Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What are you guys waiting for?

You is the government.  Do something fiscally Conservative.  I hear and read all over the place that Harper is a socialist, and that we are just Liberals now.  Even Liberals have caught on (the morons).

That proves 2 things.
  1. People have forgotten how terrible the Liberals were/are.
  2. That its time to go back to our roots and start acting like Conservatives again.
The recession is over, but we aren't clear yet.  Greece's debts are now junk.  I want the stimulus to play out as planned.  The whole plan.  That means no more stimulus after.  We have to start paying that money back without new taxes.  Then we'll find out if this Keynesian experiment really worked.  I'll want the truth, not dogma.  Did it work or not?  You must take the stimulus of the whole world into account especially in the US.  If we did not pitch in with our own stimulus, we would have been shut out due to protectionism.

What else can be done?  Tax cuts.  Privatization.  De-regulation.  Legalization.  Hurry.

I can't keep telling everyone that our hands are tied forever.  I believe that you are fiscally conservative but you are still playing chess.  Lets stop positioning and attack already.

Bring out that a fat Liberal lamb for slaughter.  I'm hungry for cuts, and Liberal lamb chops are on the menu.

Whats the worst they can do?  -Call an election?


Peter said...

So long as Conservatives are in a minority parliament there will not be any conservatism shown. The best one can hope for is middle of the road.

Anonymous said...

WSYSIWYG. What you see is what you get. There is no hidden agenda. There isn't anything else.

Harper, and the Harris Tories are all singing, "I'm a Liberal and I'm okay."


L said...

Right on! I share your impatience. Mulroney did this too - failed to do the big chop chop with a majority and spent way too much on Quebec. I do not know how the CPC could have possibly increased the public service on their watch 2006-8 - very sloppy. The recent budget cuts will work, but WAY too slowly (and they could be reversed). What astonishes me is that so many Canadians who pay taxes think they are receiving value for service by giving away 1/2 of their income to all levels of government!! Those who receive or don't pay much get to vote for all the "hand-out-Hanks and Hannahs" who sing well). There has to be a whole new non-nanny mentality nourished, and this will take years, as there have been many years of educational and media brain-washing that governments can fix the world.

Life is going to get tough for the western world, as very slow growth is going to be the new normal in the EU, UK, US and Canada due to demographics. The Liberal and now CPC immigration program is a huge FAIL, as they brought in people who are the same average age as Canadians, not younger! I don't think that we have escaped a double dip yet either, as US debt is too high and Obama is not so swift or even very motivated on financial issues (like Iggy).

On the other hand, by staying in power, the CPC Keynesian appeasement party is gaining valuable experience and skills running the government, which is paying off now, and will down the road. Iggy, Gilles and Bob are going to be 63/62 soon. Jack Layton turns 60 in July. Normally, it might be time for them to be lining up Board of Director positions. Trudeau "retired" at 65 and Chrétien at 70, but both were very experienced and had a full line-up of experienced Ministers. The Libs and Bloc have turn-over leader problems for the next generation.

We know that Iggy does not have the energy, experience and personality to manage the demands of leading a government, so if the electorate decides to "throw the (CPC) bums out", they will soon have huge buyer's remorse.

tao_taier said...

Can you imagine how bad things would be right now if the coalition were in power?

Everyone needs to take pragmatism into account.
Btw I consider Ralph Alexander to be the Don Martin of blogging tories after all the mindless budget bashing he made against Flaherty's budgets. (Hey Ralph, Buy a friggin calculator. The stimulus here will make the country money in the long run unlike the one in the U.S. which was completely useless.)

Obviously its the the stimulus that takes the credit for any or all the good news but it has helped and will continue to. The other side of that is parts of our economy that's the freest to participate in capitalism is the primary source.

Canada (federally) will be fine, the cuts are coming. Pragmatic incrementalism comes first as it is less jarring to political stability.

Our debt to GDP and so on (/etc and so forth) is low enough to handle all this, (accept of provinces like Ontario which is needlessly over taxed and over spent). The Brits on the other hand won't have that "luxury" by comparison.

Speaking of brits... (related but unrelated):

Take a look at the LibDems foreign policy over there! it's even worse than Obama's.

Someone needs to save England from a possible hung parliament & the LibDems/Labor/leftist parties.

Well the brits may suffer a similar situation if the LibDems and Labor form a coalition of sorts after the election there.

Too much "but the Tories aren't conservative enough" crap going around both here and there as it is. Enough with the friggin cynicism.

Hopefully, to offset that possibility their may be other right or right of center parties over their that I don't know about. Like UKIP? Not sure though, don't know very much of anything about UKIP though aside from being euroseptic against the sovereignty eating EU.

The Tories may tend to be a little too PC over some issues like the environment than I'd care for but once in a governing position pragmatism will set in. Especially since they won't exactly have a majority either and will have to tip toe over and around glass and no doubt; political land mines left in place by the Labor.

The Liberals did it here, I won't be surprised if the same happens there.

tao_taier said...

I forgot to add though I'm sure I was long winded enough as usual:

Stimulus isn't all bad its a matter of how it is used. Cutting taxes of example IS a form of stimulus. It's really the left who give a good thing like stimulus a bad name since they misuse it and overspend the crap out of everything only to tax it all back later.

I hardly call that stimulus.

Sometimes a government has to spend to help with expansion of infrastructure and other things that the private sector can't take care of or isn't meant to be responsible for. That is normal. That way when things pick up the economy isn't held back or choked up by heavy traffic and things of that nature.

Apparently some so called "fiscal" "conservatives" off an certain "nameless" blog rolls can't grasp such concepts.

Alex said...

Look I see a lot of people deficit financing their future, it can't be all bad. Governments are notorious for getting it wrong. When things were cheap, like asphalt, cement, copper, oil, that was the time to do some infrastructure spending. Labour was ample and probably productivity was up (trying to keep their jobs). I expect the government to spend my taxes wisely on things we will need tomorrow. This is why I might be a Keynesian. Can a government behave responsibly with so many fingers in the jar? That is the question. The next few years will make up my mind forever. I can trust myself to be a micro-Keynesian with my personal economy. Can even a Conservative government be trusted?

I'd like to see them do something brave in the mean time. There is a lot of Liberal Garbage to fix outside this recession/stimulus question.

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