Sunday, January 22, 2012

Partisan and Proud

Here's an attack ad for you.  What are you going to do about it lame stream media?

How about you sad sack Liberals?  Come on!  The truth is fighting words isn't it.

Didn't they put away 2 million dollars in case of a rainy attack ad day?  Ha!  -like they've got that kind of money.  The NDP are a pack of kooks but at least they stand for something.  Liberal's stand for whatever their audience wants to hear.  They stand for nothing.  Everyone except their media boosters know it.

I'm proud of my opinions.  I'm partisan and proud.  The Conservative Party doesn't support me, but I support them.  They are the ONLY Political Party that is looking out for Canadians.

The thing that strikes me about the NCC ad is its content.  Every word is absolutely true.  Why is Steven Taylor the bad guy pointing out the truth?  He's doing what a biased media is incapable of doing and he should be applauded for it.  The facts about Bob Rae should be known.  It's a public service.  The NCC has every right to speak up about Bob Rae.  I plan to join the National Citizens Coalition and help.

Newt Gingrich on the Keystone XL and Canada

Newt Gingrich won South Carolina by a landslide yesterday.  His victory speech was excellent.  He even mentioned Prime Minister Stephen Harper by name when talking about the Keystone XL. 

Here is an excerpt from the speech specifically dealing with the Keystone XL pipeline.

Heady times these.  Alberta and Canada are the epicenter of world attention.  As we gear up for an important provincial election in the spring, Stephen Harper will be heading to China for an official visit.

Do you realize that we are the only good news economic story in the western world today?  Good news and success just barely thwarted by petty bureaucrats, selfish politicians, and fanatical special interests.  The story of the Alberta Oil Sands, the Keystone XL, and the Northern Gateway exquisitely encapsulates exactly what has gone wrong with our civilization.  All thanks to progressives that riddle the left and have their hives on the right.  Allison Redford is case in point. 

The Prime Minister called it a "no-brainer," and so it is.  We are living in Atlas Shrugged.  Instead of rails its pipelines.  All the greedy, stupid, lazy and corrupt actors are tripping over themselves to stop a good thing from happening.

We shall build these pipelines.  We shall extract our oil.  Canada's treasure shall be shared with the world for the good of all, and especially our own. 

I have the rest of Newt's victory speech here as well.  I've edited out all the thankyous to bring it down to 19 minutes or so.  Well worth the time if you haven't seen it already.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Joe Oliver on Obama's Keystone Mistake

The Minister is on fire.

It's official.  Obama has no brain.  He loses borrowed billions on Solyndra and other bad idea's but you can't even force him to let a stable, friendly, environmentally sound ally spend private money creating jobs and controlling oil prices.  He's a class 1 idiot.  Certified, undeniable, Grade A, Presidential Moron.

Of course, the NDP helped this happen.  Stupidity loves company.

How come nobody is happy  about the pipeline form an environmental position?  Pipelines are safer and more efficient than other means to transport anything.  It was invented by the Romans for goodness sake.  We've had thousands of years to perfect it!  Its like being against glass or cement.  The eco-nuts coined the term "the age of stupid" and I believe they are correct in that observation.  It is truly the direction the left and the eco-lobby are taking our civilization.

The Best Political Ad of the GOP Nomination

So far its this ad from the Rick Santorum team: "Rebellion."


Incidentally Ron Paul is part of the above problem.  I'm convinced Ron Paul is a foil to the Tea Party.  Imagine if there was no candidate Ron Paul?   Romney would also be history.  Any time a tea party person talks fiscal conservatism they are trumped by extremist Ron Paul arguments.  Then they are forced to defend the government against a nonsense argument of eliminating the government altogether.  At the same time Ron Paul's foreign policy is left of Obama's.  Ron Paul shoots himself with Taliban talking points and kooky concerns like not building a southern border fence in case Americans want to escape to Mexico (???!) someday.

Ron Paul and the Tea Party neatly cancel themselves out leaving you nothing but Romney.  Call me cynical but I think the Ron Paul people just may have been duped into defeating themselves in favor of the progressive.  Its just a theory but its how progressives work.  Its also effectively turning out that way.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An American Perspective on Joe Oliver's Open Letter

Alex Epstein of the Center for Industrial Progress commented on Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver's open letter.  It's interesting to see foreign opinions on the issue since foreign interests are a key component of this problem.

You might remember Alex from some exceptional interviews he did with clueless Occupiers last year.  He also had a debate with a Greenpeace preacher and I was very impressed.  I've been following him ever since.

