Monday, June 21, 2010

The Third Type of Protester.

Jonathan Kay recently described 2 kinds of protesters in "G20 Protesters want to have their cake and eat it too."
  1. Legitimate left-wing activists with placards, flyers and websites
  2. Full-time criminals and delinquents who [use] anti-globalization as a pretext for street violence
Jonathan is exactly right and I urge you to read his article in the NP.

There is however a third type of protester.  The Thrill Seeker.  This person will attend the protests simply to witness the spectacle.  They want to be a part of a crowd and feel the atmosphere.  It doesn't matter to them what the crowd wants or represents.  Its kind of like the hateful version of the Love Parade.

I know of these thrill seekers because one of them is a friend of mine.  A couple of weeks ago she used her Facebook status to invite protesters out saying: "Looking for someone to protest with at the G20. Anyone want to get pepper- sprayed with me?"  I offered to pepper spray her at no expense to the taxpayer, that's my sense of humor, but I also wanted to know why she was protesting.  She still hasn't answered me but I know this girl and I know the answer.  She is looking for excitement, for a circus.

There were a few replies of "I'm there," and "Sounds like fun!"  Most of the replies were "umm no thanks."  The "no thanks," crowd makes up most of the good people of Toronto.  Its a shame that a few bad apples and bored apples have to wreck it for everyone else.

A billion dollars just to herd to these people around.  Police will be abused protecting these people and their city from themselves.  Remember who is costing us this money, not who is spending it.  Remember who is antagonizing, not the antagonized. 


The_Iceman said...

I really hope they use the water cannon.

Wow Portugal blew out North Korea. Should I be impressed?

Alex said...


I thought it was a spectacular game. They seemed to let PKR run themselves out during the first half and then layed into them. The real test will be Fridays game with Brazil. Portugal is ranked 3rd, Brazil 1st. It will be a mini world cup right there.

Blame Crash said...

That billion dollars is being spent to deter the newest crop of Toronto Eighteeners, not these goofs.

The big question is, will it work.

Anonymous said...

For every photo of wing-nuts attacking a line, pulling down a fence, or throwing stones a little more of the negative reaction about the spending goes down.

The Liberals had better hope it's nice and peaceful.

The_Iceman said...

Hey look, that goalie is probably going to be executed when he returns home to the Dear Leader, so I don't know what you're so happy about. I don't run around bragging when my favourite hockey team blows out the Florida Panthers. That Ronaldo goal was pretty sweet though...

The_Iceman said...

And you can thank a brutal ref carding a ridiculous dive for the best player in the world missing the next game against Portugal.

bertie said...

I hope that the RCMP officer with the big can of pepper spray (you know the one from Chretien,s era)is on duty.He seems to be a cool guy.

Alex said...

@ bertie: I bet he never wants to see another protester again.

@ Iceman on soccer: The goalie can defect. I'm not really worried. I'm not one to be embarrassed about success either. Yeah they were annihilated. That's great in my books. As for Brazil's cards and players I can't say I care. Brazil is to Portugal as Canada is to the US. Not only is it the land of my ancestors but the constant underdog too. I'll take whatever luck gives and have sheer will do the rest. Good luck to your guys too. You are with Germany right? Always a strong team. May fortune bring us to the final.

Alex said...

Btw PRK managed to score a goal on Brazil. They can't be that bad.

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