Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Pie in the Sky Socialism of the NDP

The last thing Canadians need is a socialist wrecking ball to the fragile economy.

The latest polls showing a surging NDP in second place was delightful at first.  Its nice to see the old Grits falling flat, but a second place NDP means they will have the right to lead a coalition.  Unlike the weasel worded Liberals, the NDP has given full throated support to a Coalition with the Bloc.   They will be quite happy to overturn an election result and they might not even need the Liberals at all.

It's worse than that.  NDP promises are impossible even to the NDP.  Now that the possibility of an NDP government is actually a reality we saw them retract some of their campaign promises.  Yes its true.  I don't remember any party in any campaign in any country in the world to ever retract an expensive promise 1 week before the election.  Their actions are more astounding than their surge itself.

The retracted promise had to do with billions in spending on the back of Canadian industry.  In the last election the NDP wanted to "shut down the tar sands."  They would make the NEP look like a fun fair.  If  even the NDP has to rethink their own platform you really have to worry what these ideological purists haven't imagined they have gotten wrong.  Manufacturing, Transportation, Agriculture in addition to Energy would be hit hard.  No industry would escape.  The NDP is aiming for your pocket.

Lets look at the tricks from the NDP platform:
  • "Stop the Tar Sands" They said so in the previous election.  Now the agenda is buried in their carbon taxes.
  • Force credit cards not to go 5% above prime.  Are they going to force them to hand out cards too because  you can get loans like that if they think you can pay them back.  Does anyone really need another card?  This promise is essentially the end of credit cards.  Current accounts would be closed and new cards would probably have to be backed.
  • Abolish the Senate.  I'd like to abolish some aspects of the Senate but the whole thing would be irresponsible.  They do important work in government and adding shocks to the government while shocking the economy is a recipe for disaster.
  • Pull out of Afghanistan.  Jack always liked the Taliban.  He would leave those people high and dry, undo all our hard work and make future terrorist doubt our resolve.  If there was a war that was more justified and worthwhile since WW2 its Afghanistan.  Our combat role is over but our contribution isn't.
  • Reopen the Constitution.  What could go wrong?  Woopee!
  • Balance the budget by 2014.  LOL.  The platform that includes jokes.
Of course, this platform was never intended to be taken seriously.  A coalition provides a good excuse for completely ignoring any and all promises.  This goes for Liberals too.

They make tax and spend Liberals look tame by comparison.  Iggy would be nothing more than a minister while Jack would actually be PM.  Jack would turn this country around all right.  We would go directly into the same dumpster the United States finds itself in.  How many examples do we need that socialism doesn't work?

I don't suppose that BQ voters who flirt with ruinous federal socialists would ever vote Conservative.  The majority of Canadians who are in the center should wake up and realize this is a two party system.  You don't have to love the PM, but the alternative is a far left coalition of losing parties headed by a socialist and supported by a separatist and a zombie party. 

Pick up a newspaper.  We aren't out of the woods.  Don't gamble your country with an experimental socialist coalition.  They will personally cost you thousands of dollars and collectively put us all deep in the hole.  On May 2nd Vote Conservative.

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burpnrun said...

The Big Con.

Subtitle: How I Learned to Live with the NDP's Higher Taxes, and Love It!

A quickie primer on Jack's (or Iggy's) promises and costs. Fast read, depressing conclusion. Some macabre humour in between: http://burpnrun.blogspot.com/2011/04/big-con.html

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