Thursday, January 19, 2012

Joe Oliver on Obama's Keystone Mistake

The Minister is on fire.

It's official.  Obama has no brain.  He loses borrowed billions on Solyndra and other bad idea's but you can't even force him to let a stable, friendly, environmentally sound ally spend private money creating jobs and controlling oil prices.  He's a class 1 idiot.  Certified, undeniable, Grade A, Presidential Moron.

Of course, the NDP helped this happen.  Stupidity loves company.

How come nobody is happy  about the pipeline form an environmental position?  Pipelines are safer and more efficient than other means to transport anything.  It was invented by the Romans for goodness sake.  We've had thousands of years to perfect it!  Its like being against glass or cement.  The eco-nuts coined the term "the age of stupid" and I believe they are correct in that observation.  It is truly the direction the left and the eco-lobby are taking our civilization.


dmorris said...

I believe the Messiah only pissed away 500 million on Solyndra,not "billions".

Of course,if you tally up all the other bailouts,banks,auto,windmills,etc., it amounts to hundreds of billions,wasted,for no visible gain,none.

Many of his critics claim Obama wants to first destroy the U.S. before he rebuilds it in the socialist image he imagines.

It's difficult to refute that argument. Let us hope the American people are roused enough to get off their apathetic asses and boot him the hell out of office this November.

I'm not thrilled with the Republican slate of candidates, but ANYONE would be better than the enviro- communist idiot currently in the Presidency.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand the Conservative rush to export raw bitumen. The refinery jobs are in the thousands. We should process bitumen in Canada. Premier Stelmach used to say that shipping bitumen was like selling topsoil. This is terrible policy and we give up so much in jobs. I'm glad Keystone was killed. Let's process the bitumen here in Canada!

Anonymous said...

If only Obama was just a moron, He's far worse than that.

Anonymous said...

everything obama has done is intentional.

Alex said...

@ dmorris: Thanks. I spotted that and adjusted my post but it was too late for the BT header.

@ Anon #1: You really need to understand that you are absolutely free to build a refinery or pool your money with like minded people to build. If there is a profitable economic reason to build one you will already find there are people already working on it. Those people would like you to one a share in it. If there isn't then guess what? It's probably a money loser. You havn't put together proposal or basic business plan I'm guessing so what you are really asking for is this: You all should fork out yet more tax money for a big government money loser. The same people who moan about subsidies to oil companies are the ones moaning for subsidies to big refineries.

We have a little market here and we have little refineries to meet that demand. I've driven past them, I know very well they are here and all over. The Big demand is from the US, China and India. The people who risk their money leasing "mineral rights" from the crown have every right to sell their oil to whoever will pay the best price. We just got rid of the wheat board we don't need an oil board now too. We don't need a government run boondoggle on our back just because you have some ill conceived notion of how things should be.

The Free Market works because it's smarter than you and me and certainly smarter than the government. The Free Market provides YOU a method to prove it was indeed a good idea. Leave me out of it unless you can sell me on it. Don't force us into help you with tax money for something you haven't thought through.

Alex said...

@ dsaar & Anon #2: He's at least an idiot, incompetent, moron, duffus turd brained, fool for sure. -But yes he might also be evil and acting with purpose in addition.

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