Sunday, October 28, 2012

Strike Back

Strike Back is a British series now into its second season that I've come to enjoy lately.  Its like a cross between James Bond and Blackhawk Down while still being something completely new and different.

Its about an elite special forces group called Section 20 that doesn't officially exist yet who's purpose is to counter terrorism.  I find it has a very intelligent and realistic dialog and a superb twisting plot line that frighteningly mimics reality. 

It's amazing how prescient the show is.  I started watching it on HBO Canada in August.  When I picked up my jaw from the floor on September 11th hearing about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi I said to my lover "We are watching Strike Back, but for real."  The other day we were watching the recent documentary on Benghazi on Fox News and she said to me shaking her head, "this really is like Strike Back."

Art imitates life, and this is the world we live in.  It speaks to the quality of the writing in Strike Back when you see a typical episode unfold on Fox News one dark day. 

It's made by Cinemax which some of my friends call "Skin-emax."  Watch the show without the kids to see why.  Ample extreme violence and course language are some other reasons why this show is good for adults.

By any measure it's a great show. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

What was Ambassador Stevens doing on Obama's behalf?

The news media is now awash in details about the terrorist attack and assassination in Benghazi Libya.  You can almost follow the Ambassador's last footsteps from building to building.  There are details about car chases and firefights that would be called "too Hollywood" if they didn't actually happen.

We also have a substantial email trail proving that the White House knew exactly what was happening on September 11th in Benghazi.   There might even be live aerial footage from a spy drone the US had over head at the time.

We all saw the President and his minions lying about the assassination.  They tried to hush it up and confuse it with idiotic Islamist tantrums about a movie that doesn't even exist.

I saw it immediately as a terrorist attack and a failure of Obama's foreign policy but, probably like you, reserved judgment until I had more information.  That information would be provided by the news media.  Instead the press skewered Mitt Romney for being critical of Obama's handling of this debacle while he was perfectly right to do so.    

The thing about the cover up is how lazy the Obama administration was in its execution.  Much of the information 'uncovered' about Benghazi isn't even classified.  It shows both a disdain for the intelligence of the average person and worse: that the administration has come to expect the media to run cover for Obama's mistakes.

Its sad and racist.  To think that an American President has to be held to a lower standard... why?  Is it because he's Black?  All you have to do is imagine it was Bush instead and then you see how much the media has sandbagged for Obama on this one.  Its shameful.  It tarnishes all journalists.  (its important to note Bush would have been tarred and feathered for getting it right)

Why isn't the media doing its job?

I don't really need to know exactly what time it was in Washington when a grenade was tossed at Ambassador Stevens' car.

I want to know what the Ambassador was doing in Benghazi.  What was the purpose of his shady meetings  in a dangerous city without protection?  There is still more to this story and I doubt any of it will make American's proud.

There are rumors out there that Ambassador Stevens was running guns to the Syrian rebels.  He may have been running guns to Jihadist rebels. 

Now factor in the election, and Fast and Furious, and you can see why some are entertaining the idea that Ambassador Stevens was declined the support he asked for because of the nasty business he was involved in.

Imagine the repercussions for the Obama Administration to have an Iran Contra scandal complete with cover up blasting into the election at this point into the game.

The kingmaker Journalist hero will be the one to find out what Steven's was really doing and why.  Who told him to do it and who let him and three others die there?