Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wise up Iggy

Count Ignatieff is getting desperate.  When I stopped laughing at his completely ridiculous "rise up" chant I had to wonder what the heck he is being fed on the campaign trail.  Too many hot dogs might kill an aristocrat you know.  Donolo might want to pack a tin of Russian caviar.
Hot Dogs make you real

What was iffy thinking?  Was his crowd supposed to start throwing chairs or something?  Maybe its supposed to spread like a zombie plague?

Its as if the Grinch who stole Christmas was asking the Whos in Whoville to help pillage their own village. 

I think people are wise to this nonsense.  He is trying to channel the unrest in the Middle East.  Canadians would sooner look to the Japanese example of pride, honour, and duty to each other in crisis than to the wave of  violence in the Middle East.  When has the Middle East ever been absent unrest?  Does anyone really expect the uprisings over there to magically end in peace and prosperity happily ever after?

Good idea Iffy.  That's what we need here in Canada.  The country leading the economic recovery needs to behave more like the hell holes we send our troops into.    Anyone who thinks that, needs to shake it off right now.  Seriously.  Dump the Liberals at least temporarily because you are on the wrong team.

Wise up.  Send the pompous pretender back to where pretends to come from.


maryT said...

Just read that someone tweeted they have renamed Iggy's plane-Viagrair-rise up rise up. But apparently there was a problem with his plane today.

Joe said...

He's busy screaming "Rise Up" to a room full of geriatrics whose artificial joints and high blood pressure keeps them in their seats until they can find their walkers.

Pissedoff said...

Joe it's dickheads like you that make geriatrics like me think twice about voting for the Harper party. SA I don't call his comment respectful or civil.

Alex said...

I don't agree with Joe at all PO. You called him a dickhead and that will stand too so you are even. Please don't go slagging entire age groups on my blog if you can help it. Joe's comments reflect on Joe, not on me or on the CPC.

Anonymous said...

I was also thinking that the crowd was a little on the mature side for the rise up against the man oratory. Call me crazy, but in my experience the over fifty crowd is generally interested more in specifics and less in abstract chants. That kind of thing probably plays a lot better at campus rallies.

It looked so awkward.. the Count has a naturally unnatural aura about him.

The_Iceman said...

Well Done! I like your blog.

Anonymous said...

What an echo chamber. Let's call him every name in the book to vilify him. At least our man Harper needs ACTUAL events to vilify him!

Roy Elsworth said...

he sounds like a minister preching to the crowd
funny actually I almost choked on my food I was laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

I was so embarrased for him, cringe worthy, and I am not liberal.He really should not be a politician, its a horrible fit for Iggy.

Anonymous said...

As sonn as I heard he was quoting a Springsteen song I assumed it was Born In The USA..

Anonymous said...

The liberal strategy is pure genius!

They accuse Harper of planning on cutting health care then dig up Chretien and Martin who cut the hell out of health care themselves.

And then there is the whole attack on Harper's ethics, but once again having the Adscam guys standing next to you while making that attack seems simply surreal.

Anonymous said...


1.) Wrong song title quoted. It's really from"My City in Ruins," sound like the Mickster is singing a loser's lament for his city, Librano Toronto - a.k.a. "Fort Apache - The Bronx"


2.) "Chretien & Martin to join the fray." ~ news item.

No. Not THAT Chretien and Martin duo, not the stand-up comedic folk-singers duo.

This is a sure sign that reality is starting to get through to the Liberal Party of Canada, with rampant panic and pandemonium seeping and oozing through the decaying remnants of this once-proud, once-influential national party. A party now reduced to a stump,and soon to become nothing more than a distant, distasteful memory.

The Party faithful all fearfully know, and this announcement verifies it. The librano's latest iteration of possible salvation is D.O.A. and needs a miracle to survive. Hence the just-announced doubled-down.


The mantle of glory, which once they thrust, and today, is casually worn by their latest insouciant "Great White Hope" has now been reduce to not much more than a moth-eaten, tattered and patched, thread-bare sham-wow of it's past glory. The librano ship of state is sinking fast, while the captain piously pontificates and natters on about still another scandal - about yet just one more item that he hopes will at long last, become The Final Epic Scandal that could save his ass - for a while, at least.

The backroom boys have read and seriously considered all the entrails. Now, silently they realize that they must, finally, acknowledge the reality that the captain doesn't have a chance in hell of garnering fifty seats, minimum. In light of stiff Iggy's faltering and fumbling campaign, the Libranos are bringing in their geriatric Big Guns for the roles of either, "wing men" or "crutches': to wit - here come The Strangler and The Ditherer. It's gonna prove to be a classic "three-way."

Mais, malhereusement, the creator of this concept, Step-on DeYawn, was not invited to participate. So here we are, Step-on's " t'ree peelers " of the "Big Red tent wid' the Big Red Door Circus."

Will The Strangler and The Ditherer ever appear on the same stage together? Side by side? Each with an arm over the other dude's shoulder? In that ersatz spirit of camaraderie and bon'homie that they arrogantly fake, believing that that we naively believe exists between them?

Will the conservatives offer up some cup-cake toting cup-cake human sacrifice, for the ti-gars street-brawlin' scrapper to garrote? And, should the ti-gars attempt to strangle dissidents, will he have his entourage of bulked-up "muscle" to make sure that no harm befall the old geezer?

Like the song sez, " I'm watchin' an' watin'..."

Rat naow I jes' gotta get me gone! Later, enh?



wilson said...

Those of us who are part of the geriatrics crowd are not insulted being referred to as such... we get discounts at Humpty's!

Once you crest over 50, your 'sensitivites' change into 'sensibilities'.

Yes, Iffy was definitely calling for an 'uprising' to the wrong crowd,
and in the wrong country.

Anonymous said...

If you google "rise up" and Mao Zedong you will see that Mr Ignatieff is channeling the old murderer
Second paragraph weird,or what. Least Iggy could do is give a H/T to Mao.
Cheers Bubba Brown

Anonymous said...

I thought Dion was awkward, but Iggy takes the cake. Or "let them eat cake" as he would say.

Anonymous said...

Fitting...Iggy drags out a crook and a tax evader. Then he says Martin saved health care. The very liberal party that downloaded everything onto the provinces, cut tranfer payments, stole from the workers EI to have a surplus and balance their books.Pack of liers and crooks and Iggy is an a$$. Someone should investigate Elections Canada while they are at it to. Disgraceful and Liberal special interest groups need to brought down. Harper majority.

Joe said...

Pissedoff: If you can't see the humour in Count Ziffy MIA screaming "rise up" to a bunch of seniors then you have some real issues. People of MY generation who have artificial joints and who take medication for high blood pressure don't leap to their feet even in an emergency. People of MY generation have done their 'revolution' several generations ago they're not about to "rise up" at some pin headed politicians urging. Had Count Ziffy MIA done his 'Rise Up' at a college rally it would have made sense. Asking seniors to 'Rise Up'? ROFLMAO.

Anonymous said...

Someone ought to spike the nearest hot-dog cart's onion dish with garlic next time the Count is around..

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