Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Privatize the CBC

I just read an excellent column in the National Post by Stephen Taylor.  In it he takes a random sample of the CBC's flagship program "The National" and of course finds media bias.  Anyone who isn't an indoctrinated liberal zombie knows about this.  Its been going on for years.  Have a look at some old posts of mine here and here.

The CBC doesn't report the truth.  It makes the truth.  It uses its authority as national public broadcaster to exert political influence for its own socialist agenda.  It may as well get beamed out from the V mothership.   Not only is its message foul and biased, but its practices are an extension of that bias.  One look at its lineup and its plain to see that our very own bailout baby is a an arm of the Liberal party.  What conservatives they do have play the useful idiots.  They have a role because they are chronically unhappy with the government and so serve a Liberal purpose.

Take the case of Frank Graves for example.  We all know about the "Culture War" he thinks is best for the Liberals.  We can all have our opinions.  But the CBC has a pattern of preferentially seeking out Liberal opinions.  Liberal thinkers get big fat paychecks from the CBC, which in turn ends up as donations to the Liberal party.  David Suzuki earned his stripes where?  He didn't earn them studying fruit flys.  He earned them lecturing about things he did not discover for the CBC.  The CBC again elevates their champion by hosting a"Greatest Canadian" show declaring him at least a great Canadian.  The Suzuki Foundation, his child, endorsed the Liberal Party in the last election.  He has many vile quotes against the Conservative Party, and has had many interviews on "The Hour", yet another pro Liberal production. 

Stromboli's "The Hour" frequents guests like Micheal Ignatieff, George Galloway, Hillary Clinton, Stephane Dion and other leading leftards (if you can call that leading).    Strombo himself gives several on air hints about his politics being uniformly Liberal.

All this leaves a great many around this country wondering why we give this institution, The Ministry of Liberal if you will, its annual bailout year after year.  Its obvious that the CBC could not survive as a competitive free market player in its current configuration.  It means that Canadians are funding their own demise.  We know liberal ideas to be as bankrupt as the CBC itself.  Why do the people have to suffer taxes to deliver a poisonous message nobody listens to or wants to hear?

I know.  The next part of this argument is about all the good things the CBC does.  Well lets compartmentalize all that stuff.  CBC sports sounds like a good channel to me.  Anything that can float on its own, should get to float on its own.  Sink the rest.  Lets see how biased and independent they can be when they are really independent.  The CBC is much worse than the huge sum of its parts.

The only innocent reason I can see for all this is that maybe the CBC doesn't do this on purpose.  Perhaps Liberals self select the media and the CBC in particular.  What could be better to a Liberal mind than the illegitimate power that comes from media?  What could be better than state funded media?  Its all a great feedback loop where poison breeds further poison. 

The only possible repentance for the CBC would be to truly change its ways.  Perhaps it could split itself in two.  Well, split itself in four since there are already two CBCs, french and english.  If bias cannot be removed it can either die or roll with it.  Embrace bias and service both views.  Compete against itself.  The only other option  is to have some kind of affirmative action, where Conservatives are given a national voice on par with that of Liberals.  Not just at the business end of a camera but in all departments.

I say the market should decide.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What are you guys waiting for?

You is the government.  Do something fiscally Conservative.  I hear and read all over the place that Harper is a socialist, and that we are just Liberals now.  Even Liberals have caught on (the morons).

That proves 2 things.
  1. People have forgotten how terrible the Liberals were/are.
  2. That its time to go back to our roots and start acting like Conservatives again.
The recession is over, but we aren't clear yet.  Greece's debts are now junk.  I want the stimulus to play out as planned.  The whole plan.  That means no more stimulus after.  We have to start paying that money back without new taxes.  Then we'll find out if this Keynesian experiment really worked.  I'll want the truth, not dogma.  Did it work or not?  You must take the stimulus of the whole world into account especially in the US.  If we did not pitch in with our own stimulus, we would have been shut out due to protectionism.

What else can be done?  Tax cuts.  Privatization.  De-regulation.  Legalization.  Hurry.

I can't keep telling everyone that our hands are tied forever.  I believe that you are fiscally conservative but you are still playing chess.  Lets stop positioning and attack already.

Bring out that a fat Liberal lamb for slaughter.  I'm hungry for cuts, and Liberal lamb chops are on the menu.

