Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Prime Minister Tube

I was just cruising along today's most excellent blogs where I happened upon a speech by the Prime Minister.  

There are tons of speeches there.  Tons.  French and English.  I don't have to wait for the fun house filtered narrative support quotes each night.  Watching reality is a breath of fresh air.  No spin.  No talking heads stringing together half truths and lies to build a picture of their own mind.

Its not just air when our Prime Minister speaks.  This is the top guy in Canada and he doesn't waste words.

We are in really good hands.  I want this man in charge.

Look at our Parliament.  Look at our Opposition.  What a bunch of whining, conniving, even traitorous mound of socialist weasels.  They would do anything to tear this country down but for the safety of their own hides.

They can't touch our Prime Minister.  Somehow Mr. Harper has led this country through the great recession largely unscathed.  He has presided over the best Olympics ever.  He has led a fractious and malevolent House of Commons  through the longest Minority Government in Canadian history.  All of this while nimbly dodging the traps set by unfriendly media.

Yes Mr. Harper is the right man for the job. We are not a military superpower, but we are an energy, water, resource, and financial superpower.  We need a smart and skilled man at the top.  There is no space for bungling.  None.

I want the kind of guy who can keep all the world leaders waiting because a bathroom break, or whatever it was, is just more important than all of them for 2 minutes.  That is leadership.

He's the kind of guy who can say no to his own people, his own supporters, when its necessary.  I want cannabis full on legalized like every good libertarian.  I want AGW dismissed like any skeptic.  I want the CBC privatized like any free market capitalist.  I want abortion to be the exception not the rule.  Does that mean its going to happen?  NO.  This country doesn't exist just for me.  I don't have a perfect perception of the situation.  I might perceive the basic truth of these things, the truth anyone can find if they would only look, but politics was never about the truth, was it?  Its management.  Its leadership.  Things have to be inched in the right direction step by step.  You can't just crack the country overnight.  The progressives have been inching in the wrong directio for so long in this country that we have to be progressives ourselves.  Only we have the steering wheel now.  We have to back away form the insanity, not blow it up.

Its my opinion that Mr. Harper will be one of the greatest Prime Minister we've ever had.  There is no rush for an election.  None at all.  The Majority will belong to the CPC whenever it happens.  We should savor this minority.  After all is said and done it will be remembered as the most glorious and beneficial introduction to governing a party could have had.  May it be repeated by all our future governing parties and copied around the world.


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Anonymous said...

So far hes proving to be adept on the world stage.Thats what ive been looking for.And to be able to do it with a minority govt ,is even more impressive.
Good post Spin assasin.


Patrick Ross said...

It takes a particularly talented speaker to merit a standing ovation from the World Economic Forum.

Some people, however, go out of their way to enforce their rhetoric on the matter. For example, some individuals insisted that Harper had been "humiliated" in Davos because his stance on climate change had been criticized by a number of countries who would be eligible to sell carbon credits under the Kyoto Protocol.

Anonymous said...

Here, Here!

well said.

Allan Carty said...

He's a great leader. He represents us well.

Alex said...

Thanks :)

Which opposition leader would be most likely to wet himself for a chance to stand next to Obama?

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