Monday, April 19, 2010

Shout Racism

A policy of the left is to shout racism where none exists.  This makes sense since the cause of racism has been appropriated by the socialists.  So many initially good causes have been appropriated by socialists.  Sexism, environmentalism, racism, anything that can be bent towards redistribution of wealth is used by the socialist.

Today I participated in a thread at Barrel Strength.  I encourage you to read through it.  A socialist shows up  throwing racism comments around.

I found this clip over at The Right Scoop.  Its applicable to this topic because the Tea parties have been falsely accused of racism by the left wing lame stream media.

Equality is uncontested.  Socialists want more than equality, they want to take from one group and give to another group based on arbitrary reasons like race or environment or sex.  To do this they must take power over both groups so that they have the ability to grant or remove rights or property.  At some point Socialists end up using force to exercise their powers.

Our society already lives with a necessary evil of taxes.  The socialist does not have a built in abhorrence for large government.  Taxes are readily used by socialists to extend the scope of government in limitless directions.  The goal is to take the individuals means of exerting power over their own lives and use those means to exert power over the individual.

There isn't a problem that socialists can see that doesn't require a new bureaucracy to administer a new program requiring a new tax.  The program doesn't have to work.  They typically don't.  The important part is those new government jobs and yet more tax.

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dupmar said...

The complaint appears plausible until you examine the actual exchanges and then one has to conclude the “race issue” has been introduced into the discussion not by the leftist critic, but by the blog author himself.

As an example, the blog author complains of the lack of political leadership, except for a few select conservative blogs, in the ongoing struggle against “the rapid and uncontrollable decay of western civilization”, exemplified by “ massive barbarian unqualified immigration” and “ the apparent desire to diminish, demean and or replace the white race with something else wherever it is currently dominant”.

This hardly sounds like the electoral platform of the Conservative Party or any recent speech by our current Minister of Immigration. This is a program a select group within the blogging tories seek to foist on the Conservative Party.

Nor is the complaint specific to Canadian issues and “Canadian cultural values”, but rather alleges :

“The United States has been taken over by an affirmative-action President …. who does not much like its white citizens” and the United States is being destroyed from within ..
“by uncontrolled illegal immigration of mestizo-Spanish central Americans”.

This is not a discussion on conflicting cultural values or the difficulties of accommodating or integrating muslim immigrants, or those of divergent cultural heritage, within our society. Exactly how is the integration of Spanish speaking Mexican and central American immigrants in the US a challenge to their common western cultural values, unless the problem lies not with their cultural values and heritage but with their ‘meztizo-Spanish” roots. And how is this relevant to Canada.

Once again, this proposed discussion on immigration, “ race , religion and intelligence distribution” does smack of racial, rather than cultural preoccupations, and I might add is derivative of traditions peripheral to the Reform wing of the current Conservative party, certainly not from its Progressive Conservative antededents.

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