Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beck Is On To Something

String together the leftard agenda and what do you get?  I can't tell you.  String it all together yourself.  You wouldn't believe me if I told you.  I'm going to ask you to do the work.  Ask yourself where it all leads.  What is beyond Greece?  What if the socialists and unions got their way to the extent they have in the PIIGS, but everywhere?    Why are they all so zealous about Global Warming when they admit that their own measures will not stop it even if it was man made or happening at all.  Why does Western Civilization need to commit suicide so badly? 

The CBC, the Liberal Party and the rest of usual suspects are just waiting for us to start screaming about this.  Well don't.   Where does it all lead?  Get people to ask this question instead.  They'll panic and deny it but the seed will be planted and it will grow because its the truth.

I'm going to post the whole Glenn Beck Show tonight.  I believe its important.  Its all from an American perspective but its the same thing  that is happening here and everywhere.    Its Global.

We are so lucky here in Canada.


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Anonymous said...

i have asked people many questions regarding socialism and global warming. one question is how cool do they think the climate should be or get. no answer. how much control over your life are you prepared to give some moron who tells you something is happening yet the proof says otherwise. no answer unless they are true believers.

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