Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Finally!  My Fracknation documentary came in the mail and that was easily the best money I've ever spent.  I was one of the 3000+ Kickstarter producers and I am absolutely pleased with the results.

Fracknation producers.  I'm in there.

Phelim McAleer, Anne McElhinney, Magdalena Segieda: thank you so much.  Thank you for honestly telling the story of fracking.  Thank you for exposing Josh Fox and the duplicitous sham that has become the environmental movement in general. 

The Kickstarter idea is really amazing too.  There is my name in the credits above.  It makes me happy.  I'm part of this movie.  A little tiny part, but still a part.  I recently bought Atlas Shrugged II on Bluray for $25 and don't have nearly the same feeling at all. 

I'm so happy my $20 dollars wasn't wasted!  It doesn't come easy.  You guys are first rate journalists.  Really very good excellent people.   

I cried.

I'll blame it on my Fiance.  She's a teacher.  When you showed the little kids learning to read by the lights of civilization she couldn't help it.  Then I couldn't.  I had tears welling up already but seeing her so moved made me realize just how important and powerful this film's message really is.

We in the energy business go to work every day to make a better world.  Sure we make our own world better for us individually and we have every right ot be proud of that.  I can also be glad that my effort improves every life it touches down the line.  It's what most of us do.  Its what free markets for energy and everything else help us all do for each other.  We voluntarily help each other live in a better world.

I have nothing but pity for those who want to pit the Earth against the World.  Wealthy, well fed, well educated, and free people are better stewards of the Earth than any others.  Lies and censorship do not help us do that.  Josh Fox and those like him are parasitic snake oil salesmen.  I think they actually know better, but want to ride the ignorant for all they are worth.

You won't regret owning your copy.  Buy it!  Show your freinds and family.  Ontario and Quebec have shale gas fields too.  They need to know the truth.

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