Sunday, June 3, 2012

No Mulcair "Attack" Ads

A few weeks ago some of the people in the opinion business were wondering aloud why the CPC wasn't running ads about Mulcair. 

I had a theory but I didn't want to spoil it.  The NDP sure delivered though.

The Beard has come out hard against western provinces and Alberta's Oil Sands in particular.  He intends to wade into Bank of Canada territory and start managing fiscal policy.  Its a bad and stupid idea for government to directly intervene in monetary policy to begin with.  The NDP's best idea is to devalue the currency (didn't Glenn Beck say this was coming?). 

Mulcair and the NDP actually believe that a strong Canadian dollar killed manufacturing in Ontario and Quebec.  They must have missed the fact that manufacturing on both sides of the border went to China and other cheaper places.  President Obama and the Fed have done as much to inflate the Canadian dollar relative to the US dollar as anything else.  This only proves that left wing ideology is entirely capable of making good things worthless. They should also have to prove that destroying the part of the economy that works, will somehow force the part that doesn't to burst into activity.

Has anyone asked The Beard what happens to his plan of attack on the west if the Eurozone starts to default?  The NDP may find their monetary policies difficult to enforce if the Euro beats them to it.

There are so many holes in NDP goals that you have to conclude they nuts or they think their supporters are nuts.  This is why no ads are needed for Mulcair.  He's doing a fantastic job on his own!   

The NDP want your money to be worth less on purpose.  I don't suppose employers will raise wages nor will merchants ignore inflation in any part of the country.  This is right up the NDP alley actually.  You can see why they would want to tip this country into turmoil.  The employers of the east won't raise wages and won't go on hiring sprees to restore times gone by.  An NDP regime would then declare war on employers, foisting unrestricted union mayhem and wage controls on a reeling economy.  Inflation will go through the ceiling as our wealth plummets.  The NDP (and Soros) will achieve their objective in spades.  Next they would turn to price controls causing shortages and spawning black markets. 

The only western democracy to remain relatively unscathed by the great recession would succumb entirely on purpose.  The stages of terminal socialism are well documented.  I don't doubt that the collapsing dominoes of the PIIGS defaulting on their sovereign debt would trigger a second recession.  But I expect that losing a pillar of stability like Canada to the same sort of ignorant insanity touted by the NDP could also trigger a world wide recession or depression. 

Mulcair and the NDP aren't just dangerous to Albertans or Westerners or every Canadian.  The damage they intend to cause could harm the whole world.  The rich will be poor and the poor will be dead.  Thanks Tommy!  Who needs "Attack" ads when the real thing is bad enough?


Lorne Russell said...

The loony NDP will self destruct on their own dime. They don't need any help from the CPC.

Patsplace said...

A nice piece of writing. One that should be read by far more than will see it here. Too bad it couldn't get larger circulation. Hmmmmm?

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