Monday, June 21, 2010

Globalization at a Crossroads

I found this on the Free to Choose Media website  Its from the same association that brought us the iconic Free to Choose series hosted by none other than Milton Friedman.  I've posted the video Globalization at the Crossroads for your viewing enjoyment.  It also happens to be topical.  While you're at it review Free to Choose and brush up on your conservative philosophy.  Recall that the rule of law is a big part of that.

Globalization at the Crossroads from Free To Choose Network on Vimeo.

The Third Type of Protester.

Jonathan Kay recently described 2 kinds of protesters in "G20 Protesters want to have their cake and eat it too."
  1. Legitimate left-wing activists with placards, flyers and websites
  2. Full-time criminals and delinquents who [use] anti-globalization as a pretext for street violence
Jonathan is exactly right and I urge you to read his article in the NP.

There is however a third type of protester.  The Thrill Seeker.  This person will attend the protests simply to witness the spectacle.  They want to be a part of a crowd and feel the atmosphere.  It doesn't matter to them what the crowd wants or represents.  Its kind of like the hateful version of the Love Parade.

I know of these thrill seekers because one of them is a friend of mine.  A couple of weeks ago she used her Facebook status to invite protesters out saying: "Looking for someone to protest with at the G20. Anyone want to get pepper- sprayed with me?"  I offered to pepper spray her at no expense to the taxpayer, that's my sense of humor, but I also wanted to know why she was protesting.  She still hasn't answered me but I know this girl and I know the answer.  She is looking for excitement, for a circus.

There were a few replies of "I'm there," and "Sounds like fun!"  Most of the replies were "umm no thanks."  The "no thanks," crowd makes up most of the good people of Toronto.  Its a shame that a few bad apples and bored apples have to wreck it for everyone else.

A billion dollars just to herd to these people around.  Police will be abused protecting these people and their city from themselves.  Remember who is costing us this money, not who is spending it.  Remember who is antagonizing, not the antagonized. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

What if Sun TV sucks?

I hate to poop the party here, but its entirely possible that SUN TV could suck.  Don't be be angry.  I think that if we start making recommendations now we could avoid a catastrophe.

I loved the promo for SUN TV.  Mountains and flags and a promises of greatness.  All very very good.  There was one thing in the back of my mind that won't quit bothering me though.  Its the SUN brand.

The SUN brand scares me.  Without the Promo or the "FOX News North" sub-title, SUN TV sounds to me like CP24.  It sounds like garbage (or a garbage strike).

Growing up in Toronto's shadow, I had a good taste of the SUN and the Star.  The SUN always had a good sports section, and there was the SUNshine girl of course.  It appealed to working people and immigrants like my father.

It doesn't really do anything for me now.  I'll pick up a discarded copy at a Timmy's but in general I won't spend money on it.  

So our right of center news channel starts its life with a slightly tainted brand.  No big deal.  FOX has done wonders.  If FOX had newspapers I'd wonder if their TV success would rub off.

Whatever its called it will still have to be good.  No CP24 lameness please.  Give me something I'm not embarrassed to watch.  Make it slick, both serious and light.  Tackle the big topics and don't be afraid of the conclusions.  Be fun, but not obviously so. 

Don't neglect the Internet either.  I love On-demand content.  I love to chose when and what I watch.  Sometimes I don't know what to watch.  This is your chance to pick for me.  There is gold here.  Learn from my picks and show me stuff you think I'd like.  Stream your content intelligently.  If there is enough there I might even pay for it.. 

I'm in your corner so don't let it go to waste.

The Final Word on Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

I read yet another review of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith today, this time by Mark Steyn.  It was accurate if not a little too easy for Steyn.  Anyone can write a poor review of the Star Wars prequels.  The fact that Lucas screwed them up beyond repair is as obvious as the sun is bright.  Pointing it out as if no one saw it borders on gratuitous cruelty.  It does not prove how smart you are.

In fact, Steyn says that his friends wept with laughter during the movie.  Can I be skeptical of the great Mark Steyn?  Parts of that movie were defiantly deserving of scorn.  The kind of open mockery that Steyn claims to have witnessed however would have landed his friends in a hospital.  I wonder how much they would like Star Wars after having a plastic light-saber surgically removed from their rectum.  Not that I would participate in something like that.  I'm just saying, its the one thing Steyn exagerated in his otherwise passable review.  The shows I saw had a colourful audience.  Too much even for me.

