Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Gaza Spin is Dizzying

The last couple nights of  The Glenn Beck Show have been phenomenal.  You can watch them here.  (thanks)

What really hit me was his comparison to the North Korea situation and the Gaza situation.  North Korea can fire a torpedo killing 46 sailors while Israel can't enforce a blockade against bloodthirsty terrorists.

The facts of the matter are almost as interesting as the degree of spin perpetrated by the media.  Do they reflect your views?  Do they give equal attention to the scale and severity of an incident, or are they pushing you to think and see it their way?  Who's way is their way?  Who are they helping?  It isn't you.

I'm not a huge supporter of Israel.  I don't give them cart blanch.  When it comes to their existence I'm behind them 100%.  I do not want to see another Holocaust.  Israel has the right to defend itself with all and any means at its disposal. 

One thing is certain.  You can't just put Gaza in a box indefinitely.   Something has to be done.  Do it now or do it later.

When the time comes, hit them so hard they don't get back up.


The_Iceman said...

It sure seemed like these protests sprang up seconds after the incident occured. It is almost like a lot of people knew ahead of time what was going to happen. If you attempt to run a blockade and then attack the marines who board your ship to check for weapons, the end result is predictable.

I liked when Beck pointed out that both Israel and Egypt offered to dock the boats, unload the goods (after being checked for weapons) for delivery to Gaza. If it was about getting aid to Gaza, they could have accepted Egypt's offer. But no, they wanted to run the blockade because they wanted to be boarded because they already had protests ready to go in Turkey.

This whole incident is crazy.

dizzy said...

"North Korea can fire a torpedo killing 46 sailors while Israel can't enforce a blockade against bloodthirsty terrorists"

So you are drawing a parallel?
You & Joe Biden -- he defended the US reliance on an Israeli investigation by noting that South Korea was running a similar investigation.
As was quickly pointed out, a real equivalence would have a Turkish investigation.

Anonymous said...

Frankly they should bomb little Kim's palaces into the groundm, maybe they would hit him. But that is a different issue compared to the incompetence of Israeli forces. (real conservative)

Alex said...

The comparison Beck made and the one I make is about the coverage of both incidents. The spin is the story.

Neither event indicts or justifies the other. The fact of the matter is that the media and the left in general have no sense of perspective. They don't seem to be outraged at evil but outraged at things that don't fit their agenda.

North Korea is an embarrassment to the left. The wish Kim could be put on pedestal like Castro but they can't. He's nuts. Sinking ships, building nukes, etc... So the story is hushed up, ignored and hopefully forgotten.

Now you get these terrorists, that's what they are you know, purposely breaking an arms blockade just to break the blockade. I've seen this show before and I'm not buying it. They want confrontation not peace.

I don't even care that much for Israel. They aren't blameless. I care even less for Hamas. I would be happy to see them ripped from Gaza in the only way they will go. 50 years of failed negotiations pretty much leaves only one option. Israel can have at it.

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