include Free Markets, Security and Defence, Personal Liberty, Nationalism, and the Rule of Law.  Personal Freedom includes freedom of religion or lack thereof.  The same values protect the rights of atheists as they do the rights of the faithful.  We all want the same thing.  Freedom.

There is no reason for any conflict between atheism and conservative values, even those of social conservatives.  The faithful believe that rights and freedoms come from God directly.  There is no government or even a religious official that can revoke the rights of a Human Being.  Freedom is divine.

The thinking atheist, ones who take the time to think about the nature of freedom, knows that rights and freedoms are inherent to Human life.  There is no government or scientist that can revoke the rights of a Human Being.  Freedom is Human.

The theological and philosophical debate as to the existence of God should not have any bearing on policy or politics at all.  The true God would never revoke the free will and divine rights of humans.  A non-existent God will never be able revoke the free will and divine rights of humans.   Effectively the atheist conservative and the conservative believer have the same position on liberty whether God exists or not.

The left wing view is that rights come from government.  They replace God with government and submit to the dictates of men with power.  A right can't be over ruled by definition.  Rights are not rights if they are subject to the approval of others.  Rights supersede laws, opinions or policy.  The idea that rights come from government is internally inconsistent like so many ideas on the left.

The conflict between many atheists and conservatives also comes from the left.  Too many atheists enjoy a feeling of superiority that enables them to belittle and insult believers.  The main target of this branch of atheism is social conservatism.  This has been the case since Marx called religion the "opiate of the masses."  Extreme socialist regimes have adopted atheism primarily to take power from religions and to encourage the same sort of intolerant superiority that pervades the left today.  Left wing atheists are tools of the left.  They mobilize one group against the other to further their socialist agenda.

Left wing atheists typically ignore those believers who think the job of government is to enforce the social moors that come from religion.  Take the blind leftist support of totalitarian Islamists over freedom loving Jews in the middle east as a prime example.  Atheists are free in Israel while they can be murdered or executed in most of the middle east.  What other word than 'tool' can be used to describe a left wing atheist.  A person turned against themselves for no better reason than their political faction is allied against people they locally dislike.

Left wing atheists have been marshaled into war with social conservatives for a long time.  Now is no different.  Religion is not the enemy.  Overbearing government is the enemy of all humanity.  Conservative atheists have a responsibility to turn other atheists back to liberty through solid reasoning.  They also have the responsibility to defuse the tension created by the left towards all atheists.  Believers are good, hard working, intelligent and freedom loving people.  They deserve respect even while we might respectfully disagree on the remote yet fundamental aspects of nature. 

A excellent lecture on Ayn Rands Theory of Rights by Objectavist Craig Biddle can be viewed below.  He has a corresponding essay that goes deeper into the ideas here.  

Ayn Rand was a great atheist and philosopher who discovered and put into language what many atheists already believe but are unable to express.   Religion has had thousands of years to refine their arguments while the atheist awakening is still rather new.  Not enough time has been spent by atheists on the questions of rights and morality resulting in many minds lost to socialism. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Alberta is strong and free for now

Alberta has improved its economic freedom as of 2009 says a Fraser Institute report.  Thanks to Obama the rest of North America has fallen, leaving Alberta in first place.

We even beat Rick Perry's Texas.

While I'm sure the Redford government is clinking champagne glasses and patting backs over this, all I can do is face palm.  Why?  Because this is it.  Alberta is now (or was in '09) the best part of the best part of the world.  There is no grass that is greener anywhere.

The Author of the report said "the biggest thing is that the United States’ jurisdictions have been trending down."  It's as if we are the flotsam left after a great ship sank.  I'm happy for Alberta but sad for the ship, sad for the world.

The Redford government days ago floated the idea of a provincial sales tax.  Part of the consideration for economic freedom is taxation.  Higher taxes allow bigger governments, which would negatively impact our standing on this important measure. 

It is clear that Allison Redford brings the wrong kind of change to Alberta.  -The change that brought down the western world.  They aren't just resting on their laurels, they are actively working to discard them.  Redford had nothing but praise for Ontario's McGuinty policies last week which scores 49th out of 60 on the economic freedom index.  It's those policies that are currently wrecking the economy of central Canada.  It's McGuinty's policy that has driven them into 'have-not' status.  

