Friday, April 29, 2011

The Calgary East all Candidates Debate

Yesterday I attended the all Candidates Debate in Calgary East.  I'm not going to do an actual report as if it was anything more than a mickey mouse version of the leaders debate.  It was however entertaining to watch politics in action and witness the local media coverage and spin.

The only agency to cover the debate was Global Calgary.  I'll get to the expected media bias of the actual segment but it seemed to me that the programming editor arranged to have nobody at all see it.  I don't really ever watch Global Calgary so I can't really say if it's normally so off-putting.

The big story of the day was the weather.  Snow!  Somebody snapped a picture of a bird in the snow.  Awe.  They came back to the story 6 or 7 times over the hour.  I wasn't counting.  The debate segment was right at the end of the hour.  It was right behind a story about a lady who didn't like her sofa.  I'm not kidding.  Who will pay for the sofa?  The lady doesn't like it.  It wobbles.  It sinks too deep.  Wow.  Anyone still watching by this point must have been on the phone or in the bathroom.

Finally, the debate coverage!  What was covered?  A ruckus caused by an unkempt and disheveled heavy set man at the back.  Him and a co-ordinator for the seniors hall sitting next to him could not keep quiet during Deepak Obhria's opening remarks.  The co-ordinator would let out load moans and sighs while the unkempt man was more vocal.

"My ears hurt!" He was shouting over our MP.  "Let him speak." Others were saying.  He also said that the Deepak's statements were "pressing him into his seat."  He felt like "his chair would soon fall over backwards."  Three rows ahead of the man, I felt no such effect. 

That was it.  Global didn't show any of that.  They showed arguing.  Its amazing to me that there can be a dispute about being quiet during opening remarks of a debate but there you have it.  The controversy according to Global.  Nobody is watching anyway.

The rest of the debate was very silly.  The various antics of the opposition staff had me tempted to throw a word grenade  of my own into the mix, but I still have honour.  I'm a partisan.  I want to hear the people speak... in between the antics of the desperate partizan's in the room.     

The NDP candidate was pretty entertaining. He said voting NDP "is like playing baseball."
"Sometimes you hit a home run.  Sometimes you have to take one for the team."
I will hit my home runs for me and I won't be taking one or ten for any NDP team, thanks. 

He also said that Jack Layton was from Toronto, making him especially attuned to the needs of Calgary East.

He would pull our troops out of Afghanistan and somehow return to "when Canadians stood like Giants of peacekeeping."

He said he would not stop the Tar sands but impose a Cap and trade carbon tax and raise corporate taxes to 19% .  Then he complained about gas prices ans oil subsidies, as if NDP promises would make gasoline cheaper.

You get the feeling the NDP will say anything and knows nothing.

The Liberal lectured the audience on the structure of the UN a if we were in her class and then later called Conservatives "reckless teenagers."  Standard stuff.  She did get quite a laugh from the crowd when she claimed Liberals would get a majority in this election or the next.  It is pretty funny.

The Greens did a lot of talking but nobody is listening.

Deepak Obhria was himself.  He is a seasoned campaigner of 14 years.  He laid out the familiar Conservative vision of a safe and strong economy.  He also warned against the Coalition.  On the question of the UN seat Deepak masterfully shot down the Liberal by saying "we will not compromise Canadian values for the sake of a security council seat."  Many general assembly votes in the corrupt UN belong to autocratic dictators like Colonel Gaddaffi or Mubarak of Egypt. The Liberal even mentioned Egypt by name.

I'm glad we didn't pander to the likes of them.  Liberals want Canada to be a doormat for every misogynistic racist, lets say it: evil, abusive tyrant of the middle east and the world.   The UN is an unelected and corrupt body that is showing visible signs of decay.  But that's my opinion.

That's what I heard and saw.  It was worth attending and I would do it again.  I much more appreciate door knocking.  Its nice to talk to people one on one in their homes; unscripted and less the phony antics of the desperate parties and their biased media friends.  Politics happens on the doorsteps of constituents.  The rest is just manipulated media circus and people are tuning out.

Update: Calgary Herald had a similar story.  Heckler, personal remarks heat up Calgary East forum

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Majority now or later

I can't think of a more painful way to get a majority Conservative government than to submit to a socialist coalition led by Jack "lay-off" Layton.  He didn't get anyone laid off?  Well you just wait.  I really don't want to go through an NDP era the way Ontario did with Bob Rae.

Can we skip that please?  Canadians, think of your family, your neighbors, your fellow citizens half a world away and blissful under the same flag.  The Liberal ship is going down.  Its only a vote.  You can even be a loyal Liberal and vote Conservative just this once.  Look at that party.  Its a disaster.  You will keep getting Martins and Dions and Iggys if you don't shut them down.  Conservatives had to vote Liberal in order to slap down the Progressive Conservatives.  Its your turn. 

