Saturday, May 29, 2010

Coaltion = Conservative Majority

Like we didn't already know, Bob Rae made it unofficially official.  The Liberals and NDP will coagulate to form government if they can.  The typical weasel style of the Liberals was in effect on this because I could find no actual quotes about a future coalition.  This is because they know Canadians don't really want Coalition of the left steering this country.  What they have to do is trick people into a poor decision.

The media cheerleaders did the talking for the Coalition this time.  This shows you how close they really are.  Without breathing a word about Coalition on camera or for the record, all the political media are talking about the Liberal-NDP cabal.  They are talking about stuff we all knew since the last time they tried to Coalition.  They are talking about stuff the Prime Minister frankly told people about months and months ago.  Watch the CBC coverage:

Hows that Terry?  That word tastes good in my mouth.  Majority.  Mmmm, Mmm, mmm. 

Isn't this video funny?  It was portrayed as the secret agenda of the CPC.  Whats the big secret?  -That we know all about the Coalition?  Gasp!  -That we want a Majority Government?  Double gasp!

You see Prime Minister Harper is right.  The only way to stop the Coalition is to get a Majority.  The choice must be made clear.  We now have a two party system.  Its the government you know versus the raging socialist tax and spenders.

Do Canadians really want to end up like the PIIGS?  You know the answer to that.  We've got to tell people.  We've gone as far as we can with socialism.  Too far even.  There is nothing down that road but strife and suffering. 

Strategic voting is over.  There is no more voting to block some party or to boost some other party.  People will have to pick their Government or face some conglomerate of assorted nutbars.  The Coalition is the last thing we need right now.  We don't even need an election at all.  Mr. Harper governs like a star even with the minority handicap.  We are in very good hands.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Live Oil Spill Feed.

This is cool.

Watch live streaming video from wkrg_oil_spill at
Not the spilling.  That's terrible, and its a terrible waste too.

Its the fact that I can watch an ongoing industrial accident 1.5 km beneath the sea.  All of it live thanks to BP.  They didn't have to rig up this streaming feed for us but it sure is fascinating.  I have to say I pity BP.  Everyone loves to jump on the oil company but really they just rented all that sunken junk.

If you hire a cab and he gets into an accident, it would be a strange world where you were to blame.  Unfortunately BP owns the license to drill that well which means they own the liability for any accidents.  I'll let the lawyers sort that out.  I'm more interested in the technical details of the accident.

What happened and how exactly?

The silver lining is that the Oil industry is one that loves to adapt and evolve to new technology.  A botched well is much worse than no well at all.  Believe me when I say that oil companies will do everything in their power to never let this happen again.  In a way this tragedy will have helped make our own workers and waters safer than ever.

Update:  it worked!  The leak stopped.
Update 2:  Now it doesn't friggin work.  arrgh!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Experience with Biased Media

"It's not news, its views,"  a wise teacher once said to me.  I didn't know then just how wise.  I had heard this sentiment before of course.  My dad even told me about environmentalists in Portugal who where caught lining up store bought  fish on the beach because it would make a good photo.  I accepted that media was biased but I never really understood what it meant.  Yup, grain of salt check, I thought. 

Then there I was, in India.  It was May of 1998.  Atom bombs were dropping and ambassadors were being recalled.  It was routinely 48 - 50 degrees Celsius and my travelers checks were increasing in value every day.  I had no idea when or if the saber rattling by India and Pakistan would turn ugly.

One day I was riding a rickshaw down the main strip of embassies in New Delhi when I passed the Pakistani Embassy.  Its an interesting structure with onion domes and high walls and a kind of bravado to its architecture that seemed to say "yeah we aren't India, what are you going to do about it."   This time though a sleepy little village of four or five tents had sprung up at the gates of the embassy.  I could see some people lazily hanging around in hot sun.  It didn't seem like a very deal at all.

When I got home CNN was blaring about the unruly protesters at the Pakistani embassy in New Delhi.  Huh?  I thought.  What protest?  I continued watching and they showed 4 or 5 enraged chanting protesters.  They were all crammed together as if there was a crowd and filmed from a high angle.  I realized that the cameraman must have been inside the walls of the embassy at that angle. 

You know what CNN looks like when its covering a juicy story about nukes and blood enemies.  It was totally out of proportion.  "Crisis in New Delhi!  Now that you've seen the footage from the Pakistani embassy we'll take you live to our expert panel...." 

