Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sitting down with Canadians

Midway through Stephen Harper's excellent platform release yesterday he sat down with some average Canadians to tell them how a Conservative Majority will directly benefit them.

He went through some major planks while telling jokes and getting cozy with voters.  I like it.  I like the rousing speeches too of course but when they all sat around a coffee table the feel of it changed in a good way.

It was like The Stephen Harper Show suddenly.  He was the host and interviewing many guests.  It was something you would never see on CBC or CTV, but perhaps SUN News. 



hunter said...

Excellent. I wondered why CTV didn't show that part, now I know why, PM Harper was relaxed, funny and he got the message out in a friendly manner. Not how he has been painted by the media.

Brett said...

In fairness, they did show it live but did not show it afterwards.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see PM Harper do things like that more often. It puts a hole in the coalitions BS , that the party is just jets, and jails. After the so called debates, I would also like to see him take audience questions. He is an intellegant man and is good at answering the mad dog rat pack media questions, so he should give it a go.He's a lot more honest then his counterparts and maybe he can dispell some of the media lies out there.

Anonymous said...

Um...where's he been hiding? Get him out there, take more questions from the lamestream...

Anonymous said...


harper's not a conservative and nothing will change when we're handed another minority.

i'll be sitting this one out.


Alex said...

@ hunter: yes loved it.

@ Brett: True because they didn't know what was happening, but they wouldn't show it as a segment the way I did. I caought it on CBC first but they kept intereupting so I switched over to CPAC.

@ Anon 8:57: You know the whole Jets and Jails argument proves the Conservatives are for real. What party in their right mind would campaign on that? We are only getting them because we need them. That's why. The other Party's are full of it. People are more informed now than in the old EH101 days. They know the game the Liberals are playing.

@ Anon 10:02: -in plain sight? idk. Not sure that he's been hiding.

@ Neo Con: Thanks for stopping by. I like your site. Always good for a chuckle. Too bad you are sitting out. None of us can have it all. I'm no warmist for example but I ignore it because of the alternatives. Reconsider and help us out. Harper is our last best hope for the Canada we love.

bertie said...

NEO,,No one cares if you sit this one out.Get lost.And quit saying the same thing on everyone,s post.

hunter said...

That is the faux Neo. He comes to my site to cause trouble.

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