Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Put Aside Partizanship for the Pipeline

Canada is united in the quest to build the Keystone XL pipeline.  Alberta is also united.  All of us wish the best of luck and success to Premier Redford in getting KXL approved.  I'd like to see all parties and all levels of government doing their utmost to get it done.

Now is not the time to be Liberal or Conservative, Wild Rose or Progressive.  We are all Canadians and we all have a stake in getting this pipeline built.  Billions are lost annually in government revenue alone and that is just a percentage of the actual output of the economic engine of the country. 

The Avro Arrow debacle coloured the perception of Canadians toward Americans for a generation.  The KXL question makes the whole Avro Arrow legend look like an overblown pipsqueak of a dirty trick in comparison. 

Back then we understood American motivations.  Now?  You can deal with a stable adversary but an unstable ally is dangerous even to himself.  The KXL is so obviously in America's own interest that their hesitation boggles the mind.  If national borders were continental plates then a third rejection of KXL will be a tectonic shift in our relationship. 

Each and every objection from the eco-nut movement is groundless.  Each objection is based on ignorant pejorative exaggerations towards a purely symbolic and ineffective end.  They shall not contain The Oilsands nor does our Ethical Oilsands need to be contained at all.

Even now the Obama administration struggles not with their dismal economy or international relations, but with which set of client special-interests, the unions or the eco-nuts, will have to take the medicine.  It's appalling and pitiful. 

Luckily I'm not on CAPP's diplomatic mission.

Allison Redford went to Washington Sunday with CAPP to try help and get KXL approved.  She also wrote an op-ed in USA Today.  I applaud her efforts.

During the Alberta election debate there was an infamous moment where a question about climate change was asked.  Danielle Smith fell into the trap saying "the science isn't settled."  Oops.  Dog whistle.  While the science is far from settled, politicians need to realize that this is a religious question and should be treated as one.  You don't go and say there is no Santa just because there isn't one.  You say: "Climate Change is absolutely real and we should do everything we can to deal with it" or something like that.  Not a single lie in that statement but most leftards won't catch on and the ones who do will only sound silly trying to warn the others.  Baby steps my friends.

Getting back to the point: as a result of the question Redford implied that a Progressive is best suited to talk to the leftish people blocking the KXL pipeline.  I was hoping KXL would be approved on day one of a Romney presidency and enjoy a glorious return to prosperity for the world. 

That however was not in the cards and so here we are with plan B.  Its showtime Redford.  Lay that progressive newspeak on thick.  Peter Kent is doing an excellent job as well and so is John Baird.  All of you keep the pressure on, opposition politicians included.  Everybody heave together.  We'll remember who doesn't.  There is going to be hell to pay if this deal fails.   

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Misanthropy in Environmentalism

Misanthropy: a hatred of the human race.

Try that word out.  Its here.  Its inside the environmental movement and its dangerous to our health.

Last weekend the misanthropic eco-nut cult held a Blackout Rally in Washington.  Only 5,000 people showed up.  One of them was honest enough to speak his mind to the Light Brigade.

This man wants blackouts.  He wants to get rid of all the roads and all the cars because he thinks they are an existential threat to the planet.  The planet and our civilization cannot co-exist in the minds of many environmentalists.

Not all of them are like that.  The groupies who haven't really thought it through are in there too.  A great many have picked up the misanthropic ques from the leaders and are actively against the human race. 

The guy in the video above is not some freak that just showed up.  He is typical.  I've met people like him and debated them.

Usually it starts when someone you just met says something silly like "they should just ban combustion altogether."  An ridiculously untenable statement like that is easily destroyed.  That is when you start getting truth.  They will tell you that the benefit of mankind is not their interest and therefore their argument stands.

"But millions would die of disease and starvation," is a common response to an eco-nut statement.  The misanthrope will invariably respond with: "good.  Mankind is a blight and a scourge on the earth and there are too many of us to begin with."

Bang.  Eco-fascist.  Think about what they actually mean by that.  This is the goal and moral underpinning of the misanthropic eco-nut.  They won't be committing suicide as a member of the human race because they have a dual purpose:
  1. spread misanthropy and
  2. end the human species. 
When you get to that point with someone smile.  You've won.  Tell them so.  "Ha! I win!"

Misanthropes are antagonistic to the human race.  They are everyone's enemy including themselves.  They are the enemy of all of your ancestors, all of the descendants of your ancestors, and all of your descendants yet to be born. 

There can be no greater cause than the defence of mankind.  There is no moral authority higher than the safety and benefit of mankind.  The continued existence of the human species negates any other considerations.  Mankind's dominance over nature must be upheld by all means we possess else we cannot guarantee our species imperative: to exist.

