Sunday, April 11, 2010

Attack of the Killer Bees

Wow.  Have you ever heard a southern black man quote the Declaration of Independence?  This video is truly inspiring.  Watch Herman Cain speak at the SRLC.

A lot of ideas in this speech are close to my heart.  Many American problems are very similar to ours.  We also could suddenly find ourselves in a historic election against a coalition of the left.  -A two party system.

The Liberals are headless and broke, while Gilles loves nothing better than the instability and cost of elections.  Jack has nowhere to go but down from here.  He is out meeting with unions while everyone is distracted with a coke head and his busty hookers.  Should we fail in our quest for Majority, it will be Jack who will be our Prime Minister.  Majority or not I would not be surprised at all to find the NDP on equal footing with the Liberals after the next election.  A coalition means that all the borrowed NDP votes that went Liberal will drift back.  Why have fake, weak, socialists when you can have the real socialists and a larger voice in the coalition? 

Start thinking election.  I know we've been that way on and off for years.  The only reason we have been able to avoid one for so long is because of the skill and intelligence our PM and the CPC have shown.  You don't seriously believe Jack is going to sit and watch the government shrink do you?  Jack will either win or win big.  Liberals will either lose or lose big.  The fate of Canadians remains with the Conservative Party.  Will we continue our plan to succeed as a beacon in a world where western civilization is faltering?  -Or do we plunge into socialism and fail with the worst of them like Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain (PIGS).

Heed Herman Cain while you consider this.

He talks about our "Sweat Equity," and how the government is taking too much of it.  He tells us to "stay connected," and "stay informed," lest we "drink the liberal cool aid" or become divided.  Finally he tells us to "Stay Inspired!"

Be like a Bee.  Defy the laws of media and political science.  Fly when they say you can't and sting while they figure out how.  The liberal beast might thrash around, but it can't stop us all.  We are a swarm of killer bees.  Some may be squashed.  Most will land their stingers.  The best will crawl up their nose and sting their brain!


Anonymous said...

Not just bees but wasps. Wasps aren't just white they are also yellow and black and they live to sting again and again.

Spin Assassin said...

Wasps then. Some species aren't hive dwellers either.

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