Thursday, May 31, 2012

So why didn't the NDP get a gruesome package?

Is it because narcissistic psychopath sadistic cannibal gay porn actor necrophiliac murderers really dig NDP ideology?

Or is it because its counter to NDP narrative and had to be hushed up?

Truth is it doesn't matter what crazy people think until they get into government and do some crazy.


Anonymous said...

Get ready for "Mortgage" Mulcair to play the victim card and demand his pound of flesh.

robins111 said...

I bet the diipers get the rectum.

Anonymous said...

I wondered how long it would take for someone to make a political conspiracy theory out of this. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

Anonymous said...

Why didn’t the NDP receive a horrible package? Because Conservatives in Canada are way too smart. We know better. We know that it’s a very serious crime. We know that when you get caught (and you will get caught) under the new conservative tough on crime legislation you’d have the book thrown at you!!!!!

Well at least you’d probably get a years probation……..but hell your wrist would be some red and sore from being slapped so hard……

Example: people who sexually assault, torture children and murder them get 22 years, people who plan/plot a terrorist attack against Canada get 12 to 15 years, people who kill family members in the name of Islamic honour get 25 years etc, known pedophilias coaching say hockey for example get a whole 1 years in prison etc ……….

Alex said...

Anon: haha The Dipsticks will cost us an arm and a leg! Hand and foot is just a downpayment.

Robin: eww just ewww. Though I could see them trashing it without realising what it is quite innocently.

Anon2: Pretty fast. Folks with a delusional worldview are pretty creative when it comes to inventing reasons for why things happen that fits their model. When I hear a wacked out conspiracy theory I no longer point and laugh. I go along with it and try to add to it in funny ways they don't notice. "Really? Did you know that the Pope is building a robot army under the Vatican to get back at the Queeen for killing Dianna? Its true."

Anon3: So you are saying psycho-scumbag is afraid of the NDP version of Justice? -Cause that is what I'm getting at. Why the CPC and the Libs but not the #2 party. It must have occured to the slime. I know he did it for the shock. He also did it as a brazen in your face to the powers that be (or think they ought to be). "haha FU I'm evil as the devils crap and you can't touch me." I know that. We know that.

Somebody asked me today what I would do if I got my hands on that slime. I won't answer. I won't imagine. I won't feed the beast inside me and all of us. Sorry. I would be a humane executioner if I was pressed. I'm not and no one is, so why entertain that sort of dark fantasy.

What passes for Justice in this country is dangerously close to abdicating its duty. If Omar Kadr comes back to this country and wins the libtard lottery getting possibly millions in taxpayers dollars for his heinous sins and beliefs.... Well I don't see what any righteous person owes this system any longer. When paying taxes becomes a sin and a crime. Its time to flee. Same with letting this scum go. Bernardo will never walk free and same with Williams. This slime ball. Will never see freedom.

And finally all of you Trolls. Hope you like the new policy. I just don't have time for you. I'd like to punch you all in the face with pure logic and reason but you really aren't worth the time. I'm thinking that if your activity here goes unacknowledged you won't bother.

One more thing. Giving you two possibilities from the spectrum of possible reasons why the NDP didn't get a package is not a false dichotomy. Some of you didn't read. Its understandable because the possibilites I picked were designed to inflame and infuriate an NDP troll. I also said "Truth is it doesn't matter what crazy people think" so the reasons for slimebag doing any of this are not important. -And neither is anything the NDP does or says.

Thank you :)

john said...

robins111 said...
"I bet the dippers get the rectum."

Sorry, too late Robin. He already leads the party.

Anonymous said...

New Facebook group:

MP Yvon Godin Must Resign ( Acadie Bathurst formerly Gloucester )

MP Yvon Godin`s "shocking but not shocking" statement in regards to why people are possibly murdering, dismemberment and terrorizing by mailing body parts to the Conservative Party of Canada HQ ,

" We have lots of people unhappy in our country. The way the country is going. This is not the country that we have seen for all our life. As the day I born, this not the country ...we go for the better future...many people are upset...."

Yvon Godin`s underlying premise remains despite his qualifier of " I hope it`s not that." If Mr. Godin hoped it was not that and knew it was not then why bother with such an outrageous statement ?

Because he thought it, contemplated the idea and came to no other conclusion adding the escape hatch/qualifier, " I hope it`s not that". To think, possibly believe and then state such a preposterous hypothesis reveals the mind of an extremist of the far left-wing.
A left-wing that generally believes in the preamble to their constitution, “The production of goods and services shall be directed to meeting the social and individual needs of people within a sustainable environment and economy and NOT TO THE MAKING OF PROFIT”.

MP Godin seems to be of the belief the Conservative Government of Canada, duly elected by the people, is the force, presumably of evil for what else could it be, driving Canadians to the point of insanity to murder and then in a rage mail the body parts to the Conservative Party Headquarters in protest.



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