Here is what he had to say about the labyrinthine green regulations in the United States: 
The most important story about the American economy is the one that gets the least attention. America has enormous, incalculable, untapped potential to revolutionize its economy through industrial progress–through far greater productivity in energy production, in manufacturing, in construction, in mining, in transportation. But our industrial progress is halted by a labyrinth of so-called “green” policies–policies that have nothing to do with protecting Americans from pollution, and everything to do with protecting wilderness from Americans. At Center for Industrial Progress, we call this The Green Gauntlet. 

Sounds familiar.

Naturally he applauds Minister Oliver saying:
It is exciting to see a prominent official blast Green obstruction of industrial progress.
 It is exciting.  Its so clear and direct that I thought it was a letter to the Minister at first read.  I can't praise it enough.  Joe Oliver's letter is a battle cry to anyone who loves this country and cares about its future.  It's time we pushed back.

Alex Epstein's solution however is increased property rights.  While I support property rights and would welcome strengthening them, I'm not sure its the best solution to our regulatory problem.  If your property rights are infringed then you sue for damages. This isn't the way to prevent accidents.  The fear of litigation has its place but this alone isn't enough.

An ounce of regulation prevents a pound of litigation.  The trouble is we haven't got an ounce, we've got tons.  Its way out of proportion to the actual risks and its run by people who have an interest in prolonging their bureaucrat jobs.  The filibuster effect is a partnership between the folks running it and the folks abusing it.  Its a partnership against many thousands of Canadian citizens who would directly benefit from the project and the many millions who would benefit indirectly.

I have a simple solution to this problem.  We start holding these hearings in parallel.  Every 100 people who wish to speak should generate another venue to speak simultaneously.  The 4000 people registered would pass through 40 separate and simultaneous hearings.  This would drastically reduce the length of the process.  While it could be expensive at first, the fact that these special interests can't filibuster the process will stop them from trying.  Eventually only the essential parties will wish to participate. 

It's not at all true that every voice that expresses a desire to be heard should get to speak in these hearings.  There should be some process to winnow out 3rd graders, cartoon characters and foreign activists.   We could add application fees that could even be reimbursed if an application to speak is granted.

There are all kinds of options.  There are reasonable options.  I do not want the Northern Gateway Pipeline to end up being the Avro Arrow of our generation.

Here is Alex Epstein's debate with Greenpeace.  They mention Keystone and the Oil Sands (though they say Tar Sands, don't take offense, eco-nuts perpetuate the old name).  All of the arguments are the same so its worth watching for your own discussions.  Its also pretty entertaining if you like debates.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to Destroy Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum is Skeptical of Global Warming.  That is to say he is a denier, like a holocaust denier.  To allow him the label of a skeptic implies that there is a rational basis for his skepticism which leads to a discussion or debate on Global Warming. 

Progressives must not allow a debate on Global Warming.  The Science is settled.  97% of scientists who are 100% unknown agree with Al Gore that mankind is the sole cause of Global Warming.  Deniers must be simply discredited and attacked until they are unelectable. 

Reason is not required.  Reason being that governments around the world are unable and unwilling to slow or reverse expansion in size and scope into our lives.  The fact is that Global Warming is the best excuse since the idea of total war for increasing taxes and personal sacrifice to a collective threat.  Progressives on the left and right do not lightly ignore this shortcut to total domination over the citizen.

I’ve compiled a short video of Rick Santorum’s heresy to Gaia for your judgment.

He isn’t just saying Global Warming is false to score some points with other skeptics.  He genuinely believes it.  Rick Santorum has a long record of skepticism on climate change and you can even see him start to get a little agitated at the end of the video.  I get that way too when confronted with the 97% of all scientists canard.  You can’t decide reality by a show of hands.  It amazes me to have to repeat this over and over again to seemingly intelligent people.  Reality is independent of all thought.  It just is.  You don’t need to perceive it, understand it, or even agree with it.  Climate has changed over and over again on this planet without any input from mankind.  Climate will keep changing with or without mankind’s miniscule help.  Climate will change beyond any fantasy of control or symbolic gesture of sacrifice.

Rick Santorum is the real thing.  He is a skeptic and a social conservative with an eye towards economic freedom.  Just being a skeptic will save billions for the United States.  Israel will enjoy Superpower support again.  The US economy will take off and bring the world with it. 

I’m not sure who Americans will pick to beat Obama.  It’s their business and I wish them the greatest success with what ever happens.  I would pick Rick Santorum.