I saw it with my own eyes.  Sensationalizing stories to make infotainment.  Its a regular occurrence.  Perhaps you've seen this happen yourself?  Those news/views establishments that rail against FOX news do so to cover their own tracks.  They are all FOX News.  The CBC is FOX News but for leftards.  Its not just CBC News either, the entire network is agenda driven programming with a progressive tilt.  The CBC pisses me off most because it my money they are wasting on lies.  A private company has the right to do and say what they like but as an involuntary shareholder of the CBC I'd like to at least see some returns.  Its bailout after bailout.   Year after year, like its a right.  -And for what?  The agenda of one particular group of people who are out of touch with reality and the people in it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beck Is On To Something

String together the leftard agenda and what do you get?  I can't tell you.  String it all together yourself.  You wouldn't believe me if I told you.  I'm going to ask you to do the work.  Ask yourself where it all leads.  What is beyond Greece?  What if the socialists and unions got their way to the extent they have in the PIIGS, but everywhere?    Why are they all so zealous about Global Warming when they admit that their own measures will not stop it even if it was man made or happening at all.  Why does Western Civilization need to commit suicide so badly? 

The CBC, the Liberal Party and the rest of usual suspects are just waiting for us to start screaming about this.  Well don't.   Where does it all lead?  Get people to ask this question instead.  They'll panic and deny it but the seed will be planted and it will grow because its the truth.

I'm going to post the whole Glenn Beck Show tonight.  I believe its important.  Its all from an American perspective but its the same thing  that is happening here and everywhere.    Its Global.

We are so lucky here in Canada.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Prime Minister Tube

I was just cruising along today's most excellent blogs where I happened upon a speech by the Prime Minister.  

There are tons of speeches there.  Tons.  French and English.  I don't have to wait for the fun house filtered narrative support quotes each night.  Watching reality is a breath of fresh air.  No spin.  No talking heads stringing together half truths and lies to build a picture of their own mind.

Its not just air when our Prime Minister speaks.  This is the top guy in Canada and he doesn't waste words.

We are in really good hands.  I want this man in charge.

Look at our Parliament.  Look at our Opposition.  What a bunch of whining, conniving, even traitorous mound of socialist weasels.  They would do anything to tear this country down but for the safety of their own hides.

They can't touch our Prime Minister.  Somehow Mr. Harper has led this country through the great recession largely unscathed.  He has presided over the best Olympics ever.  He has led a fractious and malevolent House of Commons  through the longest Minority Government in Canadian history.  All of this while nimbly dodging the traps set by unfriendly media.

Yes Mr. Harper is the right man for the job. We are not a military superpower, but we are an energy, water, resource, and financial superpower.  We need a smart and skilled man at the top.  There is no space for bungling.  None.

I want the kind of guy who can keep all the world leaders waiting because a bathroom break, or whatever it was, is just more important than all of them for 2 minutes.  That is leadership.

He's the kind of guy who can say no to his own people, his own supporters, when its necessary.  I want cannabis full on legalized like every good libertarian.  I want AGW dismissed like any skeptic.  I want the CBC privatized like any free market capitalist.  I want abortion to be the exception not the rule.  Does that mean its going to happen?  NO.  This country doesn't exist just for me.  I don't have a perfect perception of the situation.  I might perceive the basic truth of these things, the truth anyone can find if they would only look, but politics was never about the truth, was it?  Its management.  Its leadership.  Things have to be inched in the right direction step by step.  You can't just crack the country overnight.  The progressives have been inching in the wrong directio for so long in this country that we have to be progressives ourselves.  Only we have the steering wheel now.  We have to back away form the insanity, not blow it up.

Its my opinion that Mr. Harper will be one of the greatest Prime Minister we've ever had.  There is no rush for an election.  None at all.  The Majority will belong to the CPC whenever it happens.  We should savor this minority.  After all is said and done it will be remembered as the most glorious and beneficial introduction to governing a party could have had.  May it be repeated by all our future governing parties and copied around the world.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Culture of the Day with Bob Rae

Its a culture of deceit.  Its a culture of intimidation.  Its a new CBC game show.  Nope, its the usual amateurish sloganeering by Liberals that just makes me laugh and laugh.  Jane Taber shows us what's behind door number one in her hit piece today.     "She is describing a culture of intimidation, of bullying," says poor Bob.

Its culture that they really want to talk about, not ideas, or platforms, or policy.  Culture!  And if their culture is slipping out of favor?  Its war.  Never mind that by their very actions, Bob Rae's in particular, they have dispersed the illusion of socialism.  Big Government is a waste.  Socialism is unsustainable, heavy handed, and inefficient.

Conservative culture is Canadian culture.  If Liberals looked at their own culture, they would surely abandon it. 

We should just walk away from all this.  What is the point?  The Liberals are headless.  They really are.  They are adrift.  They aren't tacking left.  They are in-irons and totally oblivious. 

The best course that I can see is to lend our leadership to the Liberals.  Put them to work.  Make some committee, task force, working group, or blue ribbon panel, to look into things like improving efficiency in government bureaucracy.  Reward cooperators.  Punish troublemakers.

They obviously need a daddy, but can't find any on their side.  Let elections fall where they may and keep making statecraft look easy.