Saturday, February 21, 2015

New Frontiers

Spin Assassin is expanding and experimenting. I'm going to bring new content to a new medium. 

I'll continue to provide political commentary but I'd like to move into cultural commentary as well.  Specifically I'm going to comment on a huge and growing segment of entertainment that has been largely ignored.

Video Games!  I've been playing with them since I was a kid.  Since my cousin's Colleco Vision and my Commodore Vic20 I've been gaming all my life.  I and many people like me spend more hours playing video games than watching TV, movies and reading books combined.

The gaming industry pulled in 24 billion dollars in 2014.  The movie industry in contrast made 10 billion dollars last year.  Think about that when you watch the Oscars on Sunday. 

Did you even know that last year's Game Of the Year was made right here in Canada?  It was.  The equivalent of Best Picture in an industry twice as big was created in Edmonton by a company called Bioware

Hollywood is becoming less important all the time and its a good thing.

So here is my first attempt.  Mostly I'm just goofing around with Xbox One's Upload Studio.  I'll get better.  It takes time, practice and passion.  I've got plenty of the last one for now.

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