Monday, March 5, 2012

The Smear Engines

The left is many things, all of them backwards and odious.  Even where there is intelligence, it is employed to such dark purpose that is mocks intelligence and stifles it in others.

An integral part of the left is their smear engines.  I use the term engine in the medieval sense; as a low tech machine of war.  The smear engine we are concerned with (because there are many) is the group of media party journalists, left wing intelligentsia and their political arms in this country. 

One of the brutes hauling this smear engine is Dan Gardener.

I read one of his books.  Future Babble.  It was in a bargain area and its one of my favorite subjects so I thought: why not? I read a lot so it took a while.  I still finished it.  It was good.  I tend to focus on things I like and learned.  I'm a very forgiving reviewer.

After a whole book of good analysis he throws it all away when he gets to Global Warming.  I looked past that.  Nobody is perfect.  The Prime Minister himself is far from it. 

I thought I'd follow him on twitter.  Again, why not?  Now I know.

Dan Gardner is a boiling pot of filthy anti-conservative smears.  If tweets are a measure of hatred, than Mr. Gardner hates the Prime Minister more than anything on this earth.

Yesterday I couldn't have it any more.  Gardner didn't cross the line.  He slowly cultivated my disgust day by day, tweet by despicable tweet.  Here is what he said:

 Disgusting.  They are so convinced of their superiority they think we don't know what they are doing.



Lefties piss me off.  He assumes I didn't understand because I don't give a damn about his point.  The smear isn't in his point.  The smear is his revolting scenario.  The point he is making is a vehicle for inventing a scenario where our PM kills a little girl.  Just low.

I don't play lefty games.  Why should I bother?  He knows what he's done.  He knows who he smears.  Why does he need me to say it?  I'm not going to give him an answer he is waiting for.  I'm not walking into his ambush.

Give me a break!  Would you get a load of this guy?  I should apologize to him?  Do you think he was trying to get a rise out of me or does he seriously think he's been wronged?  Amazing the left.

Anyway.  I work for a living.  I can't tweet all night with poor little Dan.

I responded again in the morning.

This is what they do.  They work at hatred.  They have rationalized away any form of respect or decency.  Its War.  He is still at it today as he is every day:

Call them out like I did.  Its not for him and the other brutes of the Smear Engine.  They will never change.  It's for their followers.  Detractors and their insults only made Breitbart stronger.  It exposed the left for the intolerant thuggery it is made of.  The left is different.  They aren't smart exactly but desperately want to appear smart above all else.  They flock to people who reassure them of that illusion.  Dan Garner is one of those.  Gather your wits and arguments about you and attack when you see the opportunity.  They aren't used to it.  Use logic and actually win the ensuing argument properly.  They won't know what to do and people will notice that they are in the wrong place eventually.


Anonymous said...

when you have nothing to say bring in the girl scouts and Richard Nixon
Dan Gardner is a joke
he makes me laugh

C_Habets said...

Hahahahaha righties using logic to beat the left... very unlikely.

Thor said...

For someone who spends his entire post criticizing "the left" for spreading hatred, your article spends a lot of time making ad hominem attacks against vague and amorphous groups. You use Gardner as an example of "the left" and "lefties", but don't get very specific about what that means. Does Gardner himself identify as a leftist? I'm not so sure he would. Are there any leftists who aren't vile and stupid? Any who aren't "intolerant thugs"?

He made a crude example, and I'll agree was not in particularly good taste, but he was clear that it was hypothetical and exaggerated for effect. The fact that you don't care about his point is, it seems to me, an indictment of your good faith. You should try to engage with him in the point he was trying to make, not make wild extrapolations.

Dave B. said...

The left has got what they want. Elections Canada has a court order for the Conservatives to release all this Robocall info to them. They will dig through it until they find one little nugget that can be used against the Conservatives. This may or may not be related to Robocalls. The left in coGnjunction with the M.S.M. Will then keep pounding the Conservatives right through the next election. They do this to fill their pages, but more importantly, it allows them an excuse not to report any of the positives this Gov't is doing. It seems that each time a new fake scandal is pedal led through the press, it happens when Harper is at a meeting that puts him in the spotlight on the world stage.

Anonymous said...

Dan Gardner. Craig Owliver's favourite go to guy for his smear PM Harper panel every Sunday. He's a big ugly bafoon with a few smarts lacking upstairs if you listen to him.
I believe his ottawa Citizen has been up to their necks in the robogate. They said it was the NDP in the was Liberals. They said false info about the Thunder Bay call centre.
Just go by who works on Ottawa Citizen...all Bloated up Liberal Harper haters.

