Friday, March 2, 2012

The Silver Lining of the Encroaching Nanny State

The effect of the nanny state is really becoming obvious.

Recently we've hear about a dad who was ambushed and strip searched by police and "co-parent" school bureaucrats.  They did this to him because his daughter drew a picture of her dad fighting monsters with a gun.

Then today I heard about a kid who was suspended in Ajax because he dared to tell his female classmates that dignity and modesty were attractive.  Sent home!
 None of this should happen but the good news is that the progressives are unwittingly creating more conservatives. 

A school is like a progressive utopia.  Educated unionized government employees control every aspect of that environment.  They control the agenda and they control the truth itself.  All of history and science pass though the pacifying pc filter to conform to the prevailing liberal paradigm. What happens in our schools is the precursor to what happens in society at large.  Its the canary in the coal mine.

I could get depressed about this.  I could say that the progressive pc nannies have won, but all they have won is the right to show off their fallibility.  I enjoy watching it fail.  The kids are naturally rebelling.  Rebellion these days is to be conservative.

I felt this myself when my first grade teacher tried to tell me that my favorite animal was not a Killer Whale but an Orca.  I became aware of social engineering before I became aware of taxes. 

Imagine how these kids see the world now?  Their experience is orders of magnitude worse than anything a progressive ever did to me.  You also know how experiences in our childhood are magnified.  Memories like these ricochet on down through our entire lives forming our opinions, our actions and our politics.  

I wouldn't wish the above on anyone.  I do take comfort however in that the Nanny State itself provides the means and manpower to defeat it. 


Anonymous said...

i saw a video where people were interviewed and nobody has the image of the gun because it's now a felt pen image on the wipe-away white-board that was erased even though the Polcie said it looked like a gun used in Pharma robberies.
Wait, the principal said the image was erased and then it was reported because SHE didn't see it, then they Polcie came in ...but how can the Cops cliam they saw it when the child wiped it clean from the white board just after the Teacher saw it????

WOW, $90'000.00 a year, summer's off, all the Holiday's, 20 sick-days during the 72 day class time,retire at 55, gold-palted pension and gaed, and Dolton McGuilty begs them to agrre to a wage-freeze?????

Meanwhile these same teachers ignored the cries of the Shafia girls with a valid death-threat to be kiil under Shariah Law.....and now 4 females are dead while evryone poi9nts at everyone else that should have responded
which caused the grils to fall though the crack.
No was the Grand Canyon of Apahty and Political Correctness and Racism of Lowered-Expectations to accept misogyny or gender-cide from Muslims while you ran in to hang a STR8/White/male/canadian because it was easier and the norm for the feminazi female teachers that makle up the majorty of the teachers in Ontario.
Then we have a new problem because if males are the minority in teachers it begs the question for why the same-gender male child rapists and pedophiles that are teacher continue to be employed and protected by moving them to another schools??????

This is worse than the Church scandal for gay-priests that raped little boys because all priests are males , but the teachers Unions are mostly females and the % of male-pedophilies and rapists is alarming as their numbers are really low while the proportion of rapists goes off the chart per-capita.
So now McGuilty supports calling the cops on a white-guy who had his daughter draw a image of a gun, but the Teachers and police rarely get tough on the Perv teachers because many times we have seen a suspension with-pay came well before any Charges or arrests.
These are the Co-parents protecting our future adults????, and the get $90'000.00 a year ???

Thucydides said...

Two words:

Home Schooling

Alex said...

@Anon: Get yourself a heavy bag man. I imagine your keyboard has taken enough abuse. I totally agree with your sentiment.

@ Thucydides: That is where things will get interesting. The cost of daycare is through the roof thanks to regulation. We know the school system is rotting into pulp. These factors together sooner or later induce a massive exodus from the gov't system. We should map this out and plan it before the nannies move to regulate that too. The consequence of failure in that area will be that people just won't have kids. We already see the effect its had on our current population rate.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you and your fellow travelers laugh at the kids who actually are rebelling against oppressive and criminal government activity? When the youngsters actually organise and rebel they do so against your and yours.
Dissonance is really a necessary trait just for you to get through the day, Hey?

Alex said...

@ harebell

That's "you and yours"

Funny you mention dissonance since it is obviously the smothering, big government, cradle to grave, we know best, politically correct, lie to your face to keep the narrative clean progressives that cause the abuses above. You and Yours. What makes you think freedom loving conservatives have anything to do with that.

Andrew Breitbart is our rebel. He started out as brain dead liberal and pushed himself to death once he woke up from your sedation.

Anyone who fights us is... like you. Either dumb, mislead, evil or any combination of those follies.

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