Let Iggy go down with the ship.  You don't have to go down with him.  There is no shame in success.  Let the Liberals beg for your loyalty next time around.

We will all go down if lay-off Layton sneaks in.  20 billion in Carbon Taxes.  Hundreds of billions sucked out of the economy in total.  Larger endless structural deficits as Government expands explosively.  And to top it off we reopen the constitution!

Do you know what Meech lake was about?  Separatists have personally griped about that to me and it happened when we were kids.  This next time I fear there will be more than one provincial nationalist at the table.  Bring in a Green Shift/NEP2 and there will be several grieved parties to deal with.

Yes, he is that stupid.  A grinning fool.  He says so himself.  We are looking at the worst of all outcomes with the NDP in power.  "We can do this" is suddenly their motto.  They will do it, if you don't stop them.  Vote Conservative on May 2nd and get out the vote from everyone you know.

Helping out Deepak Obhrai in Calgary East

I've been helping out my Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai here in Calgary East.  We've been having a great response from the community who have appreciated the door-knocking and volunteered to put signs on their lawns.

This is the first time I have ever volunteered this way.  It feels great.  I encourage everyone get out and help.

Its funny though that the first sign I ever planted ended up smashed down.
My First Campaign Sign: Vandalized

I'm told this is just the reality of campaigning.  Still, its illegal and immoral to destroy election signage.  Most of these signs are recycled from previous elections.  Destroyed signs are garbage.  I think we can still salvage the one above.

I actually don't suspect it was any official campaign.  To be fair, I did see one Liberal sign in the middle of the road.  That didn't stop the local Liberal from accusing Conservative volunteers of vandalism.  Deepak even had to issue a press release condemning vandalism while being the primary target of it.

People in the community know who is responsible though.  They also did it during the recent municipal election.  Signs in that election were randomly trashed and shoved under cars.  In hushed tones they speculate that its morally devoid youth that have no concept of honour or duty and how to exercise their rights in a democratic election.   Honest taxpayers know that only Conservative values can hope to transform the rabble into hard working citizens. 

Incidentally, released a factually incorrect look at Deepak Obhrai yesterday. They claim that
"Obhrai flatly rejects the notion of participating in all-candidate debates; refusing to partake in town halls or similar events that require face-to-face interaction with either his opponents, or his constituents." 
-which is funny because there will be an all candidates debate tomorrow night.

I first met Deepak at Globalfest last year when I moved into the riding.  Anyone could walk up and chat and that's what I did.  Rabble doesn't even know about tomorrows debate.   I don't expect a left wing propaganda depot like Rabble to know anything whatsoever about what Deepak has done for this riding or the country.

The Constituents of Calgary East know what happens here and what Deepak is doing on their behalf in Ottawa.  They will be out on election day to vote for Deepak Obhrai and a Strong Conservative Government.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Pie in the Sky Socialism of the NDP

The last thing Canadians need is a socialist wrecking ball to the fragile economy.

The latest polls showing a surging NDP in second place was delightful at first.  Its nice to see the old Grits falling flat, but a second place NDP means they will have the right to lead a coalition.  Unlike the weasel worded Liberals, the NDP has given full throated support to a Coalition with the Bloc.   They will be quite happy to overturn an election result and they might not even need the Liberals at all.

It's worse than that.  NDP promises are impossible even to the NDP.  Now that the possibility of an NDP government is actually a reality we saw them retract some of their campaign promises.  Yes its true.  I don't remember any party in any campaign in any country in the world to ever retract an expensive promise 1 week before the election.  Their actions are more astounding than their surge itself.

The retracted promise had to do with billions in spending on the back of Canadian industry.  In the last election the NDP wanted to "shut down the tar sands."  They would make the NEP look like a fun fair.  If  even the NDP has to rethink their own platform you really have to worry what these ideological purists haven't imagined they have gotten wrong.  Manufacturing, Transportation, Agriculture in addition to Energy would be hit hard.  No industry would escape.  The NDP is aiming for your pocket.