Anonymous said...

This is a bad parody of conservatives. Try harder.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if Im wrong, but, doesnt Gardner write opinion pieces? I honestly didnt think he was a journalist. You should ask him. If he writes opinion pieces then I dont see the problem, there are plenty of opinion writers, but, if he see's himself as a journalist then he's smokin' something. Malik, Riley etc are not journalists, they are Opinion writers, no problem, no one should be frightened of opinion, but, they along with Gardner are not journalists. That should be the issue.

Anonymous said...

They may be authors of opinion pieces, but opinion must be based on fact. Such writers often use their powers to to bend facts, omit them, or outright lie about them, then argue that they have a right to an opinion. Gardner is one such opinion writer and his vitriol is disgusting.

Jymn said...

Timely post. One of your comrades is going before a judge in an hour for gross defamation. Also, did you forget this?

John Mills said...

From reading this blog, I assume that you are always very long-winded and seldom have anything worthwhile to say. This blog's whole point seems to be a smear on Gardener and it is a very ineffective one for sure. For the life of me, I do not understand C-10, C-11 and C-30 as progressive legislation. Killing the registry and destroying its collection is progressive? Ahhh, I know, I guess killing the Wheat Board was of benefit to Canadian society. Perhaps with all of the reading you do, you should make an attempt to actually learn something along the way ...

Anonymous said...

I was directed here by CC's tweet about Dan G.

Shame on him for sending me here.

And shame on you for writing this shite!

Maybe you can advertise your shite blog on Rush Limbaugh's show, I understand openings have become available.

Anonymous said...

Dan Gardner used a smoking gun SMOKING GUN a girl guide and the Prime Minister of my Canada

Anonymous said...

See Alex, you tap into Gardner's tweets and look what crawled in the door.

Anonymous said...

John..I just have a small question re your comment about the wheat board. Are you aware that it only affected Western farmers? eastern farmers had no such restrictions. Are you also aware thzt it hasn't been killed. Farmers are still welcome to use their services if they wish. Not sure how that affects Canadian Society?

Alberta Girl

Anonymous said...

Okay so Gardner illustrated his point with an extreme mental picture. You ignored the fact it was a tool to attack the right wing media in this country and went off on a tangent.
However Vic Toews equated anyone who objected to his snooping legislation with child pornographers.
So you get your panties in a bunch over an illustration from a lefty, but from what I have seen it's crickets over a real slur from a Harper goon.

Anonymous said...

This blog, and you, are an outright joke. Just wanted to make sure you didn't take the extra page views as any kind of encouragement.

Blame Crash said...

There is not question that Canadian journalism is an utter and complete fraud. These characters are only interested in informing and truth telling when it serves their pathetic, left wing agenda. What that means is “hardly ever”. These fraudsters, with their lying, deflecting and hiding of the truth, are better described as Anti-Journalists. They are ideological hijackers who have commandeered an important part of our democracy which does not belong to them and are using it to force their dead-end ideology upon others.
And that is why you were visited upon by all these mad-barkers.

Alex said...

Thank you all for stopping by, leftards and friends alike. This was my all time best post and I wasn't really trying. Not even during the election did I receive so many hits. You might have noticed this blog isn't meant for many of you. I don't need to go back and address anything I've already covered in other posts. I don't argue with people at the point of ignorance. It's a quagmire. Read Thomas Sowell's Intellectuals and Society and then we'll talk.

For a bit of target practice I think I hit them where it hurts eh! Now its your turn good readers. Go kick em where it hurts. If you do it right they'll bring you 1500 hits in a day.

For Breibart! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow you are so brainwashed by your own propaganda it is painful to read. You write to provoke hatred of those you proclaim incite hatred themselves, another neo-con circular spinner at your best. Then you fail to engage with dissenting views by simple dismissal, just like your majesty CEO Harper. Do you think all these blog hits might be to see how "lunatic fringe" the supporters of the right are becoming? And you call environmentalists "radical"!

Alex said...

Happy to hurt what passes for a brain in your lie addled mind.

You inadvertently called me the "best" which I most certainly am not. I thank you anyway. Praise from an enemy is the purest kind.

I have no master but me. I bow to no man, though I consent to the leadership of my betters.

Shake off all your baggage friend. Even if its just for a moment. You owe it to yourself a world where you are free and government is miniscule in your life. That is what we promise. You can't tax and regulate your way to freedom. It just isn't possible.

Anonymous said...

The Wheat Board???? What is wrong with Western farmers finaly having the same rights as Eastern farmers? Bizare logic coming from the left again.

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