Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Occupy Guy Scrutinized

Remember this smug Occupy spokesman?

He gave me the creeps. 

You know how Anonymous tries to come off like some ominous Bond villain type organization?  "We do not forgive. We do not forget.  We are legion.  Expect Us."  You have to snort.  They are playing G.I.Joe and Cobra and they think they are Cobra. 

This guy, Harrison Schultz, seemed like the Sinn Féin of Occupy and Anonymous.  A Guy Fawkes who took off his mask.  He doesn't want reform.  He doesn't want fix anything.  He wants to tear it all down.

Hannity reveals why.

So he's an unemployed loser living off of grad school loans?  Ha!  Yeah he wants to bring down the system.  He's up to his ears in debt and actually thinks revolution is the answer.  This guy is clueless and desperate.

This video really put a smile on my face.  If Schultz embodies everything that occupy is then there is really nothing to worry about.  They aren't storming the gates of our civilization so much.  Its more like a frantic retreat from reality in our general direction.    It's a problem of delusional expectations. 

Its comical and even a little uplifting. 

I pity that smug smirking liberal occupy guy.  He is like so many liberals out there.  Remove the mask and all you have is a freightened and confused child. 

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DavidA said...

Anonymous...That name has been hijacked. Anonymous was a term used to describe the faceless denizens of the internet, it was never a group. Old media picked up on what they thought was the name of an org., but either misinterpreted or deliberately lied. Like how "Black Bloc" is a technique, not a group. Old media are idiots.

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