Monday, April 26, 2010

Liberals want to teach you how to eat with your own money

80 million dollars is chump change to a Liberal.  That is what they plan to spend on a campaign urging you to eat local food.  Rural people already eat rural food.  The Liberal deceit is in taking money from rural people who already know what to do, in order to teach city dwelling Liberal voters an obvious fact.

Here is an idea that Liberal will never think of.  Why don't Urbanites grow their own food?  A sensible City like Calgary not only votes in Conservatives but the City has implemented an urban chicken pilot project.  Although raising urban chickens is portrayed as a progressive idea its actually very Libertarian.

Conservative reasons to grow your own chickens.
  • produce fresh consumable eggs daily.
  • escape government regualtions
  • avoid taxes
  • avoid all transportation costs of eggs
  • secure food source
  • free garden fertilizer.
  • cheaper than owning a kitten
  • Give eggs away.
My mother kept about 10 chickens on our acreage.  They would roam  free during the day while our dogs kept watch.  At night they would go back to their coup on their own.   We would lock it to keep out predators.  In the morning we would have at least a half dozen fresh eggs.  Every morning.  We could not possibly eat all the eggs.  Visitors had to leave our house with at least one carton of eggs.  No payment accepted.

I would be happy with 3 chickens.  If all goes well it will be fully legal in Calgary very soon.

You can already grow backyard chickens in Toronto.  Just Google it.  Is this really worth 80 million?

We don't need $80 million ripped from our pockets in yet another Liberal scheme.  We don't need more programs.  We don't need more CUPE members justifying their salaries and pensions.  We need less government.  We need fewer laws.  We need to enforce those few laws.

Of course we all know how Liberals operate.  They will give contracts to firms who are Liberal friendly in exchange for donations.  That money started out as your annual bonus at your job, but Liberals think you should be giving them your bonus.  Make no mistake.  Corporate taxes still take your money.  Its taken from your RRSPs and investments.  Its taken from your next raise.  Its taken from the person who needs that private sector job.  Its taken from your next bonus.  A Liberal government will take its bonus first and it doesn't even have to say please.

Iggy says that he will get the money for scrapping corporate tax cuts that haven't even been cut yet.   That means by not cutting taxes in the future Iggy has somehow produced 80 million dollars.  That makes no sense.  We will just be in the hole by 80 million more than before.

Liberals obviously think you are stupid.  They use a rational only an ignoramus or an idiot could accept for the expressed purpose of making their people less stupid.

I'm really tired of their crap.  We all know what they want to do.  Make a carbon tax to rape and pillage the west to make a big fat nanny state.  Lets have an election and get this Minority into a Majority.  We don't have time for the daily opposition tricks.  The economy is getting better and its time for cuts.  Lets get that mandate and make this country great.  I dare you Iggy.  Are you chicken?

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