Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Liberals and cash stuffed envelopes.

Jean Charest.  You remember that doosh.  The one who tried to undermine Canada at Copenhagen by attacking Alberta.  The one who caused riots in Quebec by raising taxes.  The one who comically threatens to take over the Conservative Party (and become Prime Minister).  Yeah, you know that guy.

Well today his recently departed Justice Minister Marc Bellemare revealed that he personally witnessed illegal cash donations to the party.  If that wasn't bad enough, the cash had strings attached.  Party fundraisers used the illegal cash to favor Judicial appointments.

Is this just how things are done in Quebec?  Every cash envelope scandal I can think of has happened where?  Mulroney, ADSCAM, and now this.  Montreal's construction bidding scandals now seem petty.  

Charest has called an inquiry into it.  Good idea Mr. Charest.  There is no inquiring that a little cash stuffed envelope couldn't fix.  Just don't call an election accidentally.  A 77% disapproval rating is charitable I think.  Corrupting the judicial system is quite a feat, but I think you can hit 99% disapproval if you really work at it. 

The PQ wants their banana republic.  They sure have the corruption part down.  The only down side to this is that the PQ are the only option to punish the provincial government.  The ADQ is gone.  There is no Parti  Fleur de Lis  to mimic the Wild Rose Alliance (yet).

I don't suppose the PQ really matters do they?  They don't seem to be interested in separation or in turning off the fire hose from ROC.   I don't believe the people want to separate either.  I hope for Quebecers sake they get a right wing alternative soon.

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