Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Funniest Night of the Week.

For me. 

I didn't watch the debate.  Sorry.  I know you were hanging on the edge of your seat.  I would have been too, but I had a prior engagement at a Comedy Show. 

I am so glad I didn't change my plans.  I spent the whole night laughing.  When I think that I could have stayed in to watch this debate I want to give myself a face palm.  

I did however set my DVR to record it on 2 separate channels in case something went wrong. 

The 45 minutes of it that I did watch were relieving.  The Media built this debate up so much that they felt as important as the election itself.  I was expecting a dentist appointment but it wasn't so bad after all. 

The set was ugly.  -1970's colour scheme and a shanty town texture.  The questions to that point were media selected and biased as expected.  Sun Media should be a part of this debate consortium one day.  I imagine the rest of the questions will be similarly wrong in premise and biased against Mr. Harper.

Harper seemed to be holding his own though.  He made some excellent points.  Judging by the BT response and what I heard on the radio; we pulled it off. 

I think I'll sleep well tonight.  May you also sleep well Mr. Harper.  You did it.


Anonymous said...

The Media built this debate up so much that they felt as important as the election itself.

Of course they did. Because THEY all hate Harper for treating the media with disdain they think everyone else does. What they don't understand is nobody cares about whether Harper treats reporters with the disrespect they so richly deserve. Nobody cares whether Harper is secretive except for lazy journalists who want to be spoon fed stories.

Anonymous said...

PM Harper left them all in the dirt. The one thing that no one is talking about, is how the camera man kept showing the back of PM Harpers head more then his face. They didn't do that to anyone else all night long.

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