Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Helping out Deepak Obhrai in Calgary East

I've been helping out my Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai here in Calgary East.  We've been having a great response from the community who have appreciated the door-knocking and volunteered to put signs on their lawns.

This is the first time I have ever volunteered this way.  It feels great.  I encourage everyone get out and help.

Its funny though that the first sign I ever planted ended up smashed down.
My First Campaign Sign: Vandalized

I'm told this is just the reality of campaigning.  Still, its illegal and immoral to destroy election signage.  Most of these signs are recycled from previous elections.  Destroyed signs are garbage.  I think we can still salvage the one above.

I actually don't suspect it was any official campaign.  To be fair, I did see one Liberal sign in the middle of the road.  That didn't stop the local Liberal from accusing Conservative volunteers of vandalism.  Deepak even had to issue a press release condemning vandalism while being the primary target of it.

People in the community know who is responsible though.  They also did it during the recent municipal election.  Signs in that election were randomly trashed and shoved under cars.  In hushed tones they speculate that its morally devoid youth that have no concept of honour or duty and how to exercise their rights in a democratic election.   Honest taxpayers know that only Conservative values can hope to transform the rabble into hard working citizens. 

Incidentally, released a factually incorrect look at Deepak Obhrai yesterday. They claim that
"Obhrai flatly rejects the notion of participating in all-candidate debates; refusing to partake in town halls or similar events that require face-to-face interaction with either his opponents, or his constituents." 
-which is funny because there will be an all candidates debate tomorrow night.

I first met Deepak at Globalfest last year when I moved into the riding.  Anyone could walk up and chat and that's what I did.  Rabble doesn't even know about tomorrows debate.   I don't expect a left wing propaganda depot like Rabble to know anything whatsoever about what Deepak has done for this riding or the country.

The Constituents of Calgary East know what happens here and what Deepak is doing on their behalf in Ottawa.  They will be out on election day to vote for Deepak Obhrai and a Strong Conservative Government.

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