Monday, January 27, 2014

Conservatives should strongly oppose the Values Charter

Last week in relation to Peekist so-called "Values Charter" Andrew Coyne asked:

What, in particular, will be the reaction of the federal government? Will it defend the rights of local minorities, in the role originally envisaged for it, as it has pledged to do? Or will it do as federal governments have done since Laurier, faced with a determined local majority: shrug and abandon them to their fate?
The answer should be obvious.  Yes we will stand up for minorities.  That is who we are.  It's the right thing to do, never mind it being the law of the land.

The Quebec Values Charter

Lets recap what is going on in Quebec.  The minority PQ or "Pequiste" (we can anglify it as Peekist) are making a cynical play for majority power using the xenophobic prejudices nurtured inside their cultural solitude.  

With this charter they plan to expel all religious minorities from the public service that do not comply with their dress code.  Outward displays of religion will be banned, including head scarves, turbans and even subjectively large crosses.

A key point we can all agree on is a unified stance on the Niqab and Burqa.  These are dehumanizing, segregating and misogynistic garments that have no place in our society.  We would not allow hooded KKK goons to openly go about their business let alone work in a hospital or a government agency so garbed.  

Could you imagine a police woman in a burqa?
Could you respect or obey such an abomination?

No.  It's now illegal to wear a mask during a protest.  It should also be illegal for police and other public servants to be masked in such a way that their identifying faces are obscured when dealing with the public.

The hijab, on the other hand, is no different than the robes of a Nun or a Mennonite's bonnet.  It may be a tad pretentious to be sure, but the hijab is nothing but a style of scarf.  We should be no more inclined to public enforcement against the head scarf than against short skirts or yoga pants.

My own child was skillfully delivered by a nurse in a hijab.  I don't see what purpose it would serve anyone to have her removed.  The Quebec Charter of Values is as wrong as the PQ itself.

Religious Aparthied

This is not a case of Godwin's Law or Reductio ad Hitlerum.  I'm completely serious in comparing the Peekists to the Brown Shirts over the mundane pejorative sense.  This goes also beyond the trivial similarity between the PQ and NSDAP acronyms being joined to make the words Peekist and Nazi party's respectively.  

Ask yourself these 3 key questions that expose fascists:
  1. Is the PQ Nationalist?  Yes.
  2. Is the PQ Socialist?  Yes.
  3. Is the PQ Racsist?  Yes.  
The entire purpose the Values Charter is the disenfranchisement of self identified religious minority's not limited only to Jews but Muslims, Christians, even Hindus and their Bindi adornments.   The Peekists are opening the door to apartheid or worse.  All the ingredients for a Krystallnacht event are present in 2014 Canada.  

Tell me it isn't possible and I'll tell you to read up on the tragedy of residential schools right here in our beloved country.  Minorities need to know they are protected from xenophobia by the highest offices and courts in the land.

Of course not all of Quebec culture is about xenophobia any more than its all about corruption.  Southern people will still tell you that the Confederate Flag is merely the flag of The South even though it was flown in a war for slavery.  In the eyes of everyone else, the flag emblazoned on the "General Lee" from the Dukes of Hazard, represents racism and slavery.  In a similar vein the Swastika once represented peace.  Sorry, not anymore.  This awful and evil Values Charter threatens to do the same to the symbols of Quebec.

Are proud Quebecers really so eager to lace their culture with the stench of intolerance like the Southern States?  It seems to me the unique culture of Quebec is threatened more by the racist Peekists than by any competing culture.


The Quebec Values Charter reportedly enjoys overwhelming support.  I can't imagine its supporters include many Conservative voters.  A strong and sensible position against the niqab and burka should inoculate the Conservative party against any blow back from opposing the Values Charter.

In any case there isn't much to lose.  Conservative support in Quebec is notoriously soft.  Ironically this frees the government to do what is right irregardless of electoral consequences.  We might even gain some support in Quebec.  Minorities will look to the steady strength and sobriety of a Conservative government as the best defense from Peekist zealots.

And what of the hard won immigrant and minority Conservative vote in the rest of Canada?  What kind of loyalty can we expect from them if we timidly throw their friends,family and fellow ex-patriots to the wind?

The Harper Government has an obligation to oppose the Values Charter.  Blunt and direct statements to the effect should be continued.  The Government should deploy the Office of Religious Freedoms to study the Values Charter and voice its very strong support.  The irony that the Office was created to protect religious minorities in other countries won't be lost on anyone.  The Courts will also have a role to play and they should also have the vocal support of the government.  The people of Quebec should be under no illusion that if the Bureaucracy and Judiciary fail to protect minority's, new federal laws will be passed to ensure the freedom of every Canadian Citizen.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Good work Eco-Nuts

The Prime Minster's talk at the Vancouver Board of Trade yesterday was widely covered yesterday thanks to some protesters.  It got as much coverage as the Canada-EU Free Trade deal.

I have to give credit where its due.  Without Brigette Depape's little protest nobody would have paid any attention to this.  The Prime Minster does these Question and Answer sessions all the time.  It's part of his job.  The protesters have drawn attention to themselves and the PM that would not have normally occurred.  Well done.

Harper was given the opportunity to make light of the incident and appear confident and in control.  He highlighted his optimism for the economy in the year ahead and also spoke about the Keystone and Gateway pipelines.  Score.

Conversely attention was placed on the protesters themselves.  Score again.  

Depape and one of the professional protesters appeared on CBC that day looking like drug addled children.  Even Rob Silver agreed that they hurt their own cause (Liberals support Keystone).  They should do more TV appearances.  The more the better.