Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Oscars

Happy self congratulations to our cultural elite.  Long may you instruct our correct thinking and living.

Or watch my newest video.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

New Frontiers

Spin Assassin is expanding and experimenting. I'm going to bring new content to a new medium. 

I'll continue to provide political commentary but I'd like to move into cultural commentary as well.  Specifically I'm going to comment on a huge and growing segment of entertainment that has been largely ignored.

Video Games!  I've been playing with them since I was a kid.  Since my cousin's Colleco Vision and my Commodore Vic20 I've been gaming all my life.  I and many people like me spend more hours playing video games than watching TV, movies and reading books combined.

The gaming industry pulled in 24 billion dollars in 2014.  The movie industry in contrast made 10 billion dollars last year.  Think about that when you watch the Oscars on Sunday. 

Did you even know that last year's Game Of the Year was made right here in Canada?  It was.  The equivalent of Best Picture in an industry twice as big was created in Edmonton by a company called Bioware

Hollywood is becoming less important all the time and its a good thing.

So here is my first attempt.  Mostly I'm just goofing around with Xbox One's Upload Studio.  I'll get better.  It takes time, practice and passion.  I've got plenty of the last one for now.

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Dawning Realization of Dealing with the Islamic State

"Know your foe" said Sun Tsu.  ISIS knows us better than we the Civilized World know ourselves.  They have cunningly exploited the naiveté of the current White House and have enjoyed the opportunity it has given them.

The State Department's foolishness was on display at MSNBC the other day.  Even Chris Tingle-Leg Mathews could not sit through this slop.

When you've lost Chris Mathews, you've lost.  Everyone can see the shallow ridiculousness of the White House in that clip.  The argument can be eviscerated from every angle.  Poverty doesn't cause terrorism.  The United States can't even reduce its own poverty.  9/11 was not carried out because of poverty. Jihadists are not motivated by poverty.

It is the same sort of college protest club tripe spouted by Justin Trudeau regarding the Boston Bombing.  It is manifestly false and irresponsibly dangerous ideology.  I don't mean Islamofascism in this case, I mean the self loathing Islamofascist coddling liberalism that currently poisons our institutions.  It is the reason we haven't swept ISIS aside.  We all know NATO can brush aside ISIS in a single week if it had a will to do so.  It doesn't choose to do so.  The West is currently allowing ISIS to thrive and commit genocide as a self esteem building exercise for Middle Eastern dictators.

Obama's White House doesn't care to pretend anymore.  They say things that are monumentally stupid and verifiably false.  If we don't see it their way we are all just stupid.  They even arranged a PR trip to the Middle East to tell us how stupid we are.  Not a single person is buying it.  I don't even think the administration buys any of it.  Its the pabulum they devised for us and we are going to eat.  End of story.  Such are the minds of state supremacists.

I read Mark Steyn.  I know how bad things are.  I'm not discouraged however. There has been a sea change.  We've turned the corner finally.  Every time Obama swears up and down that ISIS is not Islamic they turn up the barbarity.  They go out of their way to show their gruesome murders are portrayed as sacraments.  Most people see it clearly even though Obama and his people don't.  That gives me hope.  We understand what they are and what is needed to annihilate them.

Unfortunately the containment strategy will have to last until Obama is gone.  I am absolutely sure he will create a disaster engaging in war as Commander-in-Chief.  Libya, Syria and Iraq are his disasters already.  Egypt only narrowly escaped disaster by reversing Obama's will and removing the Muslim Brotherhood from power.

The lesson of Benghazi shows that Obama would sacrifice his own people for the sake of his narrative.  That narrative of rolling up terrorism is now as derelict as the Embassy that was attacked.  How much concern would there be for Canadian troops given Obama's record with his own?  Obama can play games with Keystone, but when it comes to our troops we should be extremely cautious.

It won't be much longer before Obama has to leave the White House.  I am confident that the situation by then will have the public so thoroughly disgusted that even the left will demand war.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sun News Post Mortem

Sun News is history.  It's sad.  I'll miss it.  I'm sure many Conservatives are quietly relieved.

I've been reading what conservatives have had to say already and they stole the words from inside my head.

Sun News gave air to things that other networks would not have touched.  Take the High River Gun Grab for example.  Nobody would have know about it without Sun News.  Victims probably would have been charged for being robbed by police.  Would the Calgary Herald have stood up for these people?  Nope.  Just a bunch of gun toting yahoos dumb enough to live in place called "High River" complaining about police saving their worthless red necks.

Thanks to Sun News we know the real story.  Homes that were dry as a bone were broken into by police and their private property was stolen.  The RCMP report would never have been written otherwise and now it looks like the victims will have their day in court.

The day that happened I was very angry.  That was the day rants would be warranted on Sun News.  The day Nathan Cirillo died was another.

Unfortunately everyday was panic level 10.  I watched religiously at first.  Then it started to give me a headache.  It was just too much.  Nobody could watch the entire lineup five days a week.

The exception of course is Micheal Coren's show.  Coren was always level headed and always fair.  His tone was never never panic level 10.  He could somehow discuss very serious worrying topics on an intellectual level and invite the viewer into that frame of mind as well.

