Saturday, May 29, 2010

Coaltion = Conservative Majority

Like we didn't already know, Bob Rae made it unofficially official.  The Liberals and NDP will coagulate to form government if they can.  The typical weasel style of the Liberals was in effect on this because I could find no actual quotes about a future coalition.  This is because they know Canadians don't really want Coalition of the left steering this country.  What they have to do is trick people into a poor decision.

The media cheerleaders did the talking for the Coalition this time.  This shows you how close they really are.  Without breathing a word about Coalition on camera or for the record, all the political media are talking about the Liberal-NDP cabal.  They are talking about stuff we all knew since the last time they tried to Coalition.  They are talking about stuff the Prime Minister frankly told people about months and months ago.  Watch the CBC coverage:

Hows that Terry?  That word tastes good in my mouth.  Majority.  Mmmm, Mmm, mmm. 

Isn't this video funny?  It was portrayed as the secret agenda of the CPC.  Whats the big secret?  -That we know all about the Coalition?  Gasp!  -That we want a Majority Government?  Double gasp!

You see Prime Minister Harper is right.  The only way to stop the Coalition is to get a Majority.  The choice must be made clear.  We now have a two party system.  Its the government you know versus the raging socialist tax and spenders.

Do Canadians really want to end up like the PIIGS?  You know the answer to that.  We've got to tell people.  We've gone as far as we can with socialism.  Too far even.  There is nothing down that road but strife and suffering. 

Strategic voting is over.  There is no more voting to block some party or to boost some other party.  People will have to pick their Government or face some conglomerate of assorted nutbars.  The Coalition is the last thing we need right now.  We don't even need an election at all.  Mr. Harper governs like a star even with the minority handicap.  We are in very good hands.


Patrick Ross said...

After the British Tories and the Lib Dems formed their coalition in Britain, the pro-coalition crowd in Canada was emboldened. They missed practically every major factor of difference.

First off: different political culture. British political culture seems to demand that government control of an absolute majority. Canada's doesn't.

Secondly: the British coalition featured the party with the most seats in the House.

Third: the British coalition was not borne of ideological hostifility to conservatives.

Fourth: the British coalition is led by a conservative political party.

It's virtually the exact opposite of the scnario for a proposed Liberal-NDP coalition.

Not to mention that all Harper has to do in the event of such an attempt is not resign as Prime Minister, and tell the opposition to defeat the government if they want so badly to work with the Bloc and absolutely repel Canadians from them once again.

Calgary Junkie said...

Does Milewski even realize that when Harper speaks, he is essentially wearing one of two hats--the PM of Canada hat, or the leader of the CPC hat ? He is going to speak differently, depending on which hat he is wearing. And of course, depending on who is in the audience.

So, when he is giving a stump-style speech to Party faithful, he is obviously wearing his "leader of the CPC" hat. And he is going to use crowd-pleasing, opposition bashing, coalition fear-mongering type of rhetoric. Sheesh, Terry, this is what that partisan audience wants to hear. We eat that kind of stuff up.

There's no hidden agenda. Harper told Maclean's magazine in early 2009 that he was going to campaign against the coaltion. He was out testing some lines, to see what kind of audience reaction he got. Just getting ready for the next election. Nothing to see here folks.

Anonymous said...

Harper has had 65% of the electorate vote against him in 4 elections. The PC-Conservative marriage was successful. We are eveolving to a 2 party state (like the US) with Quebec as an exception.

Blame Crash said...

I fully agree with you here Alex and all good points Patrick, and undoubtedly true.

The thing is that “Toronto Jack” and “Toronto Iffy” and the “Toronto Media” could care less about the truth. The only thing these frauds believe in is themselves and getting their hands on the government spigot so as to enrich themselves the easy way. It’s so much easier than going out and actually earning a living!

The conniving coalitionists want to seize the government regardless of what Canadians think. These supremacist rats believe that this is “their country” and the rest of us are just a gaggle of nobody nobodies.

Anon1152 said...

Patrick Ross:

I'm struck by the fact that two of the four major differences between the UK case and the Canadian case refer to the parties in question. Whether or not the Conservative party benefits seems to determine, for you, the legitimacy of the arrangement.

Anonymous said...

Patrick is correct but anon also sees the forest, Quebec is going and when they do we go to a two party state resembling much of that in the US. (real conservative)

Alex said...

If the Coalition runs as a coalition I don't beleive there would be any fair and legal way to keep them out of Government.
I beleive in democracy first above all. I want a fair and open fight between left and right ideologies.
I don't think I could be a party to a legal challenge against a Coalitions right to govern if it wins an election outright.
That is the thing. They shall run as a Coalition wheather they like it or not. Everyone will see them either confirm or deny it.
There will be no double speak with Canadians. They cannot say they won't coalition and then coalition. It will be a repeat of 2 years ago.

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