Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Culture of the Day with Bob Rae

Its a culture of deceit.  Its a culture of intimidation.  Its a new CBC game show.  Nope, its the usual amateurish sloganeering by Liberals that just makes me laugh and laugh.  Jane Taber shows us what's behind door number one in her hit piece today.     "She is describing a culture of intimidation, of bullying," says poor Bob.

Its culture that they really want to talk about, not ideas, or platforms, or policy.  Culture!  And if their culture is slipping out of favor?  Its war.  Never mind that by their very actions, Bob Rae's in particular, they have dispersed the illusion of socialism.  Big Government is a waste.  Socialism is unsustainable, heavy handed, and inefficient.

Conservative culture is Canadian culture.  If Liberals looked at their own culture, they would surely abandon it. 

We should just walk away from all this.  What is the point?  The Liberals are headless.  They really are.  They are adrift.  They aren't tacking left.  They are in-irons and totally oblivious. 

The best course that I can see is to lend our leadership to the Liberals.  Put them to work.  Make some committee, task force, working group, or blue ribbon panel, to look into things like improving efficiency in government bureaucracy.  Reward cooperators.  Punish troublemakers.

They obviously need a daddy, but can't find any on their side.  Let elections fall where they may and keep making statecraft look easy.


The_Iceman said...

The pro choice Senator was trying to force her pro choice opinion on women's rights groups. How dare she intimidate over abortion!

Pro choice appointee of Paul Martin dropped the F-Bomb.

Patrick Ross said...

I see you've read Fearful Symmetry. I hope the Liberals are in for as big a shock as Brian Lee Crowley is predicting.

fernstalbert said...

So what is shocking - that a woman of a certain age can use that word for emphasis (like a rapper), or that she now joins Joe Biden's world by using the f-bomb. In today's cultural mores, this is mild - seen any movies lately? Cheers.

Alex said...

ooops I misspelled Rae. I could be Liberal Leader.

I liked the F-bomb comment but I know it won't work for some people.

What is Fearful Symmetry? There are a bunch titles out there.

Anonymous said...

bob rae. hmmmm. just when you thought it was safe to vote again he appears on the scene. has this silver spoon socialist no shame? i have always said there is no difference between the libs and ndp.

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