The only way to accept a misanthropic viewpoint into society would be for the misanthropes to sterilize themselves.  What followers they convert can also choose to voluntarily become sterile.  No one can be involuntarily sterilized or killed to reduce the population.

People think that evolution has stopped.  Instead of evolving better eyes because only people with perfect eyes are left to reproduce, we simply make eye glasses.  Everyone survives thanks to our industrial society.  Hooray!

Evolution doesn't stop in times of plenty.  It begins to experiment with all kinds of plentiful variations.  Some dance and sing.  Others unlock the secrets of the universe.  Each individual is a unique expression of the human genome.  Each one may hold the key to survival when or if the times of plenty come to an end.  Whatever variation of human makes it through the next bottleneck becomes the new human archetype.

Look at David "Dr. Fruit fly" Suzuki talk about overpopulation here (yes those are really his hands).

Videos like that are how progressives become misanthropes.  What is a progressive but a paternalistic self-appointed manager of society. 

Presented with the false problem Suzuki gives, progressives and environmentalists take it upon themselves to be the next bottleneck.  A bottleneck is a calamity for a species.  They see it as inevitable and so what else is there for them to do but manage and enforce a decline.

Even if they succeed its totally irresposible to purposefully reduce the population.  Nobody knows what the next real bottleneck is.  If we end up with nothing but metrosexuals can we be sure humanity will survive the next challenge at all?

It's hard to say whether our current downward trajectory is the result of purposeful social engineering taken by progressives to reduce the population and its attendant economy.  It would be nice if Suzuki and people like him would stop thinking about humans as if they were maggots or bacteria.  Do progressives have a hand in making kids more trouble than they are worth to a lot of people?  I think they do.

Either way they hate humanity.  Excommunicated Greenpeace Founder and Doctor of  Ecology Patrick Moore coined the the phrase "Anti-human" to describe misanthropy in environmentalism.  I conclude with a clip of  Dr. Moore explaining anti-human environmentalism.  Its real and its working against your own life.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Of Pipelines and Trains

One of the most glaring examples of environmental foolishness comes from the Keystone XL question. Because the pipeline is stalled for political reasons, oil from the Oil Sands has had to be shipped by train.

I do not consider myself a genius yet people who don't intuitively understand that pipelines are more reliable than cars on a rail make me feel like one. I say 'intuitive' because many people just take one look at a pipeline and know that its better than a train without any need to comment on it or explain it. Too often the mistake of reasonably intelligent people is to assume that other people are also reasonably intelligent.

It should be obvious to any but the severely miseducated among the left that pipelines are:
  1. safer
  2. cheaper
  3. cleaner

Pipelines are Safer

The simplest way to put it is that there are fewer moving parts and therefore fewer things that can go wrong. The pipe is installed, tested, inspected on a regular basis and thats it you've got a pipeline. Anything that can go wrong with a pipeline can also go wrong with a rail line. Mud slides, Earthquakes, sabotage, the risks are all the same.

Tanker cars add another level of complexity to the system. Now you have to worry about mechanical failure of the car at a number of points. The wheels, the axles, brakes, taps, hatches, battens, the scheduling that keeps rails cars from colliding, all of that adds to the risk of potential failure of the system as a whole.

Plenty of people ride trains every single day. Its hard to drive this message home since people have complete trust in trains just as they should. People spills are much worse than oil spills yet they do happen. Since people are discreet units they simply can't be transported by pipe. (duh -but if you could move people by pipe you know it would be superior to rail)

Forgive me if this is a "no brainer" to you but some people really need it spelled out for them. People who can understand the world at a glance just don't become eco-nuts. Let me try to put it differently for their sake.

Most people live in a house with plumbing. You are probably surrounded by pipelines right now. You have pipes for hot water, cold water, rain water, gas, sewage, central air, central vac, even the cables for your electricity are bundled into conduit pipes. Now try to imagine that instead of hot water running through pipes to your shower head in the morning you have a model train in your walls bringing you hot water by the tank.

How well do you suppose that would work? Think it can be done cheaper and as hassle free as your existing network of plumbing? How about your little poop train running under the floors? Are you going to clean it and inspect it constantly, because one mishap means you've got a load of poop where you don't want it.
The Model Railroad Toilet

Pipelines are Cheaper

Pipelines don't require high maintenance for the cars and the tracks and the locomotives. Not to mention the people needed to drive the locomotives, run the rail system and load and unload the liquid cargo. They all need large paychecks and benefits or they will shut the system down on us. Tank cars also crowd the rail system adding even more to the cost of all goods moved by rail.