Whats the worst they can do?  -Call an election?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Liberals want to teach you how to eat with your own money

80 million dollars is chump change to a Liberal.  That is what they plan to spend on a campaign urging you to eat local food.  Rural people already eat rural food.  The Liberal deceit is in taking money from rural people who already know what to do, in order to teach city dwelling Liberal voters an obvious fact.

Here is an idea that Liberal will never think of.  Why don't Urbanites grow their own food?  A sensible City like Calgary not only votes in Conservatives but the City has implemented an urban chicken pilot project.  Although raising urban chickens is portrayed as a progressive idea its actually very Libertarian.

Conservative reasons to grow your own chickens.
  • produce fresh consumable eggs daily.
  • escape government regualtions
  • avoid taxes
  • avoid all transportation costs of eggs
  • secure food source
  • free garden fertilizer.
  • cheaper than owning a kitten
  • Give eggs away.
My mother kept about 10 chickens on our acreage.  They would roam  free during the day while our dogs kept watch.  At night they would go back to their coup on their own.   We would lock it to keep out predators.  In the morning we would have at least a half dozen fresh eggs.  Every morning.  We could not possibly eat all the eggs.  Visitors had to leave our house with at least one carton of eggs.  No payment accepted.

I would be happy with 3 chickens.  If all goes well it will be fully legal in Calgary very soon.

You can already grow backyard chickens in Toronto.  Just Google it.  Is this really worth 80 million?

We don't need $80 million ripped from our pockets in yet another Liberal scheme.  We don't need more programs.  We don't need more CUPE members justifying their salaries and pensions.  We need less government.  We need fewer laws.  We need to enforce those few laws.

Of course we all know how Liberals operate.  They will give contracts to firms who are Liberal friendly in exchange for donations.  That money started out as your annual bonus at your job, but Liberals think you should be giving them your bonus.  Make no mistake.  Corporate taxes still take your money.  Its taken from your RRSPs and investments.  Its taken from your next raise.  Its taken from the person who needs that private sector job.  Its taken from your next bonus.  A Liberal government will take its bonus first and it doesn't even have to say please.

Iggy says that he will get the money for scrapping corporate tax cuts that haven't even been cut yet.   That means by not cutting taxes in the future Iggy has somehow produced 80 million dollars.  That makes no sense.  We will just be in the hole by 80 million more than before.

Liberals obviously think you are stupid.  They use a rational only an ignoramus or an idiot could accept for the expressed purpose of making their people less stupid.

I'm really tired of their crap.  We all know what they want to do.  Make a carbon tax to rape and pillage the west to make a big fat nanny state.  Lets have an election and get this Minority into a Majority.  We don't have time for the daily opposition tricks.  The economy is getting better and its time for cuts.  Lets get that mandate and make this country great.  I dare you Iggy.  Are you chicken?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Scientist Claims Earthquakes Caused by Gobal Warming

Hilarious!  We were expecting this.  If prostitution could be caused by Global Warming then what couldn't be?  My next bet is that the American Dental Association will claim that plaque and gingivitis are caused by Global Warming.

How did anything happen before Global Warming?  Genesis will have to be rewritten.  Here goes:  In the beginning there was Global Warming.  Then God said: "Let there be Socialism."  Then there was Socialism, and it was good.

Ok I can't have too much fun without providing the link.  Here it is courtesy of CBS news.  The warmist is Dr. Tom Chalko, whom I thank for today's deep belly laughs.

The interesting part is that I don't necessarily dispute that there might be uptick in geologic activity lately.  Connecting this to the Theory of Global Warming however is more than absurd.

update: not much of an update since this is a couple of years old already, but still funny.  I honestly haven't heard of it until yesterday.   Watts Up With That has a great article about it.

Here are some cool pics of the Volcano in Iceland.  Boy.  When Nature "pollutes" she doesn't mess around.

Shout Racism

A policy of the left is to shout racism where none exists.  This makes sense since the cause of racism has been appropriated by the socialists.  So many initially good causes have been appropriated by socialists.  Sexism, environmentalism, racism, anything that can be bent towards redistribution of wealth is used by the socialist.

Today I participated in a thread at Barrel Strength.  I encourage you to read through it.  A socialist shows up  throwing racism comments around.

I found this clip over at The Right Scoop.  Its applicable to this topic because the Tea parties have been falsely accused of racism by the left wing lame stream media.

Equality is uncontested.  Socialists want more than equality, they want to take from one group and give to another group based on arbitrary reasons like race or environment or sex.  To do this they must take power over both groups so that they have the ability to grant or remove rights or property.  At some point Socialists end up using force to exercise their powers.