Lets look at the tricks from the NDP platform:
  • "Stop the Tar Sands" They said so in the previous election.  Now the agenda is buried in their carbon taxes.
  • Force credit cards not to go 5% above prime.  Are they going to force them to hand out cards too because  you can get loans like that if they think you can pay them back.  Does anyone really need another card?  This promise is essentially the end of credit cards.  Current accounts would be closed and new cards would probably have to be backed.
  • Abolish the Senate.  I'd like to abolish some aspects of the Senate but the whole thing would be irresponsible.  They do important work in government and adding shocks to the government while shocking the economy is a recipe for disaster.
  • Pull out of Afghanistan.  Jack always liked the Taliban.  He would leave those people high and dry, undo all our hard work and make future terrorist doubt our resolve.  If there was a war that was more justified and worthwhile since WW2 its Afghanistan.  Our combat role is over but our contribution isn't.
  • Reopen the Constitution.  What could go wrong?  Woopee!
  • Balance the budget by 2014.  LOL.  The platform that includes jokes.
Of course, this platform was never intended to be taken seriously.  A coalition provides a good excuse for completely ignoring any and all promises.  This goes for Liberals too.

They make tax and spend Liberals look tame by comparison.  Iggy would be nothing more than a minister while Jack would actually be PM.  Jack would turn this country around all right.  We would go directly into the same dumpster the United States finds itself in.  How many examples do we need that socialism doesn't work?

I don't suppose that BQ voters who flirt with ruinous federal socialists would ever vote Conservative.  The majority of Canadians who are in the center should wake up and realize this is a two party system.  You don't have to love the PM, but the alternative is a far left coalition of losing parties headed by a socialist and supported by a separatist and a zombie party. 

Pick up a newspaper.  We aren't out of the woods.  Don't gamble your country with an experimental socialist coalition.  They will personally cost you thousands of dollars and collectively put us all deep in the hole.  On May 2nd Vote Conservative.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Office of Religious Freedom

Today the Right Honourable Stephen Harper pledged the creation of the Office of Religious Freedom.  Every Canadian of every faith and conviction can be proud of this move.  Its time we as a nation stood up for freedom in the world and this is the Office to do it.  We cannot stand quiet while minorities are slaughtered and persecuted by their oppressors.

I applaud this pledge and we should all stand with Stephen Harper to help create it.   

The corrupt United Nations allows evil theocratic tyrants to make racist rants in the general assembly.  Its Human Rights bodies include mass murderers like Qaddafi.  It has no moral authority to expose and pressure the oppressive regimes from China to Iran that systematically persecute various faiths.
A Canadian body that is independent of the backroom world government wrangling that progressives adore is exactly what the world needs.  Canadians should to the world armed not with bullets but with the cleansing sunlight of truth to expose the atrocities of religious persecution.

I myself am an atheist.  This view of mine is not made to spite anyone.  Its just my educated opinion subject to change pending further evidence.  I am not a militant and intolerant left wing atheist. I appreciate religious people and their outstanding society and values that allows us all to prosper together.  We atheists claim this right to religious freedom for ourselves.  Many countries in the world officially view atheists as lower than Jews, Christians or even Pagans.  Atheists not only need to support other religious minorities and their freedom to believe as they choose, but we should welcome the support of the Office itself.

Canada is an island of freedom in an increasingly intolerant and irrational progressive world.  We can be more than an island.  We can be a beacon, an aid, and a comfort to oppressed peoples everywhere. 

Vote for Freedom.  Vote Conservative.  Vote for Canada.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hidden Agendas

What better way to mask a hidden agenda than to point to someone else and cry "Hidden Agenda!"  I'm referring of course to the Liberal/Media desperation tactic that has been occurring post debate.  The debates didn't go well for Iggy and so we have this odious tactic.

First it was Health Care.  "Its the end of Health!"  That's about the size of it.  No facts.  No evidence.  Nothing but the usual raft of lies that make up to sum total of everything Liberals have to say.  They lie.  Then they lie about the lie.  They cover up the fact that the worst attacks on Health Care came form the Liberals themselves.  Meanwhile we have a promise from Stephen Harper to keep the health funding and transfers topped up.

Next Iggy dropped his coalition bomb in his interview on CBC.  Possibly a fatal mistake.  The tone of the desperation gets that much worse.  We hear now that "abortion will be illegal."  Sure.  After 5 years we hear this again.  Its not true now, just as it wasn't true for the last 3 elections.  The Liberals obviously view this little lie as a their secret weapon.  We see it come out only in their darkest hour.  There is some credibility cost to making these unfounded allegations but their credibility is shot anyway.

This type of scaremongering is simply an artifact of failure.  The Liberal Hidden Agenda is poorly hidden indeed.  The Carbon Tax and Green shift are hidden on page 46 of the Red Book.  The Coalition is hidden in the scenarios that every Liberal can answer detailed questions about.  The "Corporate Tax Cuts" were written into law with the help of the Liberals in 2007.  They are promising Tax Hikes.  The scale of their lies and contempt for the average person is breathtaking.  How can they call a Tax Hike anything but?  They will raise taxes. 