This isn't to say Ezra Levant was some kind of raving madman.  Ezra is a force of nature.  Even that sniveling liberal Jonathan Kay admits Ezra "drew blood".  Indeed he did on several occasions.  On other occasions, like the one all about Jonathan Kay, it was still panic level 10.  I knew Jonathan Kay was a fake conservative probably before Kay did.  Why I had to suddenly be mad at him for being himself only Ezra knows.

It's not like I didn't enjoy Ezra's show.  I did very much enjoy his show.  I would tune in about once a week.  Let's say I was cleaning the kitchen or something.  Let's see what Ezra is mad about today, I would ask myself and turn on the cable box.  It was outrage on tap.  That keg was never dry and never flat.  One can't drink all the time however.

Please understand, I'm not saying I could do better.  My blog posts and my Facebook feed are a torrent of anger and alarm as well.  I have to control it better too or people just tune out.

I liked Brian Lilley as well.  If I watched Sun News twice that week I'd try to see what Lilley was saying.  I've watched him improve over the years.  We are lucky to have two great personalities now.

I think that all being said its probably best to end the experiment that was Sun News.  I'm sorry to everyone who has to look for work now.  You're not alone and its looking scarier by the day.

It's small consolation but these things tend to turn out for the better.  The next conservative voice will not be "The Conservative Voice!!!!!"  It was wrong to try to counter media bias with opposing bias.  Even Glenn Beck's slogan is "The Truth Lives Here."  Give people the truth that happens to be conservative instead of the conservative that happens to be true.

Glenn Beck may have the right business model as well.  I would pay $10 a month for a more dignified pay per view Sun News.  While I'm at it Glenn Beck has some issues too.  This is for everyone's constructive growth since I'm probably going back to The Blaze now.  Don't forget the over the shoulder factor.  I don't want to hide my news consumption like its porn.  Someone could look over my shoulder and I should not be ashamed to show them what I'm watching.  A grown man crying about America is not going to make anyone think I'm cool.  I'll win no converts.

What I do like about Glenn Beck is that I learn something when I tune in.  He really is dedicated to the truth and to being right.  He's also a great story teller.  When I sit down to an hour of television I want to walk away with something.  I want to be smarter and better prepared than the person who didn't just burn an hour with you.  I want the secret knowledge.  We may not be able to save all the sheep, so at least help the viewers out.

I'm sad to see the sun setting on Sun News, but I have hope.  The next incarnation will be that much better.  Good luck you all.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I'm with Eve Adams


I would sooner eat glass.

Today I'm eating crow.  My last post declared my loyalty to Daniel Smith and her new party.  I'm not sure anymore.

Some might want to criticize me for switching allegiances before and now possibly switching again.  That's fine.  I'm not running for office.  I can switch allegiances as many times as I please.  I will switch allegiances based the information I have and so should you.

The idea that an effective opposition is an essential part of democracy is something I agree with.   But there is another essential aspect missing from democracy in Alberta.  Albertans need to choose their vote based on policy, not party loyalty.

Too many people, Wildrose, PC, Liberal, NDP, all of them treat politics like its a sport.  They cheer for their team like a bunch of Toronto Maple Leafs fans regardless of  what their party actually stands for.  It's all "rah rah go team" nonsense.

If people were a little less loyal and a little more reasonable Alberta would not be so deep in this mess today.  We would not have had Allison Redford.  The budget would have been balanced while the economy was booming and we would still have the full Sustainability fund and the law protecting it too.  Prentice would not have left his cushy bankers desk to run the opposition now would he?  If only Albertan's were less loyal to the PC brand.

Folks: Democracy only works if you choose the best option on election day!  Never mind an effective opposition.  You'll get an effective opposition if the parties are actually afraid they will lose your support for Pete's sake.  That's Democracy!  -not this phoney and pointless back and forth in the Legislature.

Anyway, Danielle Smith said we had won.  The PCs were being colonized by the heart of Wildrose.  That was my hope and I had no reason to doubt it at the time.  I also had no reason to doubt Rob Ford either.  I'm not a mind reader.  I listen to what people say and if they lie to me then I have reason to doubt them.

I'm sure I won't vote for tax hikes, now or ever.  Prentice has said that Alberta's flat tax is harmful to the poor.  Perhaps, but then he proposed to raise taxes on the poor and everyone else as well.  Justin Trudeau, knowing nothing, can be given a small modicum of pity for being able to say any nonsensical thing.  Prentice should know better as a former banker.  The lie of a competent man is that much worse that the lie of a fool.

Today Premier Prentice said he would slash Alberta's budget by 9%.  An interesting promise from a man preparing to spend millions in a snap election.  Perhaps Wildrose has indeed colonized the PC Party? -after exploring every other alternative.

In any case, its hard to trust any of them.  I would vote Wildrose today, but I can't shake this suspicion that there is something rotten there.  I just don't believe the narrative we've been given.  Nine Wildrosers, the best of them, all went suddenly insane?  -Or they were under a spell cast by the evil power hungry Danielle Smith?  Put your emotions aside.  Put aside your foam finger and your lapel pins and think for a minute.  Is there no problems inside a party that would drive out their best and brightest?

Maybe that's just how its done in Alberta.  Didn't the same thing happen to Allison Redford in a way?   Didn't that happen  Ed Stelmach and Ralph Klein too?  It's all just backroom politics in this province.  Election day is just a day that the government thinks it can find enough drones to be walked into an election booth to re-affirm loyalty to that government.  Until people start asserting control over their own vote the sickness in this province and its democracy will continue.