Our society already lives with a necessary evil of taxes.  The socialist does not have a built in abhorrence for large government.  Taxes are readily used by socialists to extend the scope of government in limitless directions.  The goal is to take the individuals means of exerting power over their own lives and use those means to exert power over the individual.

There isn't a problem that socialists can see that doesn't require a new bureaucracy to administer a new program requiring a new tax.  The program doesn't have to work.  They typically don't.  The important part is those new government jobs and yet more tax.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Not Just French Culture is in Trouble, Western Civilization is Failing

Update:  The Globe has a neat article on this very subject (coincidence?).   The author claims the above scenario is a fairy tail but he doesn't provide any reasoning or proof to back that up.  He does however question the assumptions and then claim that religious fundamentalists of all stripes will  not dominate the future.  The fact remains that we just don't know one way or another.  Here is a little rhyme I remind myself of when dealing with statistics.

A trend is a trend is a trend.But the question is: will it bend? Will it alter its course through some unforeseen force, and come to a premature end?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Short History of Corruption

Jean Charest appointed a former Supreme court Justice to the inquiry today.  This Judge, Michel Bastarache, was never appointed previously by Quebec and is therefore a little more trustworthy.  The inquiry seeks to expose weather revelations made by Marc Bellemare are true.  The former Justice minister, turned whistle blower, has claimed in several interviews that party bagmen pressured the government to appoint Judges they requested.  He also claims to have witnessed illegal cash donations made by the construction industry.

Corruption has a long history in Quebec.

Recall Brian Mulroney's Airbus scandal.  The former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister proved too slippery for the multiple investigations into that matter.  For reasons unknown Mr.Mulroney received a cash stuffed envelope from Karlheinz Schreiber.  Most people have had enough of this little mystery.  They have concluded that Mr. Mulroney was probably a crook, and that the extinction of his party is enough punishment for one politician anyway.

Then came the Liberals under Jean Chretien.  The scandal was called Adscam or the Sponsorship Scandal.  Money was paid to ad agencies for no work and then donated into the Liberal Party.  Approximately 100 million dollars was lost by the taxpayer, some of it only to damage taxpayers further by ending up in Liberal Party hands.  The Liberals promised to pay the money back, but as with all Liberal promises, they have not been honoured.

Now we hear of more scandals at the provincial level.  Jean Charest was once leader of the same party Brian Mulroney led.  Will he be able to stay above suspicion?  Is he as unflappable and Paul Wells once claimed him to be?

He may yet escape, but his party will feel the judgment of the voter.  They are rightfully peeved already about large tax hikes.  Peeved enough to storm the Finance Minsters office and protest in the thousands.  The 77% disapproval of Jean Charest before this newest scandal will surely get worse.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Liberals and cash stuffed envelopes.

Jean Charest.  You remember that doosh.  The one who tried to undermine Canada at Copenhagen by attacking Alberta.  The one who caused riots in Quebec by raising taxes.  The one who comically threatens to take over the Conservative Party (and become Prime Minister).  Yeah, you know that guy.

Well today his recently departed Justice Minister Marc Bellemare revealed that he personally witnessed illegal cash donations to the party.  If that wasn't bad enough, the cash had strings attached.  Party fundraisers used the illegal cash to favor Judicial appointments.

Is this just how things are done in Quebec?  Every cash envelope scandal I can think of has happened where?  Mulroney, ADSCAM, and now this.  Montreal's construction bidding scandals now seem petty.  

Charest has called an inquiry into it.  Good idea Mr. Charest.  There is no inquiring that a little cash stuffed envelope couldn't fix.  Just don't call an election accidentally.  A 77% disapproval rating is charitable I think.  Corrupting the judicial system is quite a feat, but I think you can hit 99% disapproval if you really work at it. 

The PQ wants their banana republic.  They sure have the corruption part down.  The only down side to this is that the PQ are the only option to punish the provincial government.  The ADQ is gone.  There is no Parti  Fleur de Lis  to mimic the Wild Rose Alliance (yet).

I don't suppose the PQ really matters do they?  They don't seem to be interested in separation or in turning off the fire hose from ROC.   I don't believe the people want to separate either.  I hope for Quebecers sake they get a right wing alternative soon.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Attack of the Killer Bees

Wow.  Have you ever heard a southern black man quote the Declaration of Independence?  This video is truly inspiring.  Watch Herman Cain speak at the SRLC.

