Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Majority now or later

I can't think of a more painful way to get a majority Conservative government than to submit to a socialist coalition led by Jack "lay-off" Layton.  He didn't get anyone laid off?  Well you just wait.  I really don't want to go through an NDP era the way Ontario did with Bob Rae.

Can we skip that please?  Canadians, think of your family, your neighbors, your fellow citizens half a world away and blissful under the same flag.  The Liberal ship is going down.  Its only a vote.  You can even be a loyal Liberal and vote Conservative just this once.  Look at that party.  Its a disaster.  You will keep getting Martins and Dions and Iggys if you don't shut them down.  Conservatives had to vote Liberal in order to slap down the Progressive Conservatives.  Its your turn. 

Let Iggy go down with the ship.  You don't have to go down with him.  There is no shame in success.  Let the Liberals beg for your loyalty next time around.

We will all go down if lay-off Layton sneaks in.  20 billion in Carbon Taxes.  Hundreds of billions sucked out of the economy in total.  Larger endless structural deficits as Government expands explosively.  And to top it off we reopen the constitution!

Do you know what Meech lake was about?  Separatists have personally griped about that to me and it happened when we were kids.  This next time I fear there will be more than one provincial nationalist at the table.  Bring in a Green Shift/NEP2 and there will be several grieved parties to deal with.

Yes, he is that stupid.  A grinning fool.  He says so himself.  We are looking at the worst of all outcomes with the NDP in power.  "We can do this" is suddenly their motto.  They will do it, if you don't stop them.  Vote Conservative on May 2nd and get out the vote from everyone you know.


Anonymous said...

"20 billion in Carbon Taxes. "

Geez, the author should at least fact-check. The NDP platform calls for cap-and-trade. Not carbon tax.

Genst-Admin said...

Correct about Carbon taxes, good call. Lets not forget that under the conservatives, we have the biggest deficit in Canadian history.

Alex said...

@ Anon: Cap and Tax whatever! Its a blasted Carbon Tax! I have no patience for word games.

@ Genst-Admin: I don't forget. Don't you forget that this last year the deficit is 28 billion and only that high because there are too many chefs in this damned kitchen. Vote Majority and that deficit is good as gone. to the radio said...

In 1993 when the words Prime Minister Kim Campbell made my blood run cold.
I voted Reform because I knew the Liberals would win.
I didn't like the Liberals.
But after the coward Mulroney walked away without taking his lumps I figured they deserved a shot.

If the NDP end up in the drivers seat after the dust has cleared it will be your fault, Liberals.

The game is over for you.
You're not fighting for an outright win.
It's save the furniture time.
Hold your nose and vote Conservative.
And let Jack be the voice of Quebec.

Anonymous said...

Most important of all is for all conservative hands to be on deck right NOW. I'm deadly, lethally serious right now. If you don't want an NDP victory you have to get out and help the local conservative candidate. Do it tomorrow. Please please please do it.

Anonymous said...

Genst-Admin Next you will be saying that the lieberals,dippers,and the blocmail quebec parties didn't force the deficit upon Canada and Porky Martin didn't steel from EI and Civil Servant pension plans to balance the books. Pull you head out of your ass man and have a look around.

Rob C

Alex said...

@ Dance: totally agree.

@ Anon 2: Was out tomorrow. Was out Today. Will be out most of the day tomorrow too and everyday till its all over.

@ Rob C: I hear you man but please be less insulting. You can be full of passion for what you are saying but just keep in mind that we are conservatives here and should treat eachother with respect. I understand his issue, it can't be helped now, thats all.

Anonymous said...

Genst-Admin said..."we have the biggest deficit in Canadian history"

I beg to differ, in 1984 Deficit $38B about 9% GDP, in 1993 Deficit $42B about 6% GDP and in 2009 Deficit $56B about 3.6% GDP this year in is on track for $40B which is about 2.5% GDP As you can sse the biggest deficit was in 1984 caused by Trudeau

Rob West Ottawa

Terrance said...

A couple of quick observations:

1) The Tory campaign has been abysmal

2) The Liberals ran an exceptional campaign and their guy is losing, badly.

3) The NDP are surging and are now 5 points back on the Tories. This is less about support for the NDP and its policies and far more about a referendum on how Canadians are fed up with the state of national politics.

4) Under Harper's watch, the level of partisanship has spiked, games playing and dirty tricks have become the order of the day.

5) The Conservatives are perilously close to losing this election - I think they might well lose this election.

6) People aren't voting for the NDP. They're voting for change. Tories don't offer change, just more of the same.

7) Tuesday morning, we're going to wake up to a very different looking Canada.

8) Should the NDP win or seize power by merging with the Liberals after defeating the throne speech, it's going to be a long five years.

We're screwed.

x2para said...

seems like Jack's supporters much like Jack are totally delusional; Crazy Jack thinks that you can spend like mad jack up taxes and the only affect will be a huge windfall for the government duh. As for the defecit with the NDP in charge it would have been at least triple at best; and I just love the, its not a carbon tax its cap and trade garbage, no matter how you dres it up it means poor joe citizen pays more, and with the enviro-fanatacism of the NDP who knows how hight their cap'n carbon tax will go

Alberta Girl said...

I disagree that the tory campaign has been abymsal - what has been abysmal is how the media have portrayed and worked the different campaigns.

In tearing down Harper and building up - first Iggy (until they saw him freefalling ) and now Jack - they have defined the campaigns.

If the campaign gets nothing but negative press - (totally different reports from people who were in attendance) - and the other campaigns are full of praise and soft ball can you compare campaigns.

Harper has been trashed by the media in this country for years and this campaign is no different. THey thought they could hold him to a minority and then champion the Lib/NDP coalition to remove him.

They might wake up on Tuesday morning wondering what they have done. they just have to look in the mirror.

Terrance said...

Alberta Girl:

One reaps what one sews.

Alex said...
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Alex said...

@ Rob: Cool but rework the numbers please. The deficit last year is 28 billion.

@ Terrance: I fundamentally disagree but we may lose to a coalition. This is more about people forgetting the Bloc than any "vote for Change" baloney. Only an idiot would want to change the country and former Bloquists fit the bill.

@ x2para: I'm totally with you.

@ @ Alberta Girl: You tell them!

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