A party that can so boldly lie about their own plans and about the plans of their competitors is dangerous.  We as a people cannot reward this kind of politics.  It encourages the kind of politics we all hate, and weakens this country. 

I urge you to make the best choice.  It's important.  Please vote Conservative on May 2nd.  Vote for Canada.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Virtual Coalition

Tom Flanagan has come up with the latest term for what the Liberals, the Bloc and the NDP are planning.  A Virtual Coalition is as good a name as any.  They plan to overrule the will of the people if they can.   Many senior Liberals have independently confirmed the plan while simultaneously denouncing a narrow definition of a Coalition.  I've prepared a value added video of Tom Flanagan's discussion with other political strategists.

They think that if they just don't call it a Coalition, Canadians will be okay.  Their collective contempt for the mind of a citizen is astounding to behold.  They think we can't put it together.  If they called it cotton candy, they believe we would suddenly think a coalition with these three was sweet and fluffy. 

Not only would a virtual coalition be a betrayal of the electoral mandate and illegitimate.  It would be inherently unstable, weak and wasteful.  Unstable and wasteful because the Bloc would strong arm it into paying ransom above and beyond what is fair to the rest of Canada, and weak because this situation would leave Canada vulnerable to external shocks to the economy that a natural loser like Micheal Ignatieff is unfit to cope with.  The Troika would put us at a competitive disadvantage with huge deficit spending, large tax hikes and general policy instability.

This is why a majority is so important.  Winning the election is not enough.  We can't count on the word of the opposition  parties, especially when they lie so openly about their bid for power.  This is truly a two party system.  The only problem is that the left wing party is schizophrenic.  We don't want a schizo government.   Iggy himself doesn't know who he is half the time.  He doesn't know he isn't entitled to be Prime Minister.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Liberals: Yeah we lie, suck it up.

The Liberals have admitted that they have been lying to Canadians.  This is not about all their lies through the years about the GST and cutting health care and Adscam and all that.  These lies are more recent than even their latest red ink book.  They have been running the basest of all attacks; ones that are completely fictional.  They have even admitted it and have pulled the ad.

Here is what Count Ignatieff had to say about it: "They dish it out but they can’t take it."  Hows that for an apology?  What Conservatives "dish out" are Iggy's own words.  A lot of it is on film for all to see.  Take a look at this:

See what I mean?  Explain that away Mr. Ignatieff.  Was it your evil twin? 

We aren't going to take it.  Canadians don't have to take anything from a sniveling pretender like Count Iggy.  Just because Iggy feels ill used by his own words doesn't give him the right to make stuff up.

It's exactly in character for Iggy.  Facts aren't a concern.  He'll say anything at all to get your x on the ballot.  That's all a Liberal ever needs.  They think you are stupid.  They don't think you'll remember the lies they told 20 years ago and so they lie today.  Give them your vote and they will lie tomorrow and 20 years from now.

Here is a quick run down of major recent lies:
  • No Coalition.  It will be an agreement.  He thinks these weasel words excuse him, but we know that he wants to overturn the government and take power without an electoral mandate from the people.  He did it in his own party and he tried it once before.
  • No Carbon Tax.  Page 46 of the red ink book sneakily includes the Green Shift.  Iggy wrote the greenshift.  What make you think he wouldn't implement it?  He'll be bankrupting us with growing bureaucracies at the same time.
  • No Jets.  He'll buy the damned jets only they'll buy less and pay more.  Its the EH-101/Cormorant fiasco all over again.  That's why we are even talking about it.  Because it worked 20 years ago.  The same Liberals he had on his arm last weekend that picked the F-35 in the first place.  Its the only Jet available. There is no alternative and even if there was, would we buy it from China or Russia?  Don't talk about drones either.  They can be helpful, but they aren't a replacement for pilots.  That's like replacing the Navy fleet with torpedo's.  Its not going to work in a serious fight.  
I could go on but what is the point.  Come May 3rd and the ballots are cast, the Red Ink Book and the promise pamphlets of the NDP will be in the trash.

The Conservative Party is serious about its platform and will deliver the goods.   Most of it was tabled as a Budget for the Government of Canada but the oppositions greed and gamesmanship stopped that.  Its time you stopped the opposition.

Vote Conservative.  Take Stephen Harpers platform to the bank.

Vote For Canada

If you are Liberal you need to read this.  I won't take much of your time.  I know how all these parties and special interest fight for your eyeballs all day and how tiring it gets. 

Here's the thing:

Some of you vote Liberal because you are liberal.  You feel that liberalism is your identity.  You feel that voting for some other party would betray your personality and your identity.  You don't stay loyal because they are actually good for you or for the country.