A lot of ideas in this speech are close to my heart.  Many American problems are very similar to ours.  We also could suddenly find ourselves in a historic election against a coalition of the left.  -A two party system.

The Liberals are headless and broke, while Gilles loves nothing better than the instability and cost of elections.  Jack has nowhere to go but down from here.  He is out meeting with unions while everyone is distracted with a coke head and his busty hookers.  Should we fail in our quest for Majority, it will be Jack who will be our Prime Minister.  Majority or not I would not be surprised at all to find the NDP on equal footing with the Liberals after the next election.  A coalition means that all the borrowed NDP votes that went Liberal will drift back.  Why have fake, weak, socialists when you can have the real socialists and a larger voice in the coalition? 

Start thinking election.  I know we've been that way on and off for years.  The only reason we have been able to avoid one for so long is because of the skill and intelligence our PM and the CPC have shown.  You don't seriously believe Jack is going to sit and watch the government shrink do you?  Jack will either win or win big.  Liberals will either lose or lose big.  The fate of Canadians remains with the Conservative Party.  Will we continue our plan to succeed as a beacon in a world where western civilization is faltering?  -Or do we plunge into socialism and fail with the worst of them like Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain (PIGS).

Heed Herman Cain while you consider this.

He talks about our "Sweat Equity," and how the government is taking too much of it.  He tells us to "stay connected," and "stay informed," lest we "drink the liberal cool aid" or become divided.  Finally he tells us to "Stay Inspired!"

Be like a Bee.  Defy the laws of media and political science.  Fly when they say you can't and sting while they figure out how.  The liberal beast might thrash around, but it can't stop us all.  We are a swarm of killer bees.  Some may be squashed.  Most will land their stingers.  The best will crawl up their nose and sting their brain!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Andrew Breitbart is Awesome

I don't know much about this guy but this speech is awesome.
"The Institutional Left has declared War on You." -Andrew Breitbart

Full Speech: Andrew Breitbart at the SRLC
Uploaded by therightscoop. - News videos hot off the press.

Happy Friday!  Enjoy.  (h/t) to

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wikileaks Video of an Apache Helicopter Engagement

This video was  posted on Wikileaks.  It has value added content from Wikileaks so be sure to ignore that and make up your own mind.  I do not believe you are free to brandish AK47's on the street in Iraq.  It is a war zone.  I think its safe to assume that people walking around with assault riffles are insurgents even if they have reporters in tow.  It looks as though the camera was mistaken for an RPG as well.  After they are shot, an unmarked van drives up to carry off the wounded and it is also shot at.   The van came equipped with two children for just such a contingency.

Of course I'm troubled by the pointless loss of life in this video and in this war.  Perhaps the outcomes in Iraq will one day justify the lies told to all of us for its purpose.  There were no WMD.

I'm glad Canada did not participate in this war.  I'm glad we are leaving Afghanistan.  The two are related in my view.  The above pilots, soldiers and equipment would have been better deployed in Kandahar.  The expense of this war should have been directed at this first and just war in Afghanistan.  Instead the US diverted sizable resources to a second war in Iraq on purpose.

Today Canada loses blood and treasure in a war that has lasted far too long.  Afghanistan should have had this kind of attention.  We did not come to Afghanistan so that the USA could take care of other business.  They are mighty enough to fight 2 wars simultaneously, they are mighty enough to do it alone.  Our patience is as limited as our resources.

I would very much like to see Afghanistan healed.  We've done our part.  Have things improved there at all since our parliament decided not to extend the involvement past 2011?  Where is the war trending?  Would a few more years make a difference or would it just prolong the current situation?  Is the Status Quo preferable to leaving it to Obama and the NATO phonies?  Is Russia still willing to wade in?

Never throw good money after bad, they say.  It applies to lives as well.  Just some things to think about.

Update:  There were indeed RPGs and ammo found by the troops who arrived.  It seems as though the reporters intended to film a rocket attack carried out by insurgents.  Here is the report from the troops who arrived:

We remained above the engagement site while Bushmaster sent ground forces to the site. Bushmaster arrived and reported 11 x AIF KIA and found RPGs and RPG rounds at the site. We also witnessed a loaded RPG lying 2-3 blocks south of the engagement site. Bushmaster reported that the first child was wounded and pulled from the van. We were unable to determine that there were children in the vehicle and never saw any children prior to or during the engagement. After viewing the gun tape, were able to determine that both wounded children came from the van. Bushmaster immediately MEDEVAC'd both girls to FOB Loyalty for medical care.

