Friday, February 20, 2015

The Dawning Realization of Dealing with the Islamic State

"Know your foe" said Sun Tsu.  ISIS knows us better than we the Civilized World know ourselves.  They have cunningly exploited the naiveté of the current White House and have enjoyed the opportunity it has given them.

The State Department's foolishness was on display at MSNBC the other day.  Even Chris Tingle-Leg Mathews could not sit through this slop.

When you've lost Chris Mathews, you've lost.  Everyone can see the shallow ridiculousness of the White House in that clip.  The argument can be eviscerated from every angle.  Poverty doesn't cause terrorism.  The United States can't even reduce its own poverty.  9/11 was not carried out because of poverty. Jihadists are not motivated by poverty.

It is the same sort of college protest club tripe spouted by Justin Trudeau regarding the Boston Bombing.  It is manifestly false and irresponsibly dangerous ideology.  I don't mean Islamofascism in this case, I mean the self loathing Islamofascist coddling liberalism that currently poisons our institutions.  It is the reason we haven't swept ISIS aside.  We all know NATO can brush aside ISIS in a single week if it had a will to do so.  It doesn't choose to do so.  The West is currently allowing ISIS to thrive and commit genocide as a self esteem building exercise for Middle Eastern dictators.

Obama's White House doesn't care to pretend anymore.  They say things that are monumentally stupid and verifiably false.  If we don't see it their way we are all just stupid.  They even arranged a PR trip to the Middle East to tell us how stupid we are.  Not a single person is buying it.  I don't even think the administration buys any of it.  Its the pabulum they devised for us and we are going to eat.  End of story.  Such are the minds of state supremacists.

I read Mark Steyn.  I know how bad things are.  I'm not discouraged however. There has been a sea change.  We've turned the corner finally.  Every time Obama swears up and down that ISIS is not Islamic they turn up the barbarity.  They go out of their way to show their gruesome murders are portrayed as sacraments.  Most people see it clearly even though Obama and his people don't.  That gives me hope.  We understand what they are and what is needed to annihilate them.

Unfortunately the containment strategy will have to last until Obama is gone.  I am absolutely sure he will create a disaster engaging in war as Commander-in-Chief.  Libya, Syria and Iraq are his disasters already.  Egypt only narrowly escaped disaster by reversing Obama's will and removing the Muslim Brotherhood from power.

The lesson of Benghazi shows that Obama would sacrifice his own people for the sake of his narrative.  That narrative of rolling up terrorism is now as derelict as the Embassy that was attacked.  How much concern would there be for Canadian troops given Obama's record with his own?  Obama can play games with Keystone, but when it comes to our troops we should be extremely cautious.

It won't be much longer before Obama has to leave the White House.  I am confident that the situation by then will have the public so thoroughly disgusted that even the left will demand war.

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