Thursday, May 31, 2012

So why didn't the NDP get a gruesome package?

Is it because narcissistic psychopath sadistic cannibal gay porn actor necrophiliac murderers really dig NDP ideology?

Or is it because its counter to NDP narrative and had to be hushed up?

Truth is it doesn't matter what crazy people think until they get into government and do some crazy.

Monday, May 28, 2012

EI is a Safety Net, not a Hammock. Get OFF!

I'm glad to hear that EI is getting reformed.  It's about time.

I've never received EI.  That doesn't mean I haven't tried.  When the bust of '08 got around to busting my gig as a self-employed contractor I applied.  I heard that part of the economic action plan was extending EI to self-employed people.  I involuntarily paid into it.  Time, I thought, to get something out.

Rejected.  Truth is, I wasn't expecting much.  That is government for you.  Overly expensive.  Predictably unimpressive.  When was the last time the government did something that failed to disappoint?  Exactly. 

I'm not sure why I didn't qualify.  I was too something.  I don't care what.  I don't care to be more eligible for pogey.  Some bureaucrat, whom I'm also forced to subsidize, even while losing my own business, knows better than me who needs my money and when.  Fine.

So lets see who these great bureaucratic minds forced me to pay instead.

There's Elizabeth May.  Pogey collector and proud.  She was in seasonal tourism which entitles her to an EI cheque.  She was laid off and re-hired by her family's restaurant every year.  That is how they planned it.  That is how her family arranged their business model.  Instead of scrambling to drum up winter business like true entrepreneurs, they all took a taxpayer funded vacation.  Every year.  Planning it into their business.  They could have offered baby seal hunts.  I don't know.  Put them in a pen and let the kids club them.  Blood red and snow white.  Canada's colours!  Alright, I'm kidding but you get the idea. 

Dog sledding.  Snow shoeing.  Cross Country Skiing.  Eating!  Fun is what you make it.  Try snowmobiling trips.  Try Ice Fishing.  Try Dammit!  It's so much easier to collect EI than to try.  Its too easy.  That is why it needs to change.

Did you know these well paid union workers in Ft. McMurry collect EI once a year too? 

One guy, a journeymen electrician, showed me his bank account. ~$100,000 in cash in the bank for one season's work.  He was homeless.  No Fixed Address.  He would live in camp all winter and then get laid off in the spring.  He would collect EI in his off months.  He would take his $100,000 and go live in South America while still collecting EI.  He gave me explicit details on how he screwed the taxpayer. 

Why is this allowed?  The Harper Government has already closed the door to leaving the country on EI.  Good for them.  Now they are looking closer at the repeat seasonal collectors.  GREAT!

If people don't get EI, they will find another job.  If people find another job, they won't come back.  Employers in the oil sands are already in a labour crunch.  To keep their workers they will need to end seasonal lay offs.  Its a problem that solves itself (though whiners will lose their tax funded vacation).  Other employers will do the same.

Seasonal down time can be useful.  It's time to retool, retrain and plan for next season.  I see it myself every single year in the oil patch.  Other industries can live without perpetually repeating EI.  People should live without planning to get on EI.

EI is a Safety Net, not a Hammock.  Get off!   

Monday, May 14, 2012

Thoughts on Atheism, Leftism & Religion

I don't really owe anyone an explanation regarding who I am and what I believe.  I feel the need to explain myself however since there seems to be an overwhelming number of stupid or rude atheists.  The obvious example is Bill Maher but the condition afflicts conservatives too. 

It also occurs to me that religions offer a simple road map to a person's values.  When someone says they are a Jew or a Catholic or a Muslim, you immediately know something about who they are and how they think.  It's the user guide to their operating system, if you will. 

An atheist can be anything.  You can't know anything about them because many define themselves as anti-religion rather than simply non-religious.  Most religions stress that a person should be good.  To be totally anti-religious is to be against good.  The militant disposition of many atheists serves as confirmation to believers that they are indeed evil. 

I believe this is all by design.  In political terms, the goal is to chip away at the big tent of conservatism leaving only the socially conservative base.  Liberty and economic freedom are the unifying factors of conservatism that are ignored or vacuously mocked by the left.  Atheists and social conservatives are driven against each other similarly to other single issue groups.   

Militant atheism is actually subset of militant leftism.  Observe how similar militant atheism is to militant feminism, militant environmentalism, militant racism (though they still call it equality), militant LGTB etc... 

I have no problem with any of those things in their true and fair forms.  If feminism is about the equal opportunity of both sexes than I'm a feminist.  If Environmentalism is about conservation and efficiency then I'm an environmentalist.  If Equal Rights are about equality of the races then I am on board.  I actually don't believe in races.  Science doesn't define race beyond the Human race so why would I buy into the social scientist (they aren't scientists) garbage? 

I simply believe there is no God.  I'm just not wired that way.  I don't have that pull toward the supernatural.  God is so obvious and so strong in some very smart people that I've concluded that they have some kind of wetware that I don't have.  Maybe its like an antenna where you can tune into the presence of God?  Whatever it is, I don't have it.

It's nothing against you believers. 

