Friday, March 21, 2014

A Hopeful Vision for Alberta

Danielle Smith never fails to inspire me.  The mark of a good leader is that she truly brings out the best in people.  Danielle Smith has that quality in spades.

After listening to this speech in Calgary the other day I can't remember why I was so angry at that other leader.  The last few years of politics in Alberta now seem like a bad dream in stormy weather.  That PC weather is blowing itself out of here.  Wildrose will clean it all up with a sunny smile one day soon.

I met her in person at the Manning Center last year.  She really listened.  I'm not just saying that.  We only spoke about my riding but I could see how my input was important to her.  I'm just a regular person she didn't know anything about.  That's how I know deep down that I'm with the right party.  We have just the right person in Danielle Smith to lead Alberta.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Redford Gone.

Another double speaking Prog quits before voters can bring the axe down themselves.  What a shame.  Stelmach, McGuinty, and now finally Redford have all resigned in disgrace.  Good riddance.

Redford announced her failure "with profound optimism".  That really had me laughing.  When was the last time you felt profoundly optimistic?    Doesn't seem like something I'd want to feel.  -Like getting into an accident on your birthday ("Thank you everyone. I'm just so so so so so happy today!").  It's a far cry from the election 2 years ago.  Was she profoundly optimistic back then?  No, she was probably as jubilant as millions of Albertans are feeling tonight.

I suppose the PC's think all of Redford's broken promises are gone with her too.  All the lies from the last election campaign are erased.  Its a new party now... again.  This is not your father's PC party.  Its the party that stood with Redford as she lied to Albertans in every budget since she took power.  The new name for Deficit is Operating Expense didn't you know.  That makes it ok, because deficits are bad.

Typical prog lies.

Every progressive dirt bag out there, no matter what party or level of government, thinks that good government is simply the skill to sweet talk voters into punching themselves in the face.  That is what impresses progressive politicians.  Some of them will tell you that they are not even politicians at all.

Well we know their game.

Raise a glass Alberta and conservatives everywhere.  There is no reason not to give Wildrose a chance next time.  Danielle Smith will make an excellent Premier.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Some Interesting Maps of Ukraine

If you see it then you can bet Putin also saw it a long time ago.  I'm talking about a lucky convergence of major pipelines on top of potentially huge shale gas reserves.

Everyone sees this as an aggressive ballsy action by Putin but I think there is more to it.  I think Russia's grab of the Crimean peninsula is a losers move.  It is the petulant result of losing the strategic energy power game Russia has been playing for many years.

We've all heard about the bloody Black Sea Fleet.  It is the reason behind Syria and it is also the reason behind the invasion of the Crimea region as well.  If Russia can't lord control over Ukraine with their pipelines, they will simply take control of the region containing their Naval Base and its infrastructure.
Languages of Ukraine

So what can Ukraine do?   Annexation of Crimea is sufficient grounds to nationalize Russian assets in Ukraine starting with the pipelines and refineries.  Ironically this could help wrangle the skittish Europeans into a tougher stance on Russia's economy.  They still worry about the gas supply.

If the Germans are unwilling to pitch in against a belligerent thug in their back yard perhaps the Americans would consider moving Ramstien Air Base to Ukraine?  I'm sure they would be greatly appreciated there in military and economic terms.

Canada can assist in this by providing expertise in developing Ukraine's resources and possibly supplementing  Europe's oil and gas requirements.  Sanctions on Russia might work but Free Trade with Ukraine is a must.  Peace Keepers are also an option.

Your move Putin.