I am a Star Wars fan.  I always have been, and I always will be.  Not the sort to dress up.  Not even at Halloween.  That is a level of geek I laugh at myself, along with the Avatards and gay Trekkie uniforms.  I just like the universe.

So Revenge of The Sith was a bad movie.  So what?  I'm over it.  It also has the best space action sequence in all of movie history.  Can you name a film that had a better space battle than Revenge of The Sith?  No.  Its the best. 

I give this movie half a star and five out of five exploding spaceships.  Exploding spaceships really make the great movie for me.  In fact this movie was more of an extended cut-scene to some really great video games.

So go ahead, bash the prequels like its some extraordinary feat of intelligence.  The common poor review doesn't even come close to the critical examination only real fans could give.  We Star Wars fans hate the prequels as much as we love them.   When Lucas dies we'll set things right  Until then there are plenty of other distractions like Halo or Eve to keep us entertained.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Overton Window

Glenn Beck's first fiction is out.  The Overton Window is a thriller that promises to be prescient and exciting.  I just ordered the book myself and you can order it here too.

I've never seen a book with a cool trailer like this.  Check it out and maybe you'll pick up a copy yourself.  Readers are Leaders.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Out with the Old, In with Sun News.

Am I dreaming?  I thought I would never see the day that an unapologetic, right of center, politically incorrect, FOX News North, type channel would arrive in Canada.  I still haven't seen the day, but I'm told that day will be January 1st.

What else is there to say except goodbye Liberal Party.  Goodbye Global Warming.  Goodbye Hug-a-thugs.  Good by to all of Chomsky's zombie hordes.

Nobody seriously believes the liberal socialist ideas anymore. They remind me of  hollow Easter eggs.  Ones that have been drained and painted up all pretty.  The so-called main stream media walks on eggshells, taking care to not to disturb a single one.  All that is needed is one little station that doesn't care at all about pretty eggshell ideas.  The left will crack like they never had any shape at all.

If you haven't seen it already, here is the new channel's promotional spot.

Good luck Kory, Quebecor, and all the people helping to make this happen.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The G20 Hate Parade is Not a Place to Cut Costs

I'm not very happy about this $1 Billion summit.  Fake lakes and their fake costs aside, we all know where this money is being spent.  Apparently this is what it costs to keep Fortress Toronto from sacking itself.  It probably won't even be 100% successful.

What has been really bugging me lately is the ridiculous calls from some quarters to have the military replace the police as the main security force.  Don Martin paraphrases Kevin Page in the National Post:
 "Kevin Page may well quibble at the premium for deploying RCMP officers when Canadian soldiers could've been used without overtime costs."
 Craig Oliver asks similar questions here.

I take issue with this whole line of reasoning.  $450 million is going to the RCMP alone.  A large part of that is going towards overtime.  I can't believe that people would suggest we deploy Canadian soldiers against Canadians to save money.  The police will be putting themselves at significant risk and spending time away from their families.  Are we saying they don't deserve overtime?  We would rather send well trained peace officers home, and replace them with veteran warriors, because it will be cheaper?

This is insane.  Nobody can be thinking this is a real option.  Its just more gotcha politics.  The military shall stay in reserve where they should be.  They don't get overtime for a reason.  They are not surplus general labour.  The recently recovered 1,500 Kg of ammonium nitrate outlines the kind of things the military might have to deal with.   I sincerely hope they are not called upon to serve long hours and extreme conditions right here in Canada.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Welcome Tax Freedom Day

-Because left wing socialist ideology would give you Tax Freedom Day for Christmas.

Keep it up Fraser Institute.  There are many Unions with fat war chests but only one of you.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Gaza Spin is Dizzying

The last couple nights of  The Glenn Beck Show have been phenomenal.  You can watch them here.  (thanks)

What really hit me was his comparison to the North Korea situation and the Gaza situation.  North Korea can fire a torpedo killing 46 sailors while Israel can't enforce a blockade against bloodthirsty terrorists.

The facts of the matter are almost as interesting as the degree of spin perpetrated by the media.  Do they reflect your views?  Do they give equal attention to the scale and severity of an incident, or are they pushing you to think and see it their way?  Who's way is their way?  Who are they helping?  It isn't you.

I'm not a huge supporter of Israel.  I don't give them cart blanch.  When it comes to their existence I'm behind them 100%.  I do not want to see another Holocaust.  Israel has the right to defend itself with all and any means at its disposal. 

One thing is certain.  You can't just put Gaza in a box indefinitely.   Something has to be done.  Do it now or do it later.

When the time comes, hit them so hard they don't get back up.