(h/t) to the Jawa Report.  The whole video is a big smear.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Greenpeace Dumps Chemicals into River then Issues Personal Threats to Skeptics

Yes.  They have lost their minds.  We have been saying so for some time now.  Even a founder of Greenpeace and Ph.D. in Ecology, Patrick Moore, calls their agenda "Anti-Human." 

In order to fight pollution Greenpeace activists dumped bucket upon bucket of a chemical known as Fluorescein into an Argentinian river.  They will say its harmless and biodegradable, but so is sewage.  This is coming from people who wanted to ban Chlorine.  A business would never call the newspapers and dump "harmless" chemicals into a river for no reason.
Greenpeace needlessly dumps buckets of Fluorescein into river
A sickly green image of a mushroom cloud in the water.
 This image of a green mushroom cloud created by Greenpeace in the river is their new face.  The Greenpeace website recently published the next phase of their activity.  In a section of their article subtitled "The Revolution will not be televised," they invite members to abandon peace in favor of crime, intimidation, and violence.  I will quote their more inflammatory suggestions:
"What do you do when all the protocols and cheat codes of democracy fail?"
You respect democracy, that is you agree to disagree and accept the will of the people.  What do you mean by cheat codes?  I'd like to know exactly how they have tried to cheat democracy.
"We need to hit them where it hurts most, by any means necessary"
Spoken like true home grown terrorists.  They go on to try and weasel out of this statement by referring to votes and taxes and wallets but then add, "and more."  The last two words negate the weasel statements completely so that all you have is the above invitation to violence.
"We need to join forces with those within the climate movement that are taking direct action to disrupt the CO2 supply chain."
This quote speaks for itself.  Expect industrial terrorism.  The link was not added by me. It is the original link in the Greenpeace page.  Try not to follow it.  It leads to an organization called Beyond Talk.   They are cute.  CPR for the planet to them stands for "Climate Pledge of Resistance."  I'm not kidding.  Go there if you have to and be sure to look at how they wanted to disrupt our Olympics.
"Emerging battle-bruised from the disaster zone of Copenhagen, but ever-hopeful, a rider on horseback brought news of darkness and light: "The politicians have failed. Now it's up to us. We must break the law to make the laws we need: laws that are supposed to protect society, and protect our future. Until our laws do that, screw being climate lobbyists. Screw being climate activists. It's not working. We need an army of climate outlaws." "
So in response to a disaster that never happened they need to build and army.  Who said "war is a continuation of politics by other means."  (Carl Philipp Gottlieb von Clausewitz) We have their dismissal by most people which they count as a failure of politics.  They admit to cheating and it still doesn't work for them.  Now they call for an army to achieve their goals by any means necessary. 

"The proper channels have failed. It's time for mass civil disobedience to cut off the financial oxygen from denial and skepticism."
I openly deny AGW.  Many do not precisely because of this sort of intimidation.  I believe in Natural Climate Change.  Of that there is ample and undeniable evidence.  Ask a warmist what happens if we go back to the stone age and the Earth warms up any way?  What then?  What use is all this sacrifice if rises and drops in Global Average Temperature are as meaningless as ripples in the surf?   Millions would die if we followed Greenpeace.  Yet the barely hidden myth of overpopulation requires millions to die.  I am the one who should be suffocated financially?  I've got news for Greenpeace.  That is going to work about as well as all their other ideas.  I don't make a red cent for opposing AGW scammers.  I never have.  The truth is you are afraid of us now.  You want to shut us up.  You can't argue with us anymore so its war.  Except war is carried out by noble warriors.  You are nothing but thugs like the brownshirts.

"We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work.
And we be many, but you be few."
This is their final lines and direct message to skeptics of all kinds.  Its an indirect threat to people who speak out against Greenpeace and their faith.  This is a free country.  I can have my opinions and make them public too.  This is my duty to my fellow citizens.  I do not profit from my views unlike the green lobby.

The Greenpreists have changed into Greenthugs.  This document is their Mien Kempf; their green manifesto.  Law enforcement needs to wake up to this threat.  You can't even catch one loose terrorist in northern Alberta, how will you stop a hundred?  -A Thousand?  Do we need a Pearl Harbor or a 9/11 before we stop them?
Aerial view of a useless chemical dump.