Don't kid yourself.  They will charge what they have to charge and you are the one who ends up paying.

Fuel costs money and locomotives burn much more fuel than a pump houses. Pump houses are static structures so they can be connected right into the grid.

Pipelines are Cleaner

Along with the cost of fuel mentioned above come the "environmental costs." Its all bullcrap of course. Carbon is not pollution. There is much more rock solid evidence that CO2 is plant food than there is this about this cult of carbon doom that consistently misses its own doomsday predictions. I include this only to show that eco-nuts are internally inconsistent in their eco-nuttery.

The opposition to Keystone is supposed to be about the evil carbon intensity of the Oil Sands. Why would eco-nuts force the necessary transport of oil through a mode of transportation that is more carbon intensive? I haven't even spoken about the increased risk of a spill from all those extra points of contact. It makes no sense.

These people don't know anything about anything. They are easily duped walking talking bags of pure emotion. Reason is a dirty word to these people. They dimly understand that Reason leads to losing the argument so they instinctively will shout, scream, wave silly signs and do anything to avoid discussion.

Approving Keystone

The other day Obama gave his SOTU speech. He spoke about attracting investments in infrastructure, in a so-called "Partnership to Rebuild America." (so what happened to the last push for infrastructure? Didn't get it done?) The Keystone XL pipeline defiantly falls into the infrastructure category. He also claimed to support "modern pipelines to withstand a storm." One hopes this includes storms of eco-bullcrap that have twice wrecked the KXL pipeline already.

Even today Eco-nuts are holding a Blackout Rally in Washington. 5,000 mindless blades of astro-turf were bused in completely unaware of the miracle of affordable internal combustion that made it possible.

Encouragingly media coverage of the event seems sparse. We've seen this movie already. The "legitimate" media as Biden calls it, is firmly in the tank for Obama. The President who can do no wrong shall not be criticized from the right or the left or anywhere. It sets the stage for an approval of KXL because the leftist media complex excels at nothing more than political theater. Even they sorely need the economic good news that approving KXL will bring for the news itself rather than the economic good for its own sake.

UPDATE: Reliable sources on the ground dispute the size of the astro-turf.  Huffpo pegged it at 40,000 but the actuall number is 5,000 shivering morons.  Post has been updated to reflect reality.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fractured Thinking From The NDP

Mulcair came out of hiding yesterday and he seemed extra grumpy about the boon to mankind known as fracking.  He even cited the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) to back him up.  Have a look.

Dear me those are some tough questions.  Shall I spoil it?  Would you like to know what is Frack Fluid?  I'll save it for later.  NDP righteous indignation is something to savor.  Its not exactly the Colonels secret sauce but trade secrets are the issue here not the environment.

There's something else that Mulcair said that is more troubling.  "The number of fracking wells accross Canada is expected to double by 2020," thundered the anti-development NDP leader.  (How horrible! /sarc)

When the NDP acts alarmed at the doubling of drilling and fracing activity, its because they don't want any activity.  They see it as inherently wrong to grow an industry.

I might remind some of you that every single well drilled anywhere today is fracked.  They have been fracking wells for over 60 years and regularly for almost 40 years.  

The only difference between then and now is the horizontal aspect and its corresponding multistage fracking techniques.  "Packers" basically seal off segments of the horizontal section and hydraulically (using water pressure for the morons) fracture the zone as if it were a regular old vertical well.  No extra pressure.  Negligible extra water.


Every well is fracked for the same reason that almost every well is now horizontal and fracked.  Wells are expensive to drill.  Fracking increases production from the zone and horizontal drilling hits more of the zone than a vertical well could.  Its pretty simple. 

Even simplicity can be a problem when it comes to these eco-tards.  The diagrams above for example have been significantly dumbed down.  They are more like schematics that allow a total novice to quickly wrap their minds around it.  They are not to scale!

You've probably already encountered a know-nothing activist who's been taken in by a pamphlet with similar diagrams.  My goodness that's like 100 meters below your garden!   Look at the size of those cracks! They must cause earthquakes! (lol)

Ok, first the fracking itself.  These are hairline fractures they are creating.  They use sand grains (proppant) to lodge into and hold the cracks open once they let the pressure off.  Got it?  No earthquake was ever caused by a tiny crack a kilometer below the surface. 

Now the scale.  Here is a chart of very tall man made structures for some perspective. 

Some Perspective

See that pyramid?  Its only 150 meters tall.  Somewhere between the Eiffel Tower and the Great Pyramid is where they would drill their "Surface Casing."  By law they stop there to "Case" (install permanent 1/4" thick steel pipe) and cement it to the surrounding rock. 