I want you to know that your vote is not your identity.  Your vote is your property.  It belongs to no one else in the universe but you.  We have a secret ballot.  Nobody has to know about how you vote.  Not even the people who count your ballot know who cast it.   You don't have to obey your husband.  You don't have to please your wife.  You don't have to impress your clique or live up to some imaginary standard set by some interest group.  When you enter the voting booth its you alone that must choose the fate of this country.

Would you choose Micheal Ignatieff and his version of the Liberal Party?  Is he the best we can do?  I'm 33 years old.  Mr. Ignatieff has been out of the country for longer than I have been alive.  I don't mind if he wants to call himself Canadian.  Not at all.  I do mind if his absenteeism is supposed to make him so much more Canadian than any of us.  That is absurd.  He can be Canadian, but Prime Minister is a whole other story.  He doesn't even show up to work.  He's missed 70% of votes in the house.  He can't even win the leadership of his own party, yet this lousy MP wants to be PM.  Without a Conservative majority Iggy would seize power even while losing the election.  

This weak leader heads a steadily diminishing Liberal Party, who's best hope for becoming PM is to forge an agreement with the Bloc separatists and the socialist NDP.  Is this why you are a Liberal voter?  To borrow favors for the separatists?  This means all his slight of hand promises will be in the garbage on May 3rd no matter what the outcome.  This applies to all the parties on the left.  A vote for them is a vote for a mishmash of incoherent doublespeak and unbridled spending that won't last more than a year anyway.  We'll be right back here again in an election about nothing in no time at all. 

Just this weekend the Bloc vowed to pursue the break up of this country.  Is any of this the reason you might vote Liberal?    Is this just the cost of asserting your identity?  David Suzuki and Margaret Atwood don't even know you exist and they don't care.  They would love to see this country brought down as low as the USA is now.  They are happy to be sad for you because it validates their worldview.  How shallow would it be to trade your vote, for the imaginary approval of George Strombolopolous or some CBC executive?  

Conservatives in this country went through a terrible time after Brian Mulroney.  We deserved it and the country needed it.  It makes us all stronger.

Its time that the Liberals reinvent themselves.  They can only do this if you turn your back on them.  Its the only way they will get it.  Show them you can't be taken for granted.  Remind them who owns your vote.  They need some quality time in the wilderness finding their soul again.  They need it.  You can still be a liberal or even a Liberal by voting for the Conservative Party of Canada.

The Conservative Party is the right choice for Government.  A majority government can stand up to the Bloc.  Conservative experience is the best suited to protect the economy, national unity, health care, our troops and security.  Conservatives are the right choice for Canada.   

Vote Conservative.  Vote for Majority.  Vote for Canada.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wise up Iggy

Count Ignatieff is getting desperate.  When I stopped laughing at his completely ridiculous "rise up" chant I had to wonder what the heck he is being fed on the campaign trail.  Too many hot dogs might kill an aristocrat you know.  Donolo might want to pack a tin of Russian caviar.
Hot Dogs make you real

What was iffy thinking?  Was his crowd supposed to start throwing chairs or something?  Maybe its supposed to spread like a zombie plague?

Its as if the Grinch who stole Christmas was asking the Whos in Whoville to help pillage their own village. 

I think people are wise to this nonsense.  He is trying to channel the unrest in the Middle East.  Canadians would sooner look to the Japanese example of pride, honour, and duty to each other in crisis than to the wave of  violence in the Middle East.  When has the Middle East ever been absent unrest?  Does anyone really expect the uprisings over there to magically end in peace and prosperity happily ever after?

Good idea Iffy.  That's what we need here in Canada.  The country leading the economic recovery needs to behave more like the hell holes we send our troops into.    Anyone who thinks that, needs to shake it off right now.  Seriously.  Dump the Liberals at least temporarily because you are on the wrong team.

Wise up.  Send the pompous pretender back to where pretends to come from.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Funniest Night of the Week.

For me. 

I didn't watch the debate.  Sorry.  I know you were hanging on the edge of your seat.  I would have been too, but I had a prior engagement at a Comedy Show. 

I am so glad I didn't change my plans.  I spent the whole night laughing.  When I think that I could have stayed in to watch this debate I want to give myself a face palm.  

I did however set my DVR to record it on 2 separate channels in case something went wrong. 

The 45 minutes of it that I did watch were relieving.  The Media built this debate up so much that they felt as important as the election itself.  I was expecting a dentist appointment but it wasn't so bad after all. 

The set was ugly.  -1970's colour scheme and a shanty town texture.  The questions to that point were media selected and biased as expected.  Sun Media should be a part of this debate consortium one day.  I imagine the rest of the questions will be similarly wrong in premise and biased against Mr. Harper.