Many people, including myself, chose Alberta as their home for precisely the reasons that Alberta won the top spot in the economic freedom report.  You could turn this report upside down and say that Alberta scores last in socialism (thank goodness).

The Redford PCs best ideas are about increasing government scope.  Socialism.  They don't care if we beat Delaware by a little or a lot.  They don't care about our economic freedom at all.  For them its about short term power, and they plan to bribe us with our own money to keep it. 

Wildrose does care about personal and economic freedom.  Wildrose does not plan to top the freedom index by watching everyone else lose theirs.  Leadership of the free world may have fallen into our lap by default, but it won't stay there by overspending like a Red Tory.  Alberta should be looking at ways to enhance our economic freedom and the Wildrose Party are the only ones able to do this.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

F-bombs and stuff

So Putz Martin tweeted some foul language.  There should be some conduct unbecoming of an elected official bylaw I suppose but why give parliament the excuse to commission a gold plated swear jar?

It just shows what we all knew about the pond scum already.  Putz Martin is a classless douchbag, about as smart as a bag of hammers with about half the character.  Nobody is surprised, but we sure like to talk about it.

I learned a long time ago.  Don't put anything in writing you don't want anyone to see.

Back in grade 5 I thought it would be funny to write a juvenile parody of Twas the night before Christmas.  It made me laugh.  My teacher, a very Christian man involved with the Knights of Columbus, did not appreciate my humor at all.  I think we were asked to write a Christmas poem.

Anyway, I got an F and letter home.  The F was for funny as far as I was concerned.  I could care less.

The letter home though was very very unfunny.

My Father never hit me.  Mom would break wooden spoons over my insolent bum.  Dad though used to say "if you ever make me mad enough to hit you, you'll be sorry."  I believed him.  I never crossed that line, but looking back I suppose he didn't either.      

This time though Dad was very upset.  It wasn't about blasphemy or vulgarity or making a farce out of my teacher's holy assignment.  That was Mr. KofC's problem.  It was hard evidence that I was an idiot.  Undeniable.  My Dad made it very clear that I was a stupid idiot fool.  He had the physical proof by my own hand with my own signature.  I could only agree.

I've taken this lesson to heart.  I swear and curse as much as the next guy, but I will never publicly lower myself to writing that's fit only for a bathroom stall.  I'm better than that.  My readers should be proud to admit they've graced my site. (thank you reader)

People like Bill Maher think cussing is some kind of high art.  Making your point as strongly as you feel it without resorting to sexual or excretory ultra cliches is the real challenge.  Common language is common and because its common its opposite of any kind of talent or skill.

Putz Martin's twitter account is nothing but a bathroom stall.  An Occupy bathroom stall provided by hardworking taxpayers to people who would otherwise defecate in the street like animals.  A filthy place, only to be visited if inescapably necessary.  That's Pat Martin, member for Winnipeg Center..  It suits him well.       

Redford and McGuinty: peas in a pod

Awe aren't they cute?  Just look at this picture.
Two Liberal politicians chatting by the fire.  Tax money can conveniently go up in flames any time they choose.  It's good to be Premier. 

Alison Redford went to Ontario.  She went there to learn a few tricks from the master.  The master being the same guy who sent ministers to Copenhagen to bad mouth Alberta and generally make Canada look bad. (link)  You remember those dinks Quebec and Ontario sent right?  All the same people are still in government.

All you have to do is say some progressive jargon and its all water under the bridge.

"We are a mosaic of peoples, regions and interests and we have always celebrated this diversity." (link) Wow huh?  Steyn's leftist keywords uttered by our own Premier.  It really is a Liberal government we've got here.  She even spoke of a "National Energy Strategy."  Because one National Energy Program wasn't enough.

I said before that Redford belonged in Ontario and there she is rubbing elbows with the biggest failure since Bob Rae. 

When you have a permanent deficit, you are a failure.  You are taxing the future when you spend more than you earn.  There is no magic in this.  There is no flowery progressive platitudes that are going change this.  There is no amount of 'coming together to establish a dialog in the cultural mosaic spirit to celebrate diversity' that is going to change the laws of mathematics so you can spend more than you earn forever.  Something has got to give.  All over Canada, we are sick of being the ones giving it up all the time. 