Even if they stop there, they have already surpassed any drinkable aquifer by over 100 meters.  Oilmen have been doing this part for over a century.  Only drilling down to the equivalent height of the Burj Khalifa do they begin to turn into the horizontal (the kickoff point).  It still takes several hundreds of meters to "land" or bend drill pipe enough that its drilling horizontal.

Every well is different but its typical to see wells ~1km or ~1.5km of true vertical depth.  I can't think of anything that can compare to this depth.  A wall of rock 1.5km thick could stop a nuclear bomb.  It would take a planet killer meteor strike to unearth those depths.  Plans to store nuclear waste underground don't even come close to this. 

It's another planet down there.  Its hot: ~200 degrees Celsius in any weather.  Its wet: the inland sea that used to cover much of Canada is still down there with the ancient lithified reefs, sand bars, and mud banks.  Its brackish: the salt is still there along with a soup of other minerals that dissolve a lot more readily at that temperature, pressure and eons in the dark. 

In fact it isn't much different than the fracking fluid.  That is the big secret.  Brackish water is used for fracking.  They do use some small amounts of addatives to tailor the fluids properties to match the specific geology of the zone.  They can make the fluid more or less viscous or acidic or resistant to changes in Ph (buffers).  The really exciting stuff can make the fluid less viscous at low pressure and more viscous at high pressure.  This allows it to flow easily at the surface where you want it to flow and push against the rock at depth where you want it to fracture. 

The Human mind is the greatest resource.  I love humanity. 

Waste water is recycled for fracking again and again.  Did you think they left it in the ground?  Once the well is fracked the pressure is reversed (duh!).  Oil, water, condensate, all of it goes back up the well bore.  Condensate floats on oil and oil floats on water so when they start producing water they know the well is "dry".

Once fracking is finished all the fluid is carted away to a treatment plant to remove anything that affects the fracking equipment.  Nobody will ever drink this water.  Its cleaned up to the extent that it can be used again in the next well.  Dissolved Iron is one example nuisance that has to be removed before re-use. 

All this is done in farmers fields with bored cattle looking on.  They are there and then they are gone.  A well is being fracked not 2 minutes from where I sit in my home right now.  I am not a gambling man.  I have absolute trust that my life and those of my loved ones and neighbors and all our dreams and fortunes are safe from these routine tried and tested operations.  These operations allow us all to live healthier wealthier lives together and have done so for decades. 

Doesn't it strike you as just a little odd, that when peak oil is a distant concern, and clean burning natural gas is abundant and cheap, that suddenly fracking becomes the next global warming?  Do me a favor?  Next time one of these ignorant closet Marxist green cultist pukes tries to "raise your awareness" make them aware they should go pound oil sand.

Monday, February 4, 2013

America, your decline is showing.

You would expect that the biggest night of the year in sports would include full power to the lighting system.  A power outage 34 minutes long occured in the second half of the XLVII Superbowl yesterday. 

Superbowl XLVII
It used to be that only female clothing accidentally goes off at a Superbowl.  This however is Obama's America. 

In Obama's America they can't even keep the lights on.  Entergy is the company that provided power to the Superbowl until they didn't.  They boast about catching farts for the planet specifically for the Superbowl on thier website.

When you dig deeper you find out that they are funding a faraway farm to literally burn bullcrap for electrcity.  Somehow this "offsets your carbon footprint" for a Superbowl free of eco-guilt.  What a steaming load of bull.  What kind of crap morality requires that a person burn poop as they burn fuel? 

What use is a power company that spends its resources providing free electricty to some farmer while paying customers sit in the dark?  This is the decline. 

So what is next for the fart catchers?  What else can they diminish besides the Superbowl?

The Eco-nuts are planning a "Blackout Rally" on February 17th in Washington.  The Sierra Club and are a few of the organizations that will be there asking for increased general poverty.  These fanatics have openly called for large scale reductions (95%) in nuclear, hydroelectric, and fossil fuel consummption with no viable replacement.

Power outages would be common place if these organizations ever succeeded.  Power outages would be the default while things like Superbowls would just fade away.  Who would buy the products in those expensive commercials?  Who could afford to run a television?  How would they even light up the Stadium?

These eco-nuts are anti-civilization, anti-life, and anti-mind.  They are anti-human.  They must be opposed.  Some fearless and intelligent people are doing just that.  Alex Epstien will be there with a counter movement.  He's calling it The Light Brigade.  Thanks to people like him, I actually look forward to these events.