Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hidden Agendas

What better way to mask a hidden agenda than to point to someone else and cry "Hidden Agenda!"  I'm referring of course to the Liberal/Media desperation tactic that has been occurring post debate.  The debates didn't go well for Iggy and so we have this odious tactic.

First it was Health Care.  "Its the end of Health!"  That's about the size of it.  No facts.  No evidence.  Nothing but the usual raft of lies that make up to sum total of everything Liberals have to say.  They lie.  Then they lie about the lie.  They cover up the fact that the worst attacks on Health Care came form the Liberals themselves.  Meanwhile we have a promise from Stephen Harper to keep the health funding and transfers topped up.

Next Iggy dropped his coalition bomb in his interview on CBC.  Possibly a fatal mistake.  The tone of the desperation gets that much worse.  We hear now that "abortion will be illegal."  Sure.  After 5 years we hear this again.  Its not true now, just as it wasn't true for the last 3 elections.  The Liberals obviously view this little lie as a their secret weapon.  We see it come out only in their darkest hour.  There is some credibility cost to making these unfounded allegations but their credibility is shot anyway.

This type of scaremongering is simply an artifact of failure.  The Liberal Hidden Agenda is poorly hidden indeed.  The Carbon Tax and Green shift are hidden on page 46 of the Red Book.  The Coalition is hidden in the scenarios that every Liberal can answer detailed questions about.  The "Corporate Tax Cuts" were written into law with the help of the Liberals in 2007.  They are promising Tax Hikes.  The scale of their lies and contempt for the average person is breathtaking.  How can they call a Tax Hike anything but?  They will raise taxes. 

A party that can so boldly lie about their own plans and about the plans of their competitors is dangerous.  We as a people cannot reward this kind of politics.  It encourages the kind of politics we all hate, and weakens this country. 

I urge you to make the best choice.  It's important.  Please vote Conservative on May 2nd.  Vote for Canada.

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Anonymous said...

Well said! PM Harper and the Conservatives have earned a majority.
Cheers Bubba

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