Harper seemed to be holding his own though.  He made some excellent points.  Judging by the BT response and what I heard on the radio; we pulled it off. 

I think I'll sleep well tonight.  May you also sleep well Mr. Harper.  You did it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Which came first? Liberal Media Bias or Media Access to Slam Conservatives?

Access!  Access.  All this time.  A lifetime of Liberal Media and it was all because one day Stephen Harper would have a Minority Government and would deny that same Liberal Media access.  Unbelievable! 

John Ibbitson addressed the fact that the Ottawa Press Gallery hates the Prime Minister.  Well colour me surprised!  I've only known this since before it happened.  Now its so obvious they write about it.

Who's fault is it?  Well It's obviously Mr. Harper's.  He didn't provide access to himself and his Government that is why the media trashes Conservatives.  It's not because they are self-selected lefties and have been trashing Conservatives like Brian  Mulroney to Preston Manning to Stockwell Day.  They have been at it since they learned to write from left wing professors like Iggy himself.

The Government has to entertain the media.  We have to make them happy.  That is why they "fixated" on the refused entry to events to activists.  Remember they "fixated" on this while Liberals were expelling Neo Nazi's from their ranks and making apologies for thug hugging no-means-yes judges.  By the five furies you guys make me sick!

How did I miss this before?  The mainstream media hates Mr. Harper, because he isn't friends with them.  He isn't friends with the media because...the media hates Conservatives and Stephen Harper in particular.

How dare you call yourselves reporters.  Reporters report!  You don't make fake excuses for your "fixation."  You don't actively campaign for one party or another.  You don't push your personal agenda over the facts.  You don't LIE!

It was good of you to finally come out and admit what we have been saying all along.  You hate Harper, and by extension you hate all of us.  Fair enough, we hate you too.  You are just like the Unions; a special and selfish interest that uses its position in society to advance your own agenda.

Your propaganda subverts our democracy and weakens our country.  Instead of a strong experienced and responsible government, you would submit Canadians more tumultuous minorities and elections.  We saw it in Wikileaks.  Heck, you are even telling us about it.  You are exposed!  You aren't just exposed, you are lying about the reasons for too.

Shame on you despicable liars.  

So what should we do?

We can disenfranchise them.  This is what we are actually actively doing as conservatives apart from the Conservative Party.  Sun News is a part of this.  We can patronize Sun Media and any other media that services our wish for a friendly view of events and the world.  We didn't invent this.  We are the victims of this.  This is the whole point of socialism and its latest incarnation: green socialism. 

I believe that people are basically good.  Absent all the lies people are conservative.  Too many of them just don't know it.  You can't really change people by insulting them or threatening them.  People can only change themselves.  You can only lead them to water.  Disenfranchisement is the long term solution.  What do you know, its already happening organically too.  People are waking up to the Liberal Media.  Even when I was in high school we learned the saying: Its not NEWS, its VIEWS.  Well the next question is: Who's views are are making news? 

I'm a good sport though.  I believe in capitalism.  I want the best product so lets give the incumbent media a fighting chance.  They aren't all Liberal scum bags.  Ibbitson himself is evidently a lefty, but its his honesty that is endearing.  That's what this is about.  Its not about creating an empire of the right.  It's about tearing down the empire of the left.

Lets reach out to these dinosaurs and offer them the access they so dearly covet.  Go ahead.  Pick and choose reporters who may not have this hateful predisposition and give them a golden ticket to all the access they want.  Performance should be rewarded.  Wouldn't it be funny if access was dreaded by lefties for the favor that it implies.  LOL

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sitting down with Canadians

Midway through Stephen Harper's excellent platform release yesterday he sat down with some average Canadians to tell them how a Conservative Majority will directly benefit them.

He went through some major planks while telling jokes and getting cozy with voters.  I like it.  I like the rousing speeches too of course but when they all sat around a coffee table the feel of it changed in a good way.

It was like The Stephen Harper Show suddenly.  He was the host and interviewing many guests.  It was something you would never see on CBC or CTV, but perhaps SUN News. 


Friday, April 8, 2011

Stephen Harper rolls out the Conservative Party Platform

Friday in Mississauga Stephen Harper told us what a Majority Conservative Government would be like for Canadians.  The ebullient rally is available on CPAC if you weren't lucky enough to be there.  I'm excited about the future.  I want to live in the Canada Stephen Harper hopes to bring us.

Some things I'm looking forward to are:
  • A balanced budget by 2014 - 2015
  • double the maximum TFSA allowance
  • Income splitting
  • Fitness Tax Credit
There is so much more in their actual document.  Just looking at the table of contents makes me happy.  It seems to make reporters and the opposition unhappy, but that is expected.  They aren't on our side.  They aren't on your side.  This is for Canadians, not special interests.  Media blowhards are declaring it "phony baloney."  Go ahead.  See if Mr. Harper is bluffing.  You've got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. 

