Saturday, June 5, 2010

Welcome Tax Freedom Day

-Because left wing socialist ideology would give you Tax Freedom Day for Christmas.

Keep it up Fraser Institute.  There are many Unions with fat war chests but only one of you.


Anonymous said...

Same Fraser institute that said the stimulus money added zero growth in 2009?

Alex said...

I don't think they said zero but that private investment outdid public investment. They generally poohpooh the stimulus because that is their role. Its like when the pope calls for world peace. We all agree and hope to make it true if we deal with the problems at hand correctly.

They don't take into account the whole situation. They are right, but our stimulus was tiny and we could afford it. You can also argue that the confidence in the private sector was induced by the assurance that the government would be responsible and participate in a small way with the G8 emergency stimulus. We did our part. The world did not go protectionist on us and now they won't put a worldwide tax on us either.

All these considerations are beyond the scope of the Fraser Institute. They can't see that we can take the exit on the left in order to turn right. They think we'll just go the wrong way because they have seen it happen too many times. So let them be cranky about the stimulus. That is their job. I still agree and support them for the most part even if I occasionally disagree with their details of policy.

Powell lucas said...

Personally, I think tax freedom day should be February 1st.

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