Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Iggy Salivates over Harpers Statesmanship

I was amused to hear Iggy whine about the Prime Minister today.  Stephen Harper went to Haiti to inspect and facilitate the relief effort there.  This relief effort would not have been possible had the Liberal "decade of darkness" continued. 

Specifically Iggy tried to appeal to his supposed Igg-head audience saying:

“Every time Mr. Harper gets within a mile of Canadian military equipment, he takes a swipe at the Liberal Party. It’s like Pavlov’s dog”
 You might recall that Pavlov did experiments on dogs using a metronome.  He would introduce a stimulus (the 'bell' or metronome) at the same time as delivering food.  The dogs would salivate anticipating the food.  Repeating this situation, Pavlov discovered what is now called Classical Conditioning.  When he started the metronome the dogs would salivate, having learned that food is coming.

What the heck this high browed ivory tower elitist is talking about?  Who is stimulating and who is reacting here?  The military equipment is there because Stephen Harper procured that equipment and then sent it to Haiti.  What did Iggy do?  Whine.

There is a pattern here.  Conservatives govern, Liberals whine.  Stimulant, learned response. 

The funny part is that Iggy is talking to his people about Pavlov.  He is talking to the intelligentsia base that is supposed to be made of unwavering Liberals.  Either he doesn't know what Pavlov was about or he thinks his audience doesn't know.  Its probably both, but that crowd would be happy if a real dog was appointed Liberal Leader.

If you can learn any lesson from professor Igg-head today, its that when Liberals whine, Conservatives are getting the job done. 

-one more thing.  Its ok to swipe at liberals at any time and in any format.  We don't suffer fools like they do.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Death returns to the Arena

Welcome to the big leagues.  Yup Luge is dangerous.  You knew that just by looking at it.  This poor Georgian boy, Nodar Kumaritashvili, knew that too.

I'm very very sorry about his accident.  He died following his dreams.

Hindsight is 20/20.  My 20/20 hindsight says we should put some Plexiglas in front of those posts and anywhere else that looks like it could be fatal.  Sure it would hurt worse than the worst body-check in all of hockey and might still be fatal.  It would at least prevent Nodar's particular accident.  You could call them Nodar's barriers.  

Engineers make your pitches.  That track has got to reopen and fast.  I think we would all feel better if it was reopened as the safest track in the world.

The Olympics are a really big deal.  Its like an election except the whole world is paying very close attention.  I hope everyone is triple checking everything right now.  Athletes included. 


Friday, February 12, 2010

GO CANADA! Historic unfiltered speech of Prime Minister Harper to the BC Legislature

Thank goodness for Youtube!  We no longer have to rely on the opinion dealers of the left leaning media.  We can cut them right out of the picture all together and bring you the actual words spoken by the Prime Minister.

These words were the first time a Canadian Prime Minister has ever spoken to the elected representatives of the BC Legislature.  He speaks to the residents of BC and to all the people of Canada.  Through Youtube he can speak to us directly.  No spin but your own and that is how it should be.

The speech is in three parts.  It starts at about 2 minutes into the first part if you want to skip the posing for photographs.  I highly recommend you watch it and get ready to cheer on CANADA during these winter games.  Thank you to all the bloggers who found these for me.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Evil Can Lurk Anywhere

I have to say something about Col. Williams.  Its been a few days since he was charged with first degree murder on two counts.  There might be links to other unexplained incidents too.  Incidents where women were bound and photographed, or sexually assaulted and murdered.

I don't believe the police have it wrong, or that Russel Williams was framed.  He reportedly fully confessed and led police to one of the bodies.  There is also supposed to be a sickening trove of photographs of his crimes.

Three days ago I heard about all of this and for three days I've been struggling to understand the nature of evil and why it should always come creeping back into the world where its least expected.  That is what they have been calling him before they knew who he was: The Creeper.

Col. Williams is very likely a depraved predatory serial killer and rapist.  He was definitely a decorated high ranking officer, Wing Commander, and Commanding Officer of CFB Trenton.  There are photographs of him with the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Defense.  I even heard he flew the Prime Minister around on occasion.  If Canada had nukes, this psychopath would have had the keys.

What does it take to trick everyone for so many years?  He's even got a wife; poor woman.  Believe me DND has the highest standards in choosing officers.  They are subjected to countless tests, known and unknown to them.  They are constantly evaluated.  This man fooled them all.  Nobody is a murderer until they are.  Part of DND's impossible task is to filter out those that might be undesirable.  They failed there and they failed to realize the cold blooded predator in their midst afterward.

Unfortunately this does stain the military and it stains all Canadians.  The lefts accusations of war crimes, be they ever so insignificant and false, are now at least plausible.  If you had told me this story last week I would have thought you got it out of a bad slasher movie.  I might even have been offended.  Not so anymore.  No one can be trusted and no one is safe from evil.

One of the murdered persons was a non-commissioned member.  I'm no legal expert, but does this qualify Col. Williams for a court martial?  I certainly hope so.  The military court no longer has the death penalty.  Paul Bernardo deserves death and Russel Williams will deserve it too if guilty.

I never supported capital punishment before.  In an intellectual way I thought it noble to save 1000 axe murderers to save one innocent life.  I still believe that, but in cases where there is photographic evidence and a confession, its safe to exterminate such filth.

Give Col. Williams a court martial.  We can't execute him for now but at the very least, let the Colonel serve out his sentence at the military prison in Edmonton.  This is how you deal with evil.