Conservatives are the only party that will be expected to actually implement a platform after a majority election win.  None of the left wing parties can hope to form a government by themselves which means they can throw their platforms in the trash on May 3rd.

The only way a citizen can get something tangible out of this election is to vote Conservative.  All the rest is a mirage; a lie that weakens the country to satisfy the personal lust for power of the combined left.

The Conservatives are here for you, and their platform proves it.  Nothing can be worse than the Great Recession and all we have to do now is let Stephen Harper do his job.  I can't wait to see what he'll do with the upswing.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Micheal Ignatieff: Admit me to your Rally!

Two people were barred from a Conservative rally recently.  You've heard the scandalous and righteous hype from the Liberals and the media about it.  Oh the humanity.  Oh the democracy.  Oh the something else, with tears of blood etc...

I'd like to challenge Micheal Ignatieff and the Liberal Campaign to allow me into their next rally in Alberta.  I have pictures with Mr. Harper on Facebook too.  "Democracy" for he but not for me, right? 

I'm a self-declared Conservative Supporter, blogger and card carrying member.  That basically means I'm a fan.  I'm just a vocal and opinionated private citizen and that's it.  I have as much to do with the Conservative Party as I do with the Calgary Stampeders.  -which is nothing at all.  I love them because I believe in them.  They are the best party that consistently exceeds my expectations for my Government.

I began planning to crash a Liberal Event here in Alberta but there don't seem to be any.  Here's a screen cap of Liberal events in Canada for the Election.
I couldn't resist re-colorizing the Liberal logo to reflect their ideology, but other than that, this is a direct lift from the Liberal website.  

The first thing you might notice is how sparse Liberal events are west of Windsor.  There are only 2 events in the west, one in Calgary and one in Vancouver.  Saskatchewan and Manitoba don't have any events at all and neither does Newfoundland.  You could fit entire continents into the area's that Liberals ignore and this is a general reflection of their policy as well.

The second thing you should notice is that the Territories are completely missing.  Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut are just gone.  They don't matter to Liberals.  They don't have to visit, they don't even include them in Canada really.  4 times as many American States appear on the Liberal event map than the 3 important Territories that were simply cut off.  The election happens there too.  The Territories send many MP's to Ottawa including our outstanding Leona Aglukkaq.

Even if I crashed the event in Calgary, I can't be sure Iggy will be there.  It says Paul Martin will be there and he isn't even running.  Where are you Iggy?  The media tells us Conservatives have abandoned Quebec which they most definitely have not.  The Liberals have abandoned Alberta since Trudeau and that is a generally accepted fact.  Its not news. 

Well, if you can be bothered Iggy, come on out here.  I've got some things to say to you.  I won't put a pie in your face.  I promise.  This is what will happen if there is no security at your events.

I feel bad that this happened to those girls.  I want to share this great party with them.  It was overzealous and I'm sure it has happened to others in every party without media coverage.  I hope they can understand the care that must be taken against people who would harm our Prime Minister.  I'm sure Liberals and their media don't.  Perhaps the CPC campaign can reconcile the error with them and arrange a personal meeting with them to work it out.  I've heard the security guard has apologized.

Rallies are held for the party faithful and the faithful will understand the needs and possible sacrifices for success of the Party.  The fact we are even talking about this makes me wonder how much of this whole situation is some media theater.

If those 2 girls are somehow entitled entry to a Conservative Rally then I am equally entitled entry to any Liberal Rally.  I demand the right to enter all Liberal Rally's.  Let's see if the same rules apply in the other direction.

This is the disingenuous part of the latest faux scandal.   There have been credible threats against the Prime Minister before.  People are serving time prison for wanting to murder him right now

Jean Chretien once strangled a man who got in his way on TV.  Is this the scene you are trying to create at a Conservative Rally?  How about at your rally?

I once shook hands with Jean Chretien.  I wash my hands 6 - 10 times a day so those skin cells are long gone.  Not a trace of the old cretin are on me (but I could use a shower all of a sudden).

It was Canada Day and I was on Parliament Hill.  Her Majesty the Queen of Canada was there too and if my Prime Minister was shaking hands with the crowd then I was happy to shake it and wish him well too.  I respect the office and everything it represents if not the man holding it. 

If Liberals are serious about their faux scandal than they have to invite and admit me to their rally.  (If they have the guts to hold one around here and tell me about it)  They have nothing to fear except from what I might say to Count Ignatieff.  What would you say if you had a face-to-face to the Count?

....We all know this is nothing but another steaming pile of cow dung though.  I won't hold my breath.