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not even absolutely sure about atheism.  I'm an agnostic who's made an informed decision.  I'm not sitting on the fence.  I'm off the fence and standing the "maybe He isn't," side of things.

It's not about my Dad or a run in with a mean preacher.  It's not to feel superior either.  I am clearly inferior to many believers whom I hold in high regard.  It's nothing more than an apolitical observation of nature.

This is where I caught on to the leftist game.  Remember Sinead Oconor tearing up the photo of Pope John Paul II?  I don't get that.  What's wrong with the Pope?  Of all the people to get pissed at, she hates the Pope?  John Paul II was a good one.  "Silencio!" He told some communists once.  Yeah.  Shut up!

I mean, fine, you don't like Catholicism.  Go someplace else.  Its a worshipers market.  Whatever your preference, there is a church for you. 

Catholicism and the Pope are evil?  Nope.  Don't buy that crap either.  Leftist manipulation of the weak minded.  So my dear departed Grandmother, who spent her life wishing, wishing, wishing on her knees for goodness and favor and protection, that was largely received, is evil?  Sorry, I can think of a whole lot of evil in the world beyond that.  Evil that lefties routinely apologize for.  -strategize for.  -lie for.  

Religion is not the enemy.  The Left is the enemy of Mankind. 

An ideology that would force atheism on good people would not hesitate to indoctrinate them with their own beliefs.  Look no farther than the green religion.  Environmentalism has become the secular religion. 

Giai is not a God.  There are no sins against the Earth.  It needs no offerings or gestures.  Holy days like Earth Day and Earth Hour are as unremarked and unnoticed by the earth as detonating a Hydrogen bomb.  The Earth does not get happy or sad if you eat organic food or Poutine from a burger joint.

The Earth is not a God.  It is not sentient.  It is not even alive.  Yet people insist on endowing it with an imaginary spirit and a will.  This is no different than worshiping the sun or a golden cow.  It is still encouraged by our "secular" society.  

I won't exchange freedom for tyranny simply to stamp on the beliefs of my forebears.  They have built the greatest free society in history.  I honour their achievement, even if I don't agree with them about everything.  I'm not about to subscribe to the leftist wholesale ruin of our civilisation for the chance to swap one religion for another.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The War on Humans

Humans are a part of Nature.  I would say the best part. 

Those who disagree set Mankind apart from nature.  They view mankind and all of its works as unnatural.  Everything unnatural is evil to the earth worshipers.  Nature is preferable and takes precedence over the unnatural.  This puts Mankind below the lowest microbe.

Beaver dams and Bee hives are sacred to these people.  Hydro dams and drilling rigs are an abomination.  Humans demand human works for human life and happiness.  The Co-founder of Greenpeace coined the term Anti-human for what these misguided misanthropes wish for. 

Oil is a naturally occurring substance.  The Oil Sands were deposited naturally.  Humans naturally want to live happily and grow.  Liberating the oil enriches the lives of tens of millions of people even leaving the sand "cleaner" than we found it. 

Let's be honest here.  When an Eco-nut talks about nature what they mean is "no humans."  When they say they love nature.  They are saying they love 'no humans' or they hate humans.     

Eco-nuts in Canada have started touting the "War on Nature" as the response to the realization they are at war with Humans.  They have been waging it for decades now.  Other than mainstream liberal news outlets repeating their telling phrases: "War on Nature" there isn't really much to this latest offensive.  There is talk of ads but so far its just talk.

#BlackOutSpeakOut is all there is.  Websites who appose accountability for political pseudo charities will black out their content in protest.  I have to say that I wholeheartedly support this.  I think every crackpot eco-nut site should shut down in protest.  Drag it out for months.  Knock yourselves out.  I mean that.

June 4th is the day that the Suzuki Foundation, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Pembina, WWF, Environmental Defence.... etc are going to blackout their own pages.  You can imagine the shock waves that these organizations in eternal freak out mode will cause when they freak out once more. 

I pity the clueless marketing exec that follows them.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Occupy Guy Scrutinized

Remember this smug Occupy spokesman?

He gave me the creeps. 

You know how Anonymous tries to come off like some ominous Bond villain type organization?  "We do not forgive. We do not forget.  We are legion.  Expect Us."  You have to snort.  They are playing G.I.Joe and Cobra and they think they are Cobra. 

This guy, Harrison Schultz, seemed like the Sinn Féin of Occupy and Anonymous.  A Guy Fawkes who took off his mask.  He doesn't want reform.  He doesn't want fix anything.  He wants to tear it all down.

Hannity reveals why.

So he's an unemployed loser living off of grad school loans?  Ha!  Yeah he wants to bring down the system.  He's up to his ears in debt and actually thinks revolution is the answer.  This guy is clueless and desperate.

This video really put a smile on my face.  If Schultz embodies everything that occupy is then there is really nothing to worry about.  They aren't storming the gates of our civilization so much.  Its more like a frantic retreat from reality in our general direction.    It's a problem of delusional expectations. 

Its comical and even a little uplifting. 

I pity that smug smirking liberal occupy guy.  He is like so many liberals out there.  Remove the mask and all you have is a freightened and confused child.