Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Out with the Old, In with Sun News.

Am I dreaming?  I thought I would never see the day that an unapologetic, right of center, politically incorrect, FOX News North, type channel would arrive in Canada.  I still haven't seen the day, but I'm told that day will be January 1st.

What else is there to say except goodbye Liberal Party.  Goodbye Global Warming.  Goodbye Hug-a-thugs.  Good by to all of Chomsky's zombie hordes.

Nobody seriously believes the liberal socialist ideas anymore. They remind me of  hollow Easter eggs.  Ones that have been drained and painted up all pretty.  The so-called main stream media walks on eggshells, taking care to not to disturb a single one.  All that is needed is one little station that doesn't care at all about pretty eggshell ideas.  The left will crack like they never had any shape at all.

If you haven't seen it already, here is the new channel's promotional spot.

Good luck Kory, Quebecor, and all the people helping to make this happen.


bertie said...

It,s about time.And to cap it off,get rid of that pathetic CBC for a billion dollar savings and perhaps CTV will be close behind.

Alex said...

Well I would prefer that the competition became more competitive. We know they won't but its not like we didn't warn them.

Competition is good. Its good for everybody.

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