Monday, April 4, 2011

What Page are the Stadiums on?

I haven't had a chance to get through the Liberal Red(-ink) book myself yet. Has anyone seen the 20 odd Stadiums that Iggy promised? Were they moved to the Hidden Agenda or just your average Liberal promise/lie?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Coalition By Any Other Name...

A Coalition by any other name smells just as rotten.  That much is certain.  The Liberal brand cannot withstand another blatant and outright campaign lie.  Whatever grotesque form the coalition takes, it will certainly not be called a "Coalition." Some of the more perceptive journalists have already picked up on the weasel words used by the Liberals regarding Coalitions.

Here is Andrew Coyne:
...if the Conservatives were to win the most seats in the election, but not a majority, and if Michael Ignatieff were to enlist the support of Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe to defeat the Conservatives in the Commons soon after, and if the Governor General, rather than call new elections, asked him to form a government, that would not necessarily imply a coalition government. He might govern as a minority, issue by issue, as Stephen Harper has for the last five years. Or he might strike a more formal agreement, such as the Liberal-NDP accord that brought David Peterson to power in Ontario in 1985. Neither would be a coalition. So when the Liberal leader disavows, as he did on the campaign’s first day, any intention of forming a coalition government with the NDP, or any “formal arrangement” with the Bloc, that does not mean he has ruled out taking power by the process described above.
 Coyne lays out a convoluted path to a coalition that ends up being even more convoluted in the attempt to remain neutral about it.  He even contradicts himself and the reality that Iggy could not bring himself to rule out a coalition on the first day.  It took an embarrassing scrum and an over night press release for the Liberals to rule out anything explicitly called a "coaltion."

Now listen to Jeffery Simpson who is surprisingly clear for an arch progressive:
All this [discussion] about “coalitions,” especially “coalitions of losers,” obscures what could arise after May 2. If a prime minister, say Mr. Harper, couldn’t command a parliamentary majority, lost a confidence vote but demanded an immediate election, the Governor-General would be constitutionally correct to ask the leader of the opposition if he could govern. The leader would presumably seek support from other parties in a coalition, an arrangement, an understanding or whatever. If he commanded the confidence of the House, he would govern. 
We might be getting bogged down in a lot of ifs here.  If Conservatives don't get a majority, and if another Conservative minority is elected, and if the throne speech is voted down, and if the Governor General doesn't call another election, then and only then will a Liberal Government seize power with a Minor Minority.  A Minor Minority being a party that takes the government writ without winning an election.  An insult to democracy.

All but the first if, the outcome where the Conservative Party is elected to a majority, is entirely under the control of the coalition parties.  I believe this has been the plan all along. 

A losing Liberal party usurping power with their appointed and unpopular leader through an obscure parliamentary technicality is an ugly and dangerous precedent.  This may even be legal but it is still wrong, immoral and duplicitous.  If Canadians thought their parliament was dysfunctional before they haven't seen anything yet.  Gilles Ducepp must be laughing his butt off.

Micheal Ignatieff's own rhetoric about democracy would seem to contradict the affront of the Minor Minority government.  It does, but only if you ignore the rhetoric about the "supremacy of parliament."  A parliament that outnumbers the largest party is entitled to supremacy above and beyond the wishes of Canadians.  This is what aristocrats like Count Ignatieff mean by democracy.  He means the democracy of the house granted by winning a seat in a general election, not any democracy that common people will ever come in contact with. 

Igantieffs democracy is Soviet style democracy.  It takes input from the people but the power lies solely with the elite. 

We can see this was the plan all along.  Ignatieff's first day wasn't an accident.  All observers agree that Iggy should have been prepared for the Coalition question.  I submit he was prepared, but wasn't prepared to lie about it. 

I'm sure that Liberal agents spent the entire night working out how to allow the Count to explicitly deny a narrowly defined coalition while still planning to seize power outside of an election.

Meanwhile, senior Liberals are available on Youtube describing this situation exactly.

It is clear what the Liberals and their coalition cronies have been planning all along.  The only way to stop it, the only option to Canadians who care about this country is to vote in a Conservative Majority.  It's the only way to avoid the coming upheavals.  Both the Bloc and the NDP will have the power to veto any move that a minor minority will make.  The Bloc's goal to tear this country asunder is being realized.  It is the duty of any patriotic Canadian to vote Conservative.  The Conservative mission is to literally conserve Confederation.

 To paraphrase Elrond in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings:

Strangers from distant lands, friends of old, you have been summoned here to answer the threat of Coalition. Canada stands upon the brink of destruction; none can escape it. You will vote or you will fall. Each province is bound to this fate, this one doom. Bring forth the election....