Friday, March 8, 2013

Progressively Deeper in Debt

Nobody can keep track of the Progressive Party lies.  None of their election promises were true.  They couldn't even be bothered to follow the law in the last election as far as funding was concerned.  I don't trust these guys as far as I can smell them.  This bloated nightmare of a government is way past due.
The white hats of this provincial western, the Wildrose Party, did the math and it doesn't look good

BACK IN DEBT: Budget 2013-14 by the numbers:
  • $3.5 billion – New debt this year, doubling the amount to over $8 billion next year
  • $16.9 billion – New debt before the next election, the original amount of the Sustainability Fund
  • $5.5 billion – Budget 2013-14 cash deficit.
  • $2 billion – Amount taken from the Sustainability Fund in 2013-14
  • $691 million – What will remain in the Sustainability Fund after Budget 2013-14
  • $1.4 billion – Operational deficit for the current budget year, 2012-13
  • $451 million – Operational deficit for Budget 2013-14
  • $238 million in debt servicing in 2013, $404 million in 2014, $593 million in 2015
Read for yourself:

National Post - Alberta budget 2013 marked by billions in deficit spending, service cuts
Calgary Sun - Budget a trifecta of debt, deficit and cuts
Edmonton Journal - ‘Painful’ cuts, billions in borrowing in Alberta budget
Calgary Herald - Painful cuts, deficit and borrowing mark Alberta’s budget
Globe and Mail - Canada's wealthiest province cuts deep as Alberta embraces austerity
Sun News - Debt and borrowing mark Alberta's austerity budget

The only way they can spin it is that its all because of the price of oil.  Its all because of Keystone and Gateway and has nothing to do with gross mismanagement in government.  This is a galling lie. 

Lets say Iran closes the Strait or Hormuz.  Yay war, (sarc) and now that makes Allison Redford an economic Einstein?  No.  The PCs will still suck but we won't be able to see how bad very clearly.  Wasted money is still a waste even if you can afford it. 

Conversely, lets say Chavez bequeaths all of Venezuala's oil wealth to the world absolutely free.  Yay we all drive to the Yukon for a picnic because we are out of work and gas is almost free. The PC government still spends too much and now they lost 28% of their revenue on top of that.

Its lose-lose with them.  The Progressives are bad for Alberta.  They can't manage money.  Redford herself says she's got a "spending problem."  So stop with the spending! 

Would you look at these morons.  Did you launch a man to the moon and bring him safely to the earth or something?  Oh right, you just spent the equivalent on our behalf and have nothing at all to show for it.  Yes I see very clearly why you're are so happy.  You lied your way into office and played Albertans for fools.  Congratulations!

Remember all the talk last year about Zero Based Budgeting? Zero based budgeting is a fiscal philosophy where no sacred cows are grandfathered into budget spending year after year.  Each and every program must justify its existence.  Not a peep.  Was it just last year's buzz word?

They fund anti-Alberta movies with taxpayer money but when it comes to teachers they cry poor.  Here we go again.  Why is it always the teachers and the firemen?  Cut something else you idiot bozo's!   You can start with your own damned paychecks.  You'll need it for the moral authority to start letting all these useless and expensive government consultants off the payroll.  You know the ones that recommend Agenda 21, shutting down zoo's, confiscating licenses where no laws were broken, and grabbing property?  They go first. 

These big fat piggys in government are going to need a lot of advise with their spending problems.  We have empirical evidence they can't handle it all in red ink.  Wildrose, veritable media, Think Tanks at large: please help our dear government with solutions to their problems.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Finally!  My Fracknation documentary came in the mail and that was easily the best money I've ever spent.  I was one of the 3000+ Kickstarter producers and I am absolutely pleased with the results.

Fracknation producers.  I'm in there.

Phelim McAleer, Anne McElhinney, Magdalena Segieda: thank you so much.  Thank you for honestly telling the story of fracking.  Thank you for exposing Josh Fox and the duplicitous sham that has become the environmental movement in general. 

The Kickstarter idea is really amazing too.  There is my name in the credits above.  It makes me happy.  I'm part of this movie.  A little tiny part, but still a part.  I recently bought Atlas Shrugged II on Bluray for $25 and don't have nearly the same feeling at all. 

I'm so happy my $20 dollars wasn't wasted!  It doesn't come easy.  You guys are first rate journalists.  Really very good excellent people.   

I cried.

I'll blame it on my Fiance.  She's a teacher.  When you showed the little kids learning to read by the lights of civilization she couldn't help it.  Then I couldn't.  I had tears welling up already but seeing her so moved made me realize just how important and powerful this film's message really is.

We in the energy business go to work every day to make a better world.  Sure we make our own world better for us individually and we have every right ot be proud of that.  I can also be glad that my effort improves every life it touches down the line.  It's what most of us do.  Its what free markets for energy and everything else help us all do for each other.  We voluntarily help each other live in a better world.

I have nothing but pity for those who want to pit the Earth against the World.  Wealthy, well fed, well educated, and free people are better stewards of the Earth than any others.  Lies and censorship do not help us do that.  Josh Fox and those like him are parasitic snake oil salesmen.  I think they actually know better, but want to ride the ignorant for all they are worth.

You won't regret owning your copy.  Buy it!  Show your freinds and family.  Ontario and Quebec have shale gas fields too.  They need to know the truth.