Voters know this, even if politicians don't.   

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My one and only face to face run-in with Joe Clark

Joe Clark!  That proud old progressive wind bag who couldn't hold a minority parliament together for more than 9 months and actually sided with the Liberal Party over the Reform Party.  The template Red Tory and benefactor, mentor and inspiration to Alison Redford. 

We only met once and I don't care to repeat the encounter.

It was cold. So very cold that day.  Liberals were in power.  The West was out.   Klein was in.

Downtown Calgary was a deserted windswept canyon of polished stone and glass.  I was a broke student, on my way to the Y to workout.

I exited the LRT and was immediately blasted with blowing -40 Celsius.  I'm not really into windchill.  It just seems like hyperbole to me.  "Holy jump'n its -80 C with windchill!"  That really means nothing to me.  Wind changes and is especially unpredictable amid the tall buildings.  I want to know the real temperature.  I expect wind.  Its winter.  How cold would it be if I hid in a car without the engine running?  That's what the daily "High" is all about.  Its the best temperature you can expect for the day.  

Any temperature below -20 is kind of irrelevant.  -20 or -40 is just too damn cold.  A high of -40 will literally freeze your eyelids shut.  When you make it back indoors, the vitreous fluid in your eyeballs stays cold for a few minutes.  It's an odd feeling.  Your circulatory system regulates your body temperature among other things but it doesn't interact with your vitreous humor.  You can't feel your vitreous humor, its just a space with fluid in it.  You can feel the heat lost form the little blood vessels all around your eye.  Once your fingers and toes stop burning, a perceptive person will realize their eyes are cold.

There I was in that kind of weather.  I started down 3rd street.  The Y was 7 blocks away.  I walked the first block and then I started running.  It was a simple decision, less time in the cold, more heat generated by the activity, and I was heading to the gym for exercise anyway.

I'm running along, breathing hard, tears streaming down my face.  Eyelids sticking shut with every blink.  I stop at a stop light on 4th Avenue.  I know.  I'm a well trained citizen.

Standing there at the light with his wife (I presume) and decked in fine furs was Joe Clark.  There was Joe Clark sneering at me.   

'F--k you,' I thought and jaywalked (ran) across the road then all the way to the gym.

Not much of a meeting, but I'll never forget it.  Whenever I think of Joe Clark or progressives in general I see that sneering elite in furs judging me.

Smashing the progressive disease is not only good for the country and good for the whole world.  It's good for all of us as individuals.  Had I never run into Joe Clark, I would still do my best to stamp out progressive attitudes and ideas wherever their ugly specter rises.  There is a personal satisfaction in it for me however.
Vitriolic Humour

Those professional politicians that kiss babies for the camera's but sneer at random people on the street, their day is gone.  Their wordy nap-inducing pacifying verbal hypnosis is utterly meaningless.  We know them now.  We can spot progressives; smell them from around the corner before they even come into view.  What are these sneering progressive elites but Liberals who've convinced themselves they are too good for Liberals?  They might be fine bankers or whatever, but snobs like these should never have the wheel of public office for long.  Like a self serving taxi driver, they won't take us where we really want to go and leave us with a huge bill when its over.    

Albertans are PST

Pissed off with Alberta's Progressive Party?  You aren't the only one.  Liepert floated the idea of a Provincial Sales Tax (PST) today.  This isn't the first time either.  We all know what the left wing party that governs Alberta is itching to raise taxes.  They can't turn around without stepping in their own poop because they are full of it.  Political speak for this sort of thing is a "trial balloon."  Basically they dip their toes in water to see if they can swim.

Albertans do not want a PST.  Albertans have already been humbled by this governments inefficiency compared to other  provinces and its unprecedented deficit.  Now they want a new tax.  

How many public sector unions does Redford intend to buy off?  Anyone with two or more brain cells to rub together can figure out that if the PC's hang on to power through the next election, we will get a PST.  No two ways about it.

Danielle Smith asked us this morning: "What do you think of the Redford Tories proposal for a provincial sales tax?"

My Answer:  "I think I want to knock every door in Alberta to tell them there is a way out."

You better believe it.  I didn't move here so Ontario's disease could follow me.  Not on my watch!

The next trial balloon will involve filling in the Alberta Badlands by levelling Alberta's Rocky Mountains I'm sure.  Isn't that fair?  Isn't that how progressives think after all?  That's the PC way these days.  We should all be made to write a $400 check to Premier Redford right now.  Call it a Prosperity Penalty.  Alberta advantage hah!  Not with this dead weight in our provincial government.  

Monday, November 14, 2011

Off the chart stupidity in Obama Nation

Obama is a total train wreck.  Obama's incompetence strains the English language to find adequate the word to define it.   Stupid?  Idiotic?  Moronic? Idealist?  Timid?  Wrong-headed?  Clueless?  Obama is all those things, but more so.  It's not enough to call him stupid.  The moron freezing his loser butt off in an open sewer that was once a city park tonight, that's stupid.  Obama takes it to a whole other level.

This is the kind of stupidity that lends half a billion to negative cash flow companies like Solyndra for a flawed ideology at best, and/or to give heavy Obama campaign donor George Kaiser a bailout at worst.  That bad loan was in turn loaned to the US with no realistic plan to pay for it.  Some unborn tax payer was sold as a slave to Obama's political cronies.   

Why does he and his administration need to think so hard about the Keystone XL pipeline?  It's a "no brainer," said Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a man known for his wise strategic decisions.  Obama's eco-nut base is so fickle that Obama is afraid to lose them in the upcoming election over this.  He would stand to lose a lot of campaign money and a host of volunteers.  The Keystone XL and its tens of thousands of permanent American jobs will have to wait until after the election.  Those workers can go camp in a city park or something.  The only thing important to Obama is campaign donations from the special interests that own him. They are the special interests that made him.

This campaign cash gain to Obama comes at the expense of real revenue at a time when the US needs it the most.  The US deficit is 1.3 trillion!  US Unemployment is at 9.1%!  

I suppose he really does think Americans are stupid.  Never mind Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Canadian oil indecision, snubbing friends, groveling to enemies, and the trillions spent with nothing to show for it.  Nah.  All America really needs is a slick 2012 election campaign and all will be well.  Obama needs to continue to nap in the Oval Office and golf.  That is all that really matters to the administration.    It's not their money after all.

The leftards are right about America.  America does suck.  They should know, they did it.  They are doing it.  They, the left, is responsible for the hole America is in.  Mark Steyn pointed out the on Sun News the other day that all this play money comes from China, and the US still gives millions in foreign aid back to China.  What a deal!  Take a bow progressives.  You have really out done yourselves on that one.

America is insane, completely insane.  Not Americans, the people, but the United States is crazy.  Spending like there is no tomorrow and turning away good jobs.  If a person acted like the US they would be locked up.  Progressives have talked all the sense completely out of politics and pat themselves on the back for it.  The entire western world is sick with this Progressive/Liberal/Socialist/Marxist disease we can aggregate as The Left. 

Stupid can't begin to describe the Obama administration.  The word is just too soft for the insanity unleashed by this community organizer and his pack of Marxists.  This little rant started with my inability to concisely state the scale of the Obama administration's stupidity in one word, but I think I've found it.  Obama is Leftist.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Occupy LOL Street

Happy Friday!  As snow descends on Calgary in big beautiful conglomerate flakes, I thought I'd share some funny-but-true graphics I picked up from occupylolstreet.com.

This Venn diagram will help you understand what makes Occupy Wall Street tick.  It wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't so true.
Next up.  A typical occupy child of privilege.

hahaha!  So good.... and true.

I've never been so happy to see snow!  I hope our set of occupy wastrels are becoming well acquainted to life without fossil fuels.   I've been winter camping.  Its not as fun as it sounds.  Its going to be a long cold winter my little numb skulls. 

Periods of snow. Amount 5 cm. Wind north 20 km/h becoming light this afternoon. Temperature steady near minus 9.
Periods of snow ending near midnight then cloudy. Amount